Musings on liberalism/conservatism, women, and my past

I was reading some of a blog I found called it is an interesting article, but a bit long. First let me state a few things: I think he brings up some very good points I will discuss, but it also despite its bluster of trying to be hard science falls into emotional appeals much like he maligns in there.  The major point he brings up, is that liberals have a r-selected and traitorous strategy that seeks to destroy the main k group, where as conservatives are basically the loyal squad members.  I think he see things through some rose colored glasses, but one thing I never heard, but looking back on my life rings very true: that of liberals attempting to sabotage the dominate paradigm so they hope they can get ahead in the chaos that follows.

A background about myself, I was a dyed-in-the-wool liberal through high school, I protested the iraq war with walkouts and actual protests, and generally thought any republican belief was about as self-evidently wrong as they come.  (Except for guns, I had always had an affinity for them.)  Though I was mega-lib I always prided myself on at least considering the alternatives, given them some credence, and I always played devils advocate.

Flash forward to college, I was in a hyper-liberal ivy league school, and while I agreed with a lot of the tenants, notably environmentalism, I was infamous for being argumentative with the standard dogma everyone else bought into.  Especially things like so called ‘social justice’, and everyone’s supposed equality.

This was somehow equal…

…to this

On a unconscious level I knew something was wrong.  After all, fit people were just ‘better’ than fat people, smart people were better than dumb people, could I necessarily explain it?  What I was not though, was heartless.  I understood people being given a chance, because I had been given one early in my life.  But a CHANCE was all people deserved, what I saw around me was utter desire to placate and completely uneven the play field to somehow make inferior people more desirable than the already desirable.

I had long been fascinated with eugenics, despite the demonization of them in current society.  This belief was to much chagrin of my fellow students.  To me, this was clearly the ONLY way we could truly be equal.  ANYTHING else was either a blindness to the truth, or an outright lie, more likely the later.  How the HELL could I be equal to someone I was faster than, easily twice as smart, more compassionate, more likely to help society, and generally superior in every way, yet somehow we were ‘equal’?

The absolute worst was that it did not even end at this ‘equality’ in truth to take an Animal Farm reference “some animals were more equal than others”.  At my school it was women.  But of the things they espoused, it was mainly about blacks.  About how we need to funnel all this money into inner cities for some reason under a guise of social justice, that it ‘just wasnt fair’.  I work as a fire fighter among my other jobs, and let me tell you, the hiring is utterly fucked up, among the whole ‘good old boys club’ anyone is forced to navigate the most egregious of hiring practices is in place (and not only fire fighting, most government agencies are this way) : that of racial or sexual preference points.

Let me explain briefly: if you are a women, you get bonus points, and if you are black you get bonus points (very ‘unequal’ beyond its obvious facet, no Asian bonus for example.)

Anyway, so all this permeates my mind, and I begin to wonder what truly is right and wrong.  Among the most shocking of things that set me straight was obama, I was always disillusioned with politics, and obama was this ‘brave new hope’ to the world of dark dealing.  I voted for him.  What did a get?  Bush 2.0.  There were many things that changed my worldview, equally notably was the girl who broke my heart and I was forced to reevaluate everything and all the lies I was told about relationships.

So I was hit with a one/two punch, my personal life was destroyed by liberal illusions, and the outer world was equally exposed as a hypocrisy when obama was just another politician, (funded by the same people who support both sides), I did not vote for obama in 2012, I have nothing but contempt for him now.

The article gave me something very interesting to think about, clearly things like white girls talking about giving money to black inner city males did not make much logical sense.  But when viewed through the evolutionary lens of a r-selected traitor gene, it makes a lot of sense, the girl knows she wont be attacked by her white male protectors regardless of how dumb she is, but if she can curry favor with the ‘evil black men’ then if they ever rise to power she hopes she will be treated better than she normally would since she ‘helped’ the outsider in.

Gives me a lot to think about, to re-evaluate why so many people were so obviously counter to their interests.

Thinking about the world

Breast cancer rates on rise. Scientists stumped. I’m not.

The latest news story is that breast cancer rates are on the rise among younger women, it is statistically significant as well. (

Notably about this, is the fact that some places this story is reported they outright say they dont know why, instead of just not mentioning a reason it is happening.  I have touched on this before, ( but the answer is painfully obvious for those without an agenda.  Environmentally humans (that means males as well) are being exposed to unprecedented levels of hormones, two biggest sources: estrogen in water, and growth hormones in dairy/meat.

What does this mean?  Well, for males, expect (and look at the evidence) of increased feminization of males, from higher voices, to less masculine physiques.  With girls, we get girls who are in high school looking like pinnacle 21-23 year old women.

