The girls of OKCupid pt1

There has been a pretty big spike lately in girl world about the ‘guys of okcupid’ which is basically a site devoted to attacking males on there.  The general attack pattern goes like this:

It shows a male’s profile he says ‘I am a nice guy, looking for a nice girl’

Then on his answers section which is an area you can answer preprogrammed questions this site will select something like this: ‘Out of males and females who are smarter’

> Males

To which all the jeering commencing to their oxygen-starved fembrains about the ‘outrage’ of such an answer.  First before I go into the girls of OKC, let me point out in case it is not obvivous, there is nothing logically wrong with this answer.  Wheter you believe it or not, it is logically NOT fallicious.  You can indeed be a male, nice, and looking for a nice girl who is dumber than you, that is not impossible.

Of course we know the real reason they screech, it is that the very idea that women might not be smarter (not equal, feminists were never about being equal) than men is scary to their entire illusion they have created.


Anyway onto the girls.   First if you have not been on this site, I recommend it, it is basically a sneak peek into the minds of girls, amazing experience.

There was one girl I came across yesterday, and there are some parts in her profile that almost every girl has and is appropriate for discussion.

I’ve never had any boyfriends. I grew up in a home where my dad was gone for most of my childhood.My dad never gave my mom flowers or kissed her just because or told her he loved her. I want to find someone who can show me he loves me.”  Wow, talk about red flags.  So to some of you new guys (or girls) to awaken, let me point a few of them out. No boyfriend means extremely needy emotionally, with over-inflated standard.  But the big part is not having a dad in her life, this is pretty much the number one cause of fucked up kids.  Being a female she comes to resent all males because of the dad not being there for ‘the little princess’.  Also, notice the last line, quite a one-way trade of love, sounds like to me.

Both my mom and my dad are really critical of how I look. Whenever I get a phone call from my dad, the first thing he says is, “have you been working out?” Not even hi, or how are you, just questions about my appearance. In fact, my family is so obsessed with appearance that I developed an eating disorder in April.’  First of all, who gives a shit if you had a eating disorder, am I supposed to want to save you because of how fucked up you have made your whole life?  Second, she has internalized hating appearance, feminists do this enough already, but a girl like this looks will be on the low scale, meaning she will quickly devolve into not caring about how she looks once she snags a ‘winner’.

you know what, I have a tummy. And big thighs. And I don’t care. I may not be one of those skanky bitches wearing a teeny tiny barely there dress with huge 6 inch heels‘  Ie. you are fat, and you dont care. (She actually is a bit over weight, but this mentality is dangerous).  Also notice the slut shaming?

‘In high school, I was raped. However, it has made me a stronger person. I guess you could say it has given me the push that I needed to get up and get involved in the community. So, I am now involved with MESA (Moving to End Sexual Assault)‘  To any of you young guys out there, when a girl tells you she has been raped, it is not nearly the level of confiding you think it is.  When I was young, I was like ‘omg, this girl trusts me to tell me she was raped’, now I know how overly conflated ‘rape’ is.

A lot of ‘rapes’ claimed by feminists are fake.  I said it.  I will stick to it.  A LOT OF RAPES ARE FAKE.  Anything that matters, you keep close to your heart. Think about males, if they were in combat and took a bullet, do you see them walking around ‘hey in 2011 i got shot right through my leg, im such a hero’, the real ones never say anything.

I have learned that I need to be very cautious with the men on this website, because most of you are only looking for sex. I have been played with and used by a lot of you on here’ What is ironic about this is digging through her question area (the same area the men of okc are eviscerated for being hypocrites) she admits to having sex on first dates, one night stands and thinks she would be a good porn star.  Ahh, the duality of the female brain.

I will end with this one, where she gives a long writeup about why she would never play out a rape fantasy: ‘Anyone who says yes to this question has some problems that they should work out. A rape is a truly terrifying and potentially life altering occurrence, and I know this from experience’  Maybe this girl was legitimately raped (legitimate rape…ha we saw what happened last time those terms were used) but when one of her other answers ‘do you have a desire to take part in sex activities involving bondage’ her enthusiastic yes makes it hard to take the prior claim serious.

So there you go, this hasnt even touched into the long list of requirements a guy must have, often directly proportional to their fatness I have found.











15 thoughts on “The girls of OKCupid pt1

  1. Dis guys of OK cupid get taken down? I searched for it and the current tumblr says it is under new management and there isn’t any content. There are other similar blogs though…

  2. Why do you believe that her desire for bondage play is a red flag, or brings into question the legitimacy of her rape? They have little to do with each other. I’m more perplexed by how she seems to be using her dating profile as a therapist’s couch, honestly.

      • They’re only a fine line if you do BDSM with someone who’s untrustworthy.

        When a man or woman is raped, their body is used against their will by someone who doesn’t care about another’s emotional and physical pain. I personally don’t know anyone who would enjoy that type of action.

        Bondage or proper BDSM is like being in a very realistic LARP or RPG. Yes, you are tied up, dominated, and told what to do…but you and your partner have a safeword (or series of safewords), and agree beforehand how much improv is allowed between the Dom and Sub. Bondage is a way to relax and let go of your control and give it to someone that you trust 100%. Rape is the elimination of trust, stolen by someone who lacks empathy or values domination above empathy.

        It’s like comparing a giraffe to a fish.

          • Well, yes and no.

            Think about all those guys who have secret dominatrix sessions a few times a month. They are necessarily in control/pressured into decision making so much in their daily life that…every once in a while…they need to give control to someone else. It’s a game, a temporary release. It is NOT a way to live one’s life (unless you’re one of the minority who’s into that).

            I’m look at the light BDSM my lover & I do the same way. He gets off on having strict control since he feels like he has very little control at his job. I get off on having a lack of control since I have a lot of decision making/power at my job.

            But it’s certainly not real, any more than a session of D&D or a LARP is real. It’s a fun release involving a predetermined set of roleplay rules.

          • But it still stems from desires, like yourself admitted. We play rpgs because we wish we were that badass, we do bdsm because we want to be dominated. Our mind is continuous, wheter we want to admit it or not, and if one part wants domination, how can the others not?

          • Because you want different things at different times. Do you think that the businessmen who go to dominatrixes would willingly live that way all the time? Surely not! A game (whether playful or sexual) is a reprive from the tediousness of life, which can be downright monotonous at times.

            To put it another way, I love vanilla ice cream, but if I had it every single day it would get boring and I’d probably grow to hate it. Same with sex, whether it’s BDSM or just always using missionary position. I like my food, sex, and life in general to be exciting…not bland.

          • In a case like that, I’d say you either;

            A) are bisexual with very hetero leanings
            B) are homosexual but due to society/religion/etc choose to deliberately go against what you want
            C) are a hetero guy who is curious or wants to experiment

  3. Nice posts, you sound exactly like that psychotic mysoginistic serial shooter Eliot Rodgers. Bondage and RAPE has absolutely nothing to do with each other, obviously you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. “Most rapes are fake”? This is the most disgusting piece of writing I’ve seen in a long time. Why don’t you do us a favor and go kill yourself dipshit.

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