Sex (and love) is a drug, dont delude yourself otherwise

What I think is perhaps a great failing of the pua/game sphere in general is that while they are very good at exposing the hypocrisy of women, they in the end still fall victim to playing  by its ultimate rules.

They can get large numbers of women, have sex with a lot of them, avoid emotional connection, but the whole point is that essentially they are still on the same ‘hamster wheel’ so to say they blame on women for cognitive distortion.  What is that wheel?  Having sex without a purpose simply to fulfill our genetic addiction.

Sex is very addictive, and anyone who denies it is in a very bad state of denial.  Of course it is natural, it is in our genes to pass on material.  But when is goal is simply to rack up notch counts…is that really a goal much better than the women so often disparaged?


Dust to dust


10 thoughts on “Sex (and love) is a drug, dont delude yourself otherwise

  1. I agree. (though of course, I’m a chick)

    If a person’s entire self-concept depends on how many meaningless sexual encounters they can get with people they not only don’t respect but actively despise, that’s not a recipe for a fulfilling existence over the course of time.

    True of both men and women. For women it’s probably more true than men though (their shelf lives being far shorter, and ‘love chemistry’ stronger biologically).

  2. Very true. If we men want to be recognized in our points we have to be able to accept that many of them carry their own red flags. Still the difference is that the feminist machine tends to be a steamroller that just rolls on without even realizing they’ve long gone off the road they were supposed to pave. Whereas the mens point of view is generally more logical and rational even if it does have its faults. We find ourselves in an awkward position, those of us who claim the system is broken, yet also try to avoid it anyway. Perhaps though if the system were fixed, we’d be more receptive to it again.

  3. I believe that women are disparaged within the sphere (amongst other reasons) for failing to control their innate hypergamous urges, making bad decisions based upon them, and then backwards rationalising them away to avoid having to confront the truth of their own nature.

    Provided a guy is up front and honest with himself about his motivation for pursuing notches, then it’s not really a comparison.

    For those men however who endlessly pursue sexual validation from women in a vain attempt to fill a bottomless hole within their ego, the whole while lying to themselves about their reasons for doing so – yes, they are no better than hamster-fuelled sluts.

      • Hah, admittedly mine has led me into some dubious situations before, I wouldn’t be male if it hadn’t. I’ve always been brutally honest with myself about the reasons why I did it afterwards however.

      • With regard to ego assuaging, there’s been a marked change over the past year or so. Whereas once writers would frequently admit their mistakes or areas of needed improvement, now there’s much chest pounding and one upmanship. The whole “my life is a parade of constant awesomeness and supermodels” oeuvre seems disingenuous.

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