With girls, you are either number 1, or nobody

Something a lot of males fail to realize (or women fail to know they do) and is a natural result of their biological hypergamy is their doting on their #1 guy, to the utter ignoring of all under.

At best, you might be a ‘good friend’ who is somewhere in the position of 2-4, but even girls you have known a very long time truthfully give a shit about you.  Girls have a very fascinating behavior you can easily see for yourself if you are in the friendzone and not her #1, and you can take it two ways.

The first way is to just stop calling, or texting her.  Watch and be amazed when weeks or months pass and she seems oblivious that you are no longer in her life.  But you were ‘such good friends’?  Nope, you werent #1 so it doenst matter.

The second thing you can do, is try to advance your position in the queue.  This is perhaps the funnier path because when you make a move or turn up your attention you are rapidly hit with a ‘oh, i thought we were JUST FRIENDS’ or some LBJF escape.

Most guys live their life in this nebulous not-caring zone of girls, so when the rare chance they suddenly find themselves in #1 (whether old #1 died, or moved on etc) the endless calling, texting is suddenly mind blowing, it is a truly night and day phenomenon

Kind of like this

when you occupy that ‘hallowed’ location of a girls ranking system.

9 thoughts on “With girls, you are either number 1, or nobody

  1. Never been in a threesome then? Or an open relationship? Strange, ’cause I’ve never had too much trouble catering to anybody’s emotional needs, even when seeing more than one guy at once romantically, and having mostly male friends. Then again, most of my male friends are actually ‘just friends’, the kind who wouldn’t want to be my number one love interest because they don’t want to sleep with me.
    The odd thing is, even when I’m in a monogamous relationship, I don’t spend that much time contacting my SO. I have too much on in life to call and text anybody all day, however much I care about them, unless I think they really need the support…but hey, maybe that’s just what girls who care about you do think. I wouldn’t know.

  2. This is a prime example of a Fair Weather Friend. Male or female, they should be avoided at all costs since they’ll just leech your time, emotional support, money or anything else they desire while giving nothing.

      • I’m really unsure. For some yes, for others no. Even if 70% of girls are like that, I’ve known ones that are very caring for all their friends regardless of whether they’re male or female.

        Something to note: If a guy gets an incredibly jealous girlfriend, she will often force him to choose. I personally lost 3 friends this way, all of whom I’d been close to from 6th grade-12th grade. I mean, we’d have sleepovers, build crappy tree forts, pick each other up from work, I’d treat us to dinner + movie once a month. Then college separated us, and each guy sent me a text/email saying that they couldn’t answer my emails/calls anymore because of girls. 😛 I sometimes wonder if the snarky girls you talk about on this post are just trying (in a bad way) to protect themselves emotionally.

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