Obesity pic, very shocking


Scroll down near the bottom of the page, and activate the animation.  It is shocking how fast we have devolved into a nation of fatties.

No wonder the few hot girls left have so many more guys on them…


7 thoughts on “Obesity pic, very shocking

  1. I was secretly hoping to see a time lapse video of a skinny girl morphing into a land whale.

    That however is totally shocking. It would be interesting to see how the UK compares, we can’t be far off

      • I think that before one claimed that feminism had some involvement in the obesity epidemic, you’d need to look at the male/female ratio amongst obese individuals. Whilst you could provide a chain of causation for feminism making women not give a shit about being fat, I don’t see an immediately obvious link to increasing obesity in men, other than perhaps that of a lot of them “checking out” of dating culture due to being unable to obtain any women, and then ceasing to care about their appearance

  2. Back in the early to mid 90s, there was a store called the 5,7,9. I’ve heard it still exists, but I haven’t seen it.

    I wore a size 7 then. I am now a zero. But I am about the same weight and measurement, perhaps five pounds heavier.

  3. I did a post on obesity as well.

    I haven’t yet considered any potential relationship between feminism and fat acceptance. There’s definitely an undercurrent of shaming men for not appreciating the obese woman’s body. We’re told we’re shallow and should “love her for who she is” and all that jazz.

    I know I’m way behind the curve here anyway. Other bloggers have been writing about this shit for years and I’m sitting in my apartment with light bulbs going off in my head, and I say out loud to no one in particular “Ohhh, I get it.”

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