The eventual state of both Game and our race: Dysgenics

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and after reading this post: it helped crystallize some of my ideas about the state of not just our nation but a majority of the word.

To state it simply is this: the smarter, better looking, or generaly superior genes are being not only outproduced, but selected out to begin with; we are left with a rapidly decreasing gene pool with no end in sight.

For my readers here are two points, one arguing this isnt happening, the other it is. < A feel good article about how we are getting far more intelligent every generation. <A cited study showing an average IQ drop every 10 years.

So how does game and feminism fit into all this?  Its pretty simple when it is pointed out.  The largest two factors are birth control, and girls feeling so empowered they give up on having families when they are supposed to biologically.

Birth control has been perhaps one of the most dysgenic inventions we have ever seen.  It prevents ‘accidental’ pregnancies, but has a host of problems- and I will not even get into the estrogen from this poisoning the water.  Take a typical girl caught in the web of feminism, a decent girl who is a touch too bitchy for her own good because she thinks she is so valuable, but what does she do during her 20s?

Gets a bachelors, and then goes to get a masters in english or go to law school.  She come out in late 20s, gets a job making a lot of money, and all her fellow girl friend cheer her ‘success’. Meanwhile she has taken more dicks than she cares to remember, all because the specter of pregnancy is taken away.  Thus she can biologically pretend she is fulfilling her programming, but in truth not create the product.

In her mid 30s she looks at the short haired reflection in the mirror and thinks that maybe ‘it is time to think about settling down’.  She has been such a good girl her whole life there is a host of guys who should honor her for her choices right?

No.  Anything guy worth anything will see the used up, old woman and have nothing to do with her.  They will not be swayed by ‘beauty is in the inside’ lies when this girl freely used her looks to get poundings when she was younger.  Further, guys with game essentially perpetuate this cycle by giving the girl the alpha pounding she wants, and leaving the undesirable older ones to rot. Only an alpha guy who decides he wants a family with a younger girl could possibly break into the fortress feminism has built around this girls about the crime of ‘having a family’.

But in the end, you know what, had this woman had a kid (now biologically her chance is much, much lower despite any desire she has for it) it would have probably been better for society in general.  Because you know who IS having the kids?  Kids being raised in single mother households, being raised in hopeless inner cities, being raised in trailer parks.  They get right to their biological imperative, cranking kids from as early as 16.   For every ‘smart’ girl who decides, and manages to have a single kid, she is outproduced by hordes of these people barely able to comprehend anything remotely ‘intelligent’.

That is the unfortunate irony, is the at the end of the line is it not about if you understand physics, or how many hot girls you slammed out, there is one simple question: did you have a kid?  At it is this that many ‘game’ guys are failing, and the ghetto trash and trailer park kings are positively answering with every single mom 17year old they pump their genes into.



9 thoughts on “The eventual state of both Game and our race: Dysgenics

  1. It isn’t just genetics…The development of social “guidelines” has been as important to human development as the opposable thumb. And social development is crucial to mental development as the example of feral children would indicate.

    So the kids that are offspring of ghetto trash are being hit with the stupid stick on both fronts….but I can’t agree that the pump ’em and dump ’em boys would be doing society any favors if they just made sure their swimmers met their mark. They kind of have to stick around during the formulative years of their progeny or they too are only producing future trash.

  2. It’s depressing, isn’t it? Full steam ahead on idiocracy, and the brakes are broken.

    I’m leaning heavily towards hoping the collapse happens soon.

    My general guideline towards phyto/artificial estrogens is not to drink water out of plastics, avoid soy (hard for an Asian, but I try) and eat plenty of broccoli. Not enough, perhaps, but given my environment it’s all that I can do.

    Well, as Cappy Cap says, enjoy the decline!

      • If I remember correctly, Broccoli also helps prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the brain.

        Of course, I’d advise everyone to do their own research and come to their own conclusions before making any dietary/exercise changes to their lifestyles.

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