Girls’ Patience > Most Guys’

Girls are very patient when it comes to flirting and dating.  A large part of this is due to the fact that they have guys climbing all over them all the time, so do not feel a ‘need’ to get out there and feel validated.

This is something a lot of guys are unaware of.  I have talked about when you become #1, the girl turns bipolar on you, but until that moment expect a cold, nearly calculated patience meant to destroy your ego and test your mettle.  A good metaphor is the most guys are like snipers, focusing on one girl, when you need to be a machine gunner.

To extend the metaphor further, most guys ARE like that sniper, but unlike making very careful, super planned moves they just blast over and over, hoping ‘this text’ ‘this call’ ‘this meeting’ will finally win her over.  Meanwhile, girls are the much better sniper.  They know they are in a target rich environment and give very little indication about their target, or their motive.  This allows them to play coy, and most guys let her get away with it.

Again, I am not praising girls will or focus, really it is simply because of the attention they are stepped in, reverse roles and girls would be literally flipping out, offering sex on the street if their attention was cut down to the level of a lowly guy.  But likewise regardless of the fact their ‘virtue’ is not because of themselves, it is nevertheless something to consider when dealing with girls.


3 thoughts on “Girls’ Patience > Most Guys’

  1. Patience is learned at a young age. It starts with your mother forcing you to wear shoes a size of two too small because small feet are cuter. One learns to endure excruciating pain. Then you start to get that monthly ‘thing’ and about one week out of every month you simply can’t be arsed. Think about the grocery store…an entire aisle of supplies for female parts issues. Lotions and potions and solvents and cotton pony products. There’s a huge industry surrounding the care and feeding of the twat. It’s an enormously high maintenance item.
    So of course we’re patient.

  2. So true, when I stopped treating interaction with women like a game that had to be won and just as like any other interaction I start doing immensely better. Partially because it helped get me out of my own way but no doubt equally because a modern woman can’t stand not getting attention when she’s supposed to be.

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