What is wrong with girls today? Example 1: The Slave

Some of my friends will know right away what I am referring to, codenamed The Slave is a girl that is all too typical, and I will demonstrate why it shows how fucked up girls are in this day and age.

The Slave was a girl I met at a place I work.  She was 18 at the time, and I was around 26.  I had no interest in her mainly because I was caught up on the girl that upon breaking my heart I eventually became aware of the vast ‘game’ being played around me (Ie, waking up) so because of my disinterest, her interest sky rocketed.

She got my number, playing coy about why she was calling.  Fast forward, eventually she she would call, and since I had little interest what I would do for fun was tell her about things I do to OTHER girls to turn them on/have sex.  Needless to say, this really turned her on.  She was leaving to her dads (yes a divorce case) and wanted to see me.  Now, this is after about 2 weeks of her telling me how bad she wanted to have sex.  I figured ‘what the hell’ I could use a notch to get over the girl who hurt me.

We met in my truck, and for most intents the aura was sexual, I told her to come in the back, we were playful, and I went for a kiss, she pulled back ‘I knew you couldnt resist me’ (I immediately thought ‘what the hell?!’ this was the girl that told me how bad she wanted to have sex, and I never reciprocated) anyway, I played it off, and powered through, kissing/making out again.

She did something stupid, played coy about something.  I pushed her away, and got up, saying
“If we are not going to do this, I am driving you back.”  I got out, went back to the drivers seat, started the truck, drove her back and told her “get out” firmly.  She did, leaving her jacket, I rolled the window down ‘you forgot this’ and threw it at her face.  I was pissed, but I look back at this and laugh, how many other guys would throw a girl out rather than hanging around hoping that a girl would put out?

She sent me a text, something really innocent.  I dropped the hammer probably the hardest I have ever yelled at a girl, calling her a dumb bitch among the nicer things, fake, and to never contact me again.  She wrote me some stuff, inlcuding texts from her friends, I never read them.  I thought it was the last I heard from her…

Flash forward over a year, I get a text from a number ‘hi!’ I actually thought it was a different girl, I called and was surprised this girl I kicked out, and yelled at very hostile, that she was back for more.

First of all, notice the difference between girls and guys here?  I could never see even the most of beta/gay guys out there if some girl told him how much of a joke he is, attacked him, and never to call again, basically an ego evisceration.  It either doesnt effect girls, or they are so used to being yelled at it doesnt register.

So, she no longer lived here, and despite me telling her how mad I was at her, her continuing texting/calling presented an opportunity.  So I no longer cared at all about her, and even at my height of ‘caring’ all it was was to get her done.  So I decided to see if I could craft a sex slave out of a girl using nothing but words (because physical contact was impossible).

Over a year of matrix/game had leveled me up huge.  I gamed this girl so hard with constant freeze outs, sexual conversations, not needy, coming off as not caring (because I did not much).  Notably, during a 10 day freeze out on her, I got a text ‘it drives me crazy when you dont respond to me!’.  During silence sprees she would pitifully throw out texts ‘im so wet for you!’ hoping for a response.  It was sad and childish now that I see the light.

I gamed her hard, in the process I started getting a lot of naked pictures from her.  I will go into detail another time, but I invented what I call ‘destiny game’, and unloaded it to amazing effectiveness.  This girl thought we were bound in destiny together ‘Bound-2-U’ was her text tagline.  I constantly got her sexual desires in text, ranging from her wanting me to do her on a table, to one time I told her I was going to tie her to a tree and she said ‘as long as you are inside me’

So here was a girl, I have not seen in over a year, and merely by texting and calls I had got her to send me naked pics and claim her sexual desires and thought we were connected on some deeper level rather than a man exploring his curiosity on an experiment.  Like clockwork she would text every morning and night ‘good morning sexy!!!’

It is deeply messed up that other than a fleeting kiss, we had no physical contact, I yelled at her to get out of my life, and we had not sen each other in a year, yet here came the pics and messages like ‘i know distance is hard, but I am going to make this work, I am going to be the girl of your dreams’.

I was rapidly losing interest, and I decided the only thing left to entertain me was texting her ‘I love you’ she responded with ‘wow! thats surprising’.  How can a girl expose herself, want to be together forever, yet not at least respond with some similar statement.  I know that line was ‘beta’ thats not the point, I was done with this girl and merely wanted to see what would happen.

I cut her loose with a text a few days later: ‘this farce bores me, I am done extracting experience from this, goodbye’

She did not write back.

Will I ever hear from her again?  Unfortunately, I suspect I will.


^Way hotter than the slave

The number #1 feminist logic slayer: the Draft / Selective Service

Today I give you perhaps the most potent of all ammunition against the rampaging ‘logic’ of a feminist.  Unload this at your own discretion, and watch them writhe in doubletalk and excuses.

It is deceptively simple, when she (or ‘he’) is spouting off, ask them something simple.  “Should women be registered for the draft?”  Now, unfortunately, you will probably have to explain what you mean by this.  Because EVERY guy understands what he is signed up for, whereas I suspect girls are utterly oblivious to the burden males may be forced to carry.