Hi, Im new to the ninth grade, nice to meet you

It all comes at a very dark cost though, not only do these women burn out faster. (Women biologically generally stay ‘hot’ for about 10-15 years, can be longer if they stay in shape) but when they start earlier, and burn the candle brighter it is not a wonder girl are aging faster both physically, and internally as evidenced by increased breast cancer.

So, for those who are only interested in short flings with girls, its all good.  But for women, and males interested in longer relationships, it will be a rough road.

In closing, I was going through my stats, and someone was directed to my blog from google with the search ’16 year old girls with big boobs’ hahaha, so for you, Mr. 16 year old big boob guy, a parting image, if you want to pretend she is 16, go right ahead.

For our friend

Girl world…HLN style

One thing that will be the most notable as you wake up and become aware of the femcentric reality we live in, is how pervasive it is.  All around you start to realize ‘damn, thats conditioning…and that is conditioning…and that…” Some of the easiest examples are about commercial with a husband and wife, the nearly useless idiot husband held together by the calm/rationale wife he is lucky to have.

Anyway, what made me think of all this, was on Sunday morning, HLN news was on in another room, and I could not believe the blatant grrl-power it was spewing as news.  First was the host, ‘natasha curry’:

God damn, look at that jaw, more fitting on a prize fighter

She had some old dike women on there who could run really far or really fast or something, and almost every question revolved around a male comparison.  And here, for all of feminism’s tooting its horn, the bitter irony, that at its root, always – ultimately- compares itself still to males.  Her questions were ‘how does it feel to beat males?’ ‘how does it feel to know you are competing against males who think they are superior’ ad neausum.  Whats sad, is where is some equitable comparsion or conquest like ‘how does it feel knowing you are 50 years old and still running so good?’ or ‘how does it feel knowing you are an inspiration to overweight people’ etc?

To add to the irony, is you soon will become aware of the totally overbearing need for girls to have to throw their shit into every conversation NO MATTER HOW UNRELATED.  I touch on this annoying habit of girls interjecting at very bad/wrong times (  So our hapless host, interviewing some hotshot older runner, does of all things…interjects how own ‘badass childhood’ into the mix, mentioning something about ‘I know!  I was the same way, every guy was so mad at me because I was faster than them!’  Pointing it out, its obvious, but you will be amazed how girls are routinely conditioned to sell themselves for any little thing they ever did.  They beat some fat kid at a race once, you better believe you’ll hear how she was faster ‘than the boys’.

When I thought this little ego trip couldnt get any worse, that story ends, and the next story comes on, some segment titled ‘moment of she’.  (An an aside, what the fuck is this trying to be a play of words of?)  I watched for a few seconds, confirming my dark suspicions of how bad it is being a women, and cheering some woman’s attempt of having a job and a family before shutting that shit off.


On a interesting side note, their website where I went to go search, actually was pretty balanced, and very little trace of girl power, unlike the tv show.  I can only speculate its because a woman is more likely to watch tv, then to read news online.

An insight: marriage destruction and beta male laziness

I read a page essentially arguing that marriage was a form of societal  control that allowed beta males to essentially have a stake in society.  That by working hard, and being dutiful, you might not get the best girl, but at least you get a girl that will stay with you for life (how different from now).

But this got me thinking, obviously the institution of marriage is destroyed, and economically there is little hope, and little reason to try.  Then it clicked, perhaps are these intricately related?  We have VAST swaths of males in their 20s who essentially are being useless to society, plugged into CoD and porn.  I have touched on it before, sadly it is fairly rationale.  However, the whole point is…was this not completely by design?  Or at the least the utterly predictable response to the destruction of a beta outlet.

This conversation is not about the hard charging alpha male stereotype, but rather the far more common typical beta male.  Does he not have little reason to work now?  In the past, it was culturally ingrained that you went and got a job at a factory or whatever, and you would never be a millionaire, but you could get a nice house, and find a ‘nice girl to spend your life with.’  Further, this cultural paradigm helped both sexes because the girls ranging from 20-90% percentiles of looks and desirability actually got attention compared to only the 10%, after all, even the top 10% could only marry one guy.  Thus there was an approximate stratification that went down the lines, and a majority of the populace found someone at least near their equal and all were happy.  Notable were those lower end women, who were still picked up at all, and almost across the board the women was supported by the man.

Now fast forward to our apocalypse, not only do women out-populate in the workforce, they often out-earn (yes feminists, this is true, look it up) so a MAJOR use of the male (support the female) has unnaturally been taken away.  (A long topic aside about the government acts as the male of the group in protection etc).  So now even these bottom feeder girls can get by without a male.  I cant help but think this explains the general increase of bitchiness, often out of the ugliest girls.

