Girls do NOT deserve equal representation in anything

To any male awoken, it should be fairly self-evident that people should be selected based on merit, and that any policy based on promoting a specific sex or race is not founded on anything substainal.  So when I see stories like this: with people, typically feminists crying about ‘only white males!’ were talked to about something it is enough to start a witch hunt for them.

First, a brief history lesson:  America was built/founded by white males.  Yes they owned slaves, yes they were monied.  Regardless, it was not females, it was not blacks.  They did not care about equal representation of having half senators women, or a quarter Mexican or anything of the sort.  MEN built the country, and it this regard a lot of the building was indeed by a lot of black men, but across the board, men built railroads, built rockets, built tanks, built cities.

Why exactly, should women be entitled to ANYTHING?  Historically, they have done very little in this country.  So any screams that women ‘deserve’ anything is a weak emotional appeal at best.  Of course the typical feminist will say ‘women never had a chance!’

Ok, if that is true, prove you deserve it.  Compete on the same level.  Do not take preference points for being female (or minority) as the case may be.  Prove you can compete with the best, and that you did not edge someone better than you out of a job simply because you have an overrated vagina and think you deserve something.


10 thoughts on “Girls do NOT deserve equal representation in anything

  1. I think you’re missing the fact that men are useless wrecks without emotional support. Maybe women, historically, were less active in politics and grand social change and all the rest of it. What are they doing instead? Creating stable homes, stable minds, and healthy children. Girls don’t need to ask for equal representation, they could destroy the functionality of an entire generation of men, if they so choose. Luckily, history shows us that women wield their power more responsibly than men, so it hasn’t happened yet.
    Talking specifics for a moment though, I’ve yet to meet a man who has done even half as much to improve the world by 20 as I have. I actually don’t see men these days doing anything ‘great’, much less anything requiring the intelligence and strength of character of the founding fathers.

    • You have some things in here I am curious if you could elucidate:

      I think you’re missing the fact that men are useless wrecks without emotional support.- Any evidence beyond anecdotal?

      they could destroy the functionality of an entire generation of men, – What do you mean by this

      history shows us that women wield their power more responsibly than men,- When?

      To your last point I would simply say the economy is feminized, there is little need for ‘manly’ attributes. Unless you are a solider, it is better to be cooperative/gentle in this phone/email world.

  2. I admit my first point was written based on my own life experience, but a cursory google search seems to back me up. Single men have a much higher incidence of suicide than those in relationships, which I would assume indicates a degree of emotional breakdown. ( if you want the graph) I do, however think anecdotal evidence has some value, and I’ve come across many many men in my life who cannot organise their own time/hygene/food/work/addictions/friendships/etc. without the help of either mother or partner.
    As for your second query, I mean to say that if women did not take their duties as mothers seriously, but instead decided to undermine their sons en-masse, those men would grow up to be…well, not very functional, from the few cases I’ve seen of mother-son abuse. As I continued, however, very few women let power go to their head enough to overpower their natural care for their children, male or female. In that sense, women wield a great deal of power without any of the corruption seen in most male positions of power (policemen, politicians, etc). There are always exceptions, as we all know, but that was my general point.

    • I am glad you leave actually points instead of some like the person above you. But when you say the mother undermining the son, it is actually proven otherwise, that not having a father is FAR more deleterious to a male growing up. Not having a dad is a huge correlation to growing up to commit crime, not correlated to having or not having a mom.

  3. Hiring practices should revolve around race/sex blindness. If a potential employer’s application asks for:
    a) your biological sex
    b) your ethnicity or “race”
    c) a recent photo/headshot
    then don’t apply to them. Let your application stand based on your skills, merits, and abilities…not irrelevant factors that have nothing to do with the actual job. (Of course, having a unisex name would help even more, but you usually don’t choose this.)

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