So after explaining that every male is registered to be called up for mandatory military service, that they are REQUIRED as determined by the law to potentially go off to die, if girls should be ‘forced’ to share this burden…we are all equal though right?

She will either dance around why for some reason the ‘equality’ doesnt extend to this, or she will try to bluff and say she thinks women should be signed up (to which you can exploit by asking her why isnt she signed up then).  Either way, have fun, watch the feminsts cry.

Girls breasts are getting bigger

I have long believed that due to a multitude of reasons, notable among them increased hormones in water and food, girls are developing physically far faster than they did even 10 years ago.



Very cow-like

Evidently bra manufacturers have noticed a marked increase in a year range as short as 10 years in the past breast size increased from an average of 34b to 36c.  That is pretty substantial in only ten years.  Some of this is compounded by obesity admittedly.  However there is a lot of science behind the environmental estrogen arguments (and in my mind why males are becoming increasingly effeminate).

While I cheer the increasing breast size of women, I have anecdotal evidence of a dark price they must pay:  aging faster.  If a girl is sexual developed years younger, has breasts sizes larger than her mothers, and is only in 8th grade by the time she is 25 there is a very real risk she will be past her biologic ability to have kids.  It is one of those cases of the brighter candle burning faster.  I knew one girl who when I was in 8th grade myself was very…developed…, she looked like a stacked 23 year old, hottest girl in school compared to other girls without anything.  Fast forward to all of us in our 20s, and she looked like a middle aged fat cow. Tragic.

So girls: if you are hot, use it now, you’ll lose it extra fast.

Guys:  Get busy the time is ripe.

The Bachelor- a good case study if you look close

The show the Bachelor is a very good case study in women if you look beyond the thing veneer of entertainment it is marketed as.  A group of women are put into a situation where they are COMPETING for a single male.  This is a situation that rarely happens in ‘real life’ where girls have guys at their beck and call.

Anyway, the show it very ironic in that these women devolve (or perhaps show their true colors) into neurotic, conspiring, obsessive animals.  They back stab, plan, lie, do anything they can to stomp out the other girls for this one guys attention.  The irony comes from the fact that these EXACT guy and girls reversed (meaning any one girl, and the guy among a group of 10 guys) the girl would not give the time of day to the male she is so obsessed with now.

A take away lesson: act like you have value, and if you ever get  a harem going it quickly become self-sustaining.

Girls do NOT deserve equal representation in anything

To any male awoken, it should be fairly self-evident that people should be selected based on merit, and that any policy based on promoting a specific sex or race is not founded on anything substainal.  So when I see stories like this: http://www.politicususa.com/critics-sides-distort-obamas-white-male-cabinet-problem.html with people, typically feminists crying about ‘only white males!’ were talked to about something it is enough to start a witch hunt for them.

First, a brief history lesson:  America was built/founded by white males.  Yes they owned slaves, yes they were monied.  Regardless, it was not females, it was not blacks.  They did not care about equal representation of having half senators women, or a quarter Mexican or anything of the sort.  MEN built the country, and it this regard a lot of the building was indeed by a lot of black men, but across the board, men built railroads, built rockets, built tanks, built cities.

Why exactly, should women be entitled to ANYTHING?  Historically, they have done very little in this country.  So any screams that women ‘deserve’ anything is a weak emotional appeal at best.  Of course the typical feminist will say ‘women never had a chance!’

Ok, if that is true, prove you deserve it.  Compete on the same level.  Do not take preference points for being female (or minority) as the case may be.  Prove you can compete with the best, and that you did not edge someone better than you out of a job simply because you have an overrated vagina and think you deserve something.

Actions are always louder than words

First things first, I am devoted to truth here, so the first thing is a correction.  Yesterday I posted about Obama banning guns through his executive orders.  He has NOT banned guns through these orders.  When they first came out news agencies reported exactly this, that they were banned.  I have since read the orders and they do nothing to ban these weapons at this time.

Today I want to talk about actions being louder than words, in both politics and girls. For example it may surprise some of my friends my utter disdain for Obama.  For the record, I am not Republican either, I find them equally despicable.  The left vs right false dichotomy serves only maintaining a false illusion of conflict, both are nearly identical in real policies.

It is very easy to look at Obama and think he is this great guy, after all he is black, and I’m not racist right?  He has all these great plans trying to be vaguely reminiscent of Kennedy, but what is it?  Talk.  It is only talk.   What has Obama gone against what he said?  In the interest of shortness: continuing the middle east wars, expanding wiretapping on citizens, water boarding, increasing drone strikes, increasing the debt, increasing size of government, expanding international hostilities and so on.

This reminds me of most girls I used to know.  They would tell me how much they care about me, how much they like me etc.  But what were the FACTS?  Dodging texts or calls, never wanting to hang out.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard when it came to girls, is ‘would they do this to george clooney?’ (or whoever girls are getting off on these days)

Would she bail on this date because so and so was in town, she was busy, forgot to turn her phone on, didnt see the text etc?

Hell no.

Judge someone on their actions.  Not their words.  Always.