The Delusion of feminists pt2: Why they dont understand Feminine is actually good

It is a source of nearly endless hypocrisy that ‘feminism’ despite its clear bias in the movement’s name has little to do with equality or as the focus of this post being ‘feminine’.  Because being feminine is the complete antithesis to ‘feminism’ despite the very close sounding name.  Feminism is saddled with a strange mission of further female advantage, but meanwhile exterminating what it means to be female. < the article boils down to ‘yes especially compared to overly masculine woman, but must show occasional “masculine” traits to be super successful’

What I really wanted to mention today was I have seen a lot of women on these type of blogs wonder how they can attract a good man.  I will spell it out, because it is very simple despite what feminists want you to think:

Act nice: No one wants a snarky bitch.  No guy worth anything wants a girl that constantly insinuates insults or complaints.  Tell us we look like we have been working out, tell us good job on that last thing we did.  Surprise us with something.

Dont talk just because your feminist inflated ego says you should: No one wants a ‘strong woman with strong opinions’ no, that is a complete feminist creation.  If you actually understand what is being discussed then your opinion is valid, but far far to often ‘liberated’ girls inject opinions into nothing they have any clue about.  Just because you are a girl you are not an expert in everything, and we do not need to hear your opinion.

I was discussing the merits of germany’s military decisions in world war 2 with someone else who understood history, how the breaking of the cease fire between USSR and germany affected the war.  A very nuanced discussion, to which a woman nearby us injects ‘but they were killing we had to step in.’  Never mind I was not even talking about America.  The break in the conversation was obvious, and she was forced to continue her emotional appeals ‘well its wrong to let people kill people right?’

Dress and look like a girl:  It is okay to wear a dress.  In fact most guys LIKE dresses/skirts.  I know feminism has demonized the dress, but just because they tell you its subjugation doesnt mean it is.  Short hair is a guy thing.  Long hair looks great on girls.  When guys see short hair it gives up a lot of bad clues about you.

Feminist? Not a doubt.

Look good and be fit: These matter.  The first can be controlled by more than first glance.  Have clean, combed hair for example, there is nothing sexy about a ‘liberated’ girl with dirty hair, especially girls with dreads.  My god what a waste.  Working out will put you at the 75th percentile or higher of females looks simply because of obesity.

Know how to cook: One of the ‘joys’ of feminism has been the utter eradication of woman knowing how to cook.  If you are a girl, learn how to cook, or if you can, cook food for guys, there is hardly a faster way to get them interested.  If you are a guy, find one who can.


I gave a lot of examples, even a girl doing a SINGLE one of things would be a welcome change in this fucked up world created by feminism.

Flower or ribbons in hair = large bonus points


13 thoughts on “The Delusion of feminists pt2: Why they dont understand Feminine is actually good

  1. “A very nuanced discussion, to which a woman nearby us injects ‘but they were killing we had to step in.'”
    Reminds me of the Mark Twain quote: It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.

    Per the ‘nice’ bit. I think it depends on the person. I know too many men who are attracted to cunts (just as some women are attracted to assholes) to believe otherwise. Maybe it’s a throwover from having a controlling mother during childhood, I don’t know. Perhaps some view it as confidence.

  2. The lady who chimed in regarding the German invasion of the USSR reminds me of the Mark Twain quote, “It is better to remain silent and let people think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

      • I agree feminists have demonized use natural acting submissive girls, all the girls at my uni are like this. Your posts are so true, I’m happy to see some men are still masculine and are honest about our role.

  3. Girls and women don’t understand why feminine is good because for about 40 years or more they’ve been taught they can do all that men can. They are also being told that femininity connotes weakness and inferiority.

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