Obama’s executive orders about guns

(Edit, I based this off the initial news report that first came out.  I read the actual list of orders, and it does not ban weapons or clips.  I want to correct that)


Obama has circumvented congress, signing 23 executive orders banning assault weapons, high capacity clips, etc.

Congrats, you are a pathetic president who is nothing more than a puppet for bankers and destroyed what legitimacy there remained in washington.  Now ‘assault’ rifles have been banned, despite less than 200 deaths a year, (compare to heart attacks at over 1,000,000 a year, thats 5000 times MORE deadly than guns)

Whether you are ‘pro’ gun or not, logically banning something that is a DROP in the bucket shows the true political motivation, NOT trying to save the populace.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s executive orders about guns

  1. Well, he has done a lot for the gun business where I live. Firearms are out in the stores here, and everything backordered. Everyone wants to stock up.

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