Actions are always louder than words

First things first, I am devoted to truth here, so the first thing is a correction.  Yesterday I posted about Obama banning guns through his executive orders.  He has NOT banned guns through these orders.  When they first came out news agencies reported exactly this, that they were banned.  I have since read the orders and they do nothing to ban these weapons at this time.

Today I want to talk about actions being louder than words, in both politics and girls. For example it may surprise some of my friends my utter disdain for Obama.  For the record, I am not Republican either, I find them equally despicable.  The left vs right false dichotomy serves only maintaining a false illusion of conflict, both are nearly identical in real policies.

It is very easy to look at Obama and think he is this great guy, after all he is black, and I’m not racist right?  He has all these great plans trying to be vaguely reminiscent of Kennedy, but what is it?  Talk.  It is only talk.   What has Obama gone against what he said?  In the interest of shortness: continuing the middle east wars, expanding wiretapping on citizens, water boarding, increasing drone strikes, increasing the debt, increasing size of government, expanding international hostilities and so on.

This reminds me of most girls I used to know.  They would tell me how much they care about me, how much they like me etc.  But what were the FACTS?  Dodging texts or calls, never wanting to hang out.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard when it came to girls, is ‘would they do this to george clooney?’ (or whoever girls are getting off on these days)

Would she bail on this date because so and so was in town, she was busy, forgot to turn her phone on, didnt see the text etc?

Hell no.

Judge someone on their actions.  Not their words.  Always.



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