Here is the whole crux: So imagine our former pairing, a 20% male often married a women around the same level as all prior were claimed.  Now this ugly 20% girl does not need the male, her innate hostilities from likely being picked on etc can be manifested.  Regardless, look at our male, there are few good jobs left, and little impetus to work beyond enough money for a new video game or payments if he happens to live without his parents.  The top 10% girls are avoiding marriage because of their hypergamous instincts, and gladly take all those different poundings they are receiving through their 20s, (woe to them, the cat ladies who failed to marry before their looks ran out), and our hapless low tier beta knows he doesnt stand a chance with these top girls, and the girls he could get give a shit about him.  With no reason to pursue a job (to then go onto marriage with a girl) our society result of masses of unemployed males is the result.

Of course this is a negative feedback, it will foster further female resentment about ‘growing up’ ‘manning up’ etc.  But perhaps the grandest irony: the destruction of marriage which is so many feminists goal (which btw, I DESPISE the two last names trend of feminists who lower themselves to marriage) actually makes women worth even less to the typical male.

Well feminists, you do not want marriage…hope cats are a good substitute

The victory of female nature? Not exactly.

Across related blogs, it is pretty much a given that as men currently are situated, they have various degrees of ‘raw deals’ thrust upon them in both relationships and the government. What is not talked about much, is the implicit victory of women through the nullification of what it means to be a male.  Feminists around the world: burn your bras in victory…but what, is what our females have been turned into really worthy of any celebration, or tears for what half of the populace has been changed into?

Take a typical ‘successful’ women who has clawed her way up all that male trash to some position she supposedly deserved but society kept from her, what are some qualities she has?: Aggressiveness, cunning/manipulation…or hell how about I just steal from this site:

“Determined, resourceful, engaging, ambitious, confident”

Strange, doesnt this seem more like an archetypal MALE hero from stories/legends?  The male being DETERMINED to not get killed on his mission, the male RESOURCEFUL while beating the evil he is facing…

[What is funny, is on that page, for ‘engaging’: Women are much more likely to downplay their own role and attribute successes to a team, whereas men seeking to climb the ladder will almost always take credit for their achievements (and make sure everyone hears about them).  Talk about clearly delusional, is it a proven fact that male are falling behind because women naturally toot their own horn more than males]

To any girls reading this, and especially feminists: if you want to attract a good guy, do NOT emulate male characteristics.  I know feminists will bristle at this, or block their brains saying ‘those are not just male traits!’ but I really dont give a shit.

Males want girls that are nice, supportive, caring, kind, energizing.  They want a ‘soft’ side in their life, they do not want some raging bitch with a guy’s hairstyle dominating their life.

Meanwhile other female traits have been so utterly corrupted they are demonstrably ruining society, notably kindness that goes by the misnomer ‘sensitivity’.  I read a story this morning about zero tolerance across this great land when it comes to kids and toy guns.  Because of this new age of ‘sensitivity’ about violence, some kids makes a lego gun and is booted out of school lest he become the mass killer.  In case it needs to be said, this fosters FAR more malfeasance in this child and his family then if they let the kid have his innocent fun instead of hanging him out to dry.  It will not surprise me at all if this kid NOW grows up to go on a killing spree.

How sadly ironic our males are being turned into females with encouragement to be passive, to just take what is given to them, to just shut up and deal, and meanwhile our females are turned into domineering males with square jaws to boot.

A sad day indeed.

A typical face of our overlords, a square jaw befitting a hero.

A much better note to leave on

The death of man-kind (economics/jobs)

Something not touched on much in the manosphere is the overall complete failing of men to adapt to this new feminized world.  It is certainly hinted at with the rise of beta males, guys who know shit about anything ‘manly’ (guns, fixing things,survival, fighting, chainsaws etc.), and generally males ill suited to do much of anything other than get ran down by girls in the dating scene and raped in the workplace by policies that hinder them.

Despite any media pleas to the contrary the economy is in shambles, and unlikely to improve, men particularly sub-30 have been disproportionally hit hard.

First consider this graph (% living at home with parents):

First, I suspect this is low.  Bu second, notice the almost DOUBLE rate of men compared to women?  Now, I am sure you show this graph to some feminists and they will tout the ‘hardworking ethic of women compared to the laziness of males’ or some similar line of ego-stroking.  Yes ladies, I am sure that across the board women are just more hard working than males…never mind all of history showing the contrary.

The real problem is all of what were male jobs have disappeared.  Manufacturing is almost nonexistant to what it was, and the HUGE rise in the abigous field labeled ‘finance’ has heralded huge numbers of women into what I hesistate to call a workforce.

