The number #1 feminist logic slayer: the Draft / Selective Service

Today I give you perhaps the most potent of all ammunition against the rampaging ‘logic’ of a feminist.  Unload this at your own discretion, and watch them writhe in doubletalk and excuses.

It is deceptively simple, when she (or ‘he’) is spouting off, ask them something simple.  “Should women be registered for the draft?”  Now, unfortunately, you will probably have to explain what you mean by this.  Because EVERY guy understands what he is signed up for, whereas I suspect girls are utterly oblivious to the burden males may be forced to carry.

So after explaining that every male is registered to be called up for mandatory military service, that they are REQUIRED as determined by the law to potentially go off to die, if girls should be ‘forced’ to share this burden…we are all equal though right?

She will either dance around why for some reason the ‘equality’ doesnt extend to this, or she will try to bluff and say she thinks women should be signed up (to which you can exploit by asking her why isnt she signed up then).  Either way, have fun, watch the feminsts cry.

25 thoughts on “The number #1 feminist logic slayer: the Draft / Selective Service

  1. Both men and women are conscripted in the Israeli military forces, though women do not sure in combat infantry positions (historically this was tried and found to be a detriment to the unit). The odds of conscription making a comeback in the US are pretty low, though. About the same as the odds of seeing a tactical suitcase raptor as the latest in warfare technology.

  2. I might add that conscription might be bad for morale, but the effect of it is far less devastating to military readiness than the last couple of decades of decline, sensitization and feminization of the military. Females do not have the same physical standards as the men do currently, nor could the vast majority of females serving satisfy that criteria. They are more prone to injury and take far more sick days. And that isn’t even considering the difficulties of dragging the heavy, wounded, immobile soldiers to safety in timecritical situations while bullets are flying.
    I don’t want feminists to get any bright ideas about conscripting females. They might just be up for it, and no one will be better off, especially those serving.

    • Im sorry but being prone to injury and sick days is not an excuse, those women’s lives are not anymore valuable then the men serving with them. If they can’t measure up then keep training them or work around the issue. The fact that a pre draft system exists only demonstrates the reality of conscription as a contingency plan(a backup) and the fact is there will be a time when a draft is necessary. Brute strength isn’t the only physical requirement, there is also a need for endurance and flexibility. Seriously a gallon of water is well within the strength limit of women and they can’t maintain this weight over long distances?
      Either get rid of the draft full stop or conscript women because men are not plastic figure to be thrown away, not anymore then women.

      • Sorry I missed this until now….
        I have no idea where the “gallon of water” bit is from. You sound as though you have no military experience whatsoever. I am speaking of combat situations where a wounded, immobile soldier with full kit has to be moved over treacherous terrain, while bleeding and bullets are flying. Not a training exercise. Adding women to that equation will absolutely cost soldiers’ lives. They don’t have the strength.

        If you are good with that you have made the decision that it is okay to die to forward your view (apparently that’s “sticking it to all women”), that makes you
        exactly like a feminist. They’re willing to watch soldiers die too in the interest of their cause.

  3. I don’t support standing armies, full stop. I would rather help hide a man in my house to avoid him being drafted than suggest all women should be coerced too.

      • I’m in the UK, where it doesn’t exist, but I agree that social burdens shouldn’t be shared unequally among men and women. Where I live, both genders pay the same taxes and follow the same laws, so I’m not sure there’s much inequality going on. I don’t know anybody currently in the army, but I know an ex-servicewoman and two of my friends are planning on joining up. One of those is a girl though, so maybe over here we don’t have the disparity you outline.

  4. This is why I registered for the Draft alongside my friends when we turned 18. The unfortunate fact that I have a clit and they all have penises doesn’t matter to me. My life is not more valuable, and it is unfair for anyone to believe so. That said, I don’t approve of forcing anyone to register.

      • I really enjoy seeing how people personally evolve and change over time. I’ve read about half of M3’s stuff, and 25% of Stonerwithaboner’s posts. Some sites are more difficult, just because I don’t agree with anything they talk about or they’re so hurt filled/bitter, like In Mala Fide, Sunshine Mary, or Heartiste. Others are just weird, like that guy genmaxpua or whatever his name is. He writes some shit that makes me think he partakes of “the herb” more than Gandalf and Radaghast combined.

