Girls breasts are getting bigger

I have long believed that due to a multitude of reasons, notable among them increased hormones in water and food, girls are developing physically far faster than they did even 10 years ago.

Very cow-like

Evidently bra manufacturers have noticed a marked increase in a year range as short as 10 years in the past breast size increased from an average of 34b to 36c.  That is pretty substantial in only ten years.  Some of this is compounded by obesity admittedly.  However there is a lot of science behind the environmental estrogen arguments (and in my mind why males are becoming increasingly effeminate).

While I cheer the increasing breast size of women, I have anecdotal evidence of a dark price they must pay:  aging faster.  If a girl is sexual developed years younger, has breasts sizes larger than her mothers, and is only in 8th grade by the time she is 25 there is a very real risk she will be past her biologic ability to have kids.  It is one of those cases of the brighter candle burning faster.  I knew one girl who when I was in 8th grade myself was very…developed…, she looked like a stacked 23 year old, hottest girl in school compared to other girls without anything.  Fast forward to all of us in our 20s, and she looked like a middle aged fat cow. Tragic.

So girls: if you are hot, use it now, you’ll lose it extra fast.

Guys:  Get busy the time is ripe.

10 thoughts on “Girls breasts are getting bigger

  1. I have noticed this phenomenon too, and I believe there are three primary reasons:

    1) The one you mentioned, obesity. Breasts are about 95 percent fat. Any pathologist will back me up on that (I spent a couple of years working in a pathology lab). A mammectomy looks no different from the yellow fat you see on piece of meat.

    2) Artificial estrogen. aka birth control pills. I was a size larger on those too. I was also about ten pounds heavier.

    3) Breast implants. I don’t know how many women get them, but the number is high I am absolutely sure. About one out of every three friends I know have them.

    I don’t like large breasts. I think they make women look fat. My husband doesn’t either, but when we married I was one of the weird skinny girls packing fat mostly in her chest. Not great for breastfeeding either, it sucks, candidly. You feel like a milking cow and look like one too.

    • What is insane is I see younger girls (16-20) looking more mature and with bigger breasts than some of my coworkers (late 20s).
      You can always tell the age by the face, but it is very disturbing seeing ‘hot’ girls with baby faces.

      • @city: An ephebo’s dream, actually.

        Pedophilia is technically the attraction to prepubescent youths. Once you’re talking the age range of 10-12, you’re talking hebephilia, and once you’re talking 13-19, you’re talking ephebophilia.

        What’s funny is, though, is that men are actually biologically-wired to seek out fertile females of suitable mating age, which biologically starts at around 16 for most human females.

        Which comes to no surprise, as reflected in many regions in most Western nations, where the age of sexual consent is commonly 16. And also comes to of no surprise that the average age of a sexualized pop star at around 16, and the average fashion model’s career prime is generally regarded as around, of course, 16.

        So, whether it’s “sick” or not to notice sexually-attractive 16-year-olds is purely subjective, relative to culture, and dependent on region. Interesting, huh? I’ll personally admit this much: There are plenty of sexually-attractive girls out there, which I wouldn’t dare touch, but I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t noticed. 😉

          • Indeed they try to shame us but since the AOC in my country is 15 I don’t give af. Teen girls are attractive, full stop. If this hormonal perturbation persists and all girls start to mature at 12 and peak at 20 I believe it would only be natural to lower the AOC even further.

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  3. it’s cause of all the estrogen in tap water lol. when women take birth control pills, their bodies will get rid of the excess estrogen through their urine and from the toilet it goes into the tap water or something. so men who drink tap water end up growing boobs. my mum used to work at a hospital and she said they had normal/skinny guys (so they didn’t just get moobs from being fat) coming in all the time with literal D cups.
    then there’s the fact that everyone is getting fatter and eating unhealthy shit. why do you think really skinny women who don’t eat junk (like ballet dancers for example) have no boobs

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