Now check this one: “Men are the victims of two thirds of the 11 million jobs lost since the recession began in 2007; in August 2009, when U.S. male unemployment stood at 11 percent (versus 8.3 for women), it was the largest unemployment gender gap in the postwar era.”  -

Ahh, where are the feminists to defend this? Just so more laziness of those shiftless males?  Just more evidence of the superiority of the female gender?

“American women are already the breadwinners or co-breadwinners in two thirds of American households; in the European Union, women filled 75 percent of the 8 million new jobs created since 2000.”

Eurozone is definitely a few years ahead of us in terms of all the fun we get to experience, namely the economic crash, perpetual riots etc, I suspect it is no accident the VAST feminization (yes spellcheck, that is a word) Europe has gone through, especially evidenced by numbers like that^ it is no surprise that fiat currency system is imploding.


“Here’s the data. Last year, 72 percent of U.S. high-school valedictorians were girls. And that number appears to be increasing. Women outnumber men in attaining college degrees by 20 percent; and many more women than men receive graduate and law degrees” -

What I find a tragic irony of our time, is much like charges of racism, everyone is in such a rush to out-prove to everyone else that ‘they dont look down on women’ that women then receive all these bonuses that they normally would not receive (like hiring a black person to prove you arent racist)

It is pretty demonstrable that there are differences between male and females, especially in terms of what we are good at, namely males and sciences.  Now here is something feminists really fail to understand, it is an association fallacy they so like to commit: for example, in college I majored in a science, I had a very good friend who was a girl, she majored in chemistry, and you know what?  She was way more smart in chemistry then I was, or that I cared to be.  The fallacy, is grrl power supporters will find some exception to the rule (in this case a girl being really good at chemistry) and then apply it to all girls everywhere, that all girls are good at chemistry, and by implication guys are inferior.  Of course point out that this is the exception, and that especially in the field of physics ALL major players are male, you will get charged with misogyny or some sort of claim that women just havent ‘had a chance’ at coming up with some theoretical physics theories of their own because of the ‘patriarchy’.

Well, get off the cocks and get writing your own damn particle theories.

Until then, keep taking all the jobs as what it means to be male is systematically destroyed.  Its okay, this illusion is not sustainable for much longer anyway.

My bad feminists, should I edit some females into the picture?



Hyper Intelligent Design and perhaps the True ‘Matrix’

Is our reality actually a computer simulation?  Perhaps very likely.

The Matrix is often used as a metaphor for the femcentric world we live in, the illusion girls are the victims and have it worse than males, and that taking the pill means waking up and realizing this is all false.  However I am talking about a much much larger matrix.

I want to be clear up front, the term ‘Intelligent design’ as it is currently used is something I do NOT support, it is a sham masquerading as science, designed to use people’s gullibility.  If you are not familiar, it basically suggests a Christian god made the world because its too complicated otherwise.  It has many scientific flaws, but not my intention to go into it.  However when I use the word Hyper Intelligent Design, I am NOT talking about this, but a much grander potential of reality.

First some links too substantiate some claims if you want to read:

From the last article: “What they find is interesting. They say that the lattice spacing imposes a fundamental limit on the energy that particles can have. That’s because nothing can exist that is smaller than the lattice itself.

So if our cosmos is merely a simulation, there ought to be a cut off in the spectrum of high energy particles.

It turns out there is exactly this kind of cut off in the energy of cosmic ray particles,  a limit known as the Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin or GZK cut off.”

Perhaps the first argument i ever heard went something like this: assuming we continue to progress and our simulations get more and more advanced, we could essentially simulate aspects of real life, progress far enough and we could simulate a whole planet, system, galaxy.  If we could do this, we would likely run thousands of simulations to find our answer.  So, is it more LIKELY we are the single TRUE reality, or one of a million simulations of someone else?

Another thing too that blew my mind was when I first heard about the wave form collapse, it is related to the Uncertainty Principle, which essentially suggests a particle can exists in two forms simultaneous until it is observed.  Think about this, in the wave form collapse, it exists in a multitude of states, UNTIL A HUMAN OBSERVES IT.

^This is much like how a video game works that stuff occurs in the background until the player looks at something and it is forced to be rendered.  Suspiciously like this particles, operating in the background until we decide to look at them.

Further, think about a good video game, you see all these cool places around you, but you can not ‘get’ to them.  For all intents is this not like the stars around us?  With the imposed speed of light restriction we are never getting to them.

So in case it needs to be stated, I think that if we indeed ARE in a simulation, that does not disprove an after life, a god, or anything like that.  While it certainly disproves almost every religion currently on Earth, the fact something had to make the sim is easily what could be called a ‘god’.

Think about that, I’ll have some more to say about this.