      • What do you mean “allowed”?
        Anyone is allowed to register for military service, whether male or female. And if there does happen to be some weird ban on female registries going on currently, you should know this was when I was 18…I’m 31 as of now.

        However, I think you instead meant *obligated* to sign up for selective service. If so, you are correct. I did not *have* to. Members of my sex have never had to in the US, and likely never will. That doesn’t change the fact that I did so voluntarily, alongside my male friends, to show solidarity with them against a misandric system. I’m not special just because I was born with a vagina, and my life should be equally on the line as their’s.

  5. ARGHH.

    THIS is the asinine comment neo-antifeminists make that galls me the most.

    It is an insult, not to feminists, BUT TO OUR TROOPS you selfish assholes are making, and you’re too self-absorbed to even see that. How DARE YOU imply that service in our armed forces is a crappy gig that feminists would never want to be part of? How dare you insult our veterans and the people busting their asses and putting their lives on the line every. day. by treating their enlisting, whether drafted or no, as a kind of “chore” that “feminists” don’t want to be privy to.

    It is an HONOR to serve our country, you ungrateful shit.

    It is an HONOR that feminists DO WANT, and HAVE FOUGHT FOR. Your inability to read and reason and your cowardly desire to escape drafting do not change the fact that I, a feminist, would PROUDLY walk up to the nearest army center and get my ass to war if my country needed me. My brave, wonderful uncle just passed away from his THIRD VIETNAM CANCER, and not ONCE, despite his suffering and shortened life, did he bitch about being drafted the way you coward antifeminists do.

    I would not sign up for war in a time of peace because I consider myself unsuited to battle, but if women were ever drafted, if FEMINISM succeeded enough so that I could have the HONOR of protecting America from another Hitler in a desperate time of draft, I would accept my duty with the SAME GRACE AND HONOR my uncle, and both grandfathers, did. It would be an HONOR to DIE as he did, an HONOR that you ungrateful swines bitch about like pissant children.

    It makes me sick to read about turds like you thinking they’re using “reason” in their juvenile dick-waving, when the SECOND our country came into danger, you’d run to Canada like spoiled child.

    Feminists are working hard to prove they can fight in our military in times of non-draft so that when the time to draft comes around again, EACH FAMILY will be allowed to decide who takes the call to arms. It is no individual person’s choice to tell women they cannot save us all by laying down their lives, you ignorant puss, and I would accept that honor as a feminist and a human being.

    Grow up. Shut the computer off. Make some friends. Stop “reasoning” with words you never read the dictionary definition for and hanging out with other losers with women problems.

    You are an adult. Dying for one’s country is an HONOR that AS MANY women AS men look with upon with DUTY and ACCEPTANCE at having to uphold. Being a chickenshit, good-for-nothing coward is a gender-neutral trait. Just as many women as men are chickenshit, and it is INSULTING to me and my veteran family to sit here and listen to a chickenshit like yourself to call us cowards for supporting women’s right to die in battle beside their brothers and fathers.

    Grow up, and pray to God that one of our glorious veterans doesn’t read this and call you out for the crotch-licking, moronic coward that you are. Who knows? Maybe that veteran will be a woman.

  6. You don’t know SHIT about feminism, moron. You’re another self-stroking, armchair, conspiracy-theorist chickenshit who learned about an issue that allows me to live my life free as any other American without burdening my father or husband, through half-assed MRA propaganda sites, Anchorman, Family Guy, and a couple attention-needy women. Media whores are eating you alive. Makes me sick.

  7. No “double-talk,” just rage at the morons with their moron self-stroking logic that somehow infiltrated the country I would gladly die for.

  8. “or she will try to bluff and say she thinks women should be signed up (to which you can exploit by asking her why isnt she signed up then)”

    Women aren’t legally allowed to sign up ya dingus.

    • Read it, basicly the author claims that because MEN enacted the seletive service that it cant be ‘femenists’, which is pretty dumb because its a passing truth only. Women’s entire ‘equality’ is based on everything being equal, they want ‘equal pay’ so they bitch endlessly but NOT ONE bitches about also wanting to be on the list to die.

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