Get it through your head: Relationships are auxiliary to your life at best

A lot of people may wonder why I chose the name Knight when there is a lot of hate on ‘White knighting’.  I am not a defender of white knights, they have been destroyed by feminism taking advantage of it.  What I do want to defend though is the idea of a cultured man holding himself to a higher standard, THAT is the Knight I stand for.  A part of being a Knight is being self sufficient, and is this modern world, it is told to you you cannot ‘be successful’ without a woman at your side.

I point to things like the inconceivability of a President running who is not married.  The very idea carries so much baggage to the average trash on america’s streets that it will never happen.  ‘Oh something must bewrongwith him’.  This is not just males either, an accomplished female of 40+ running for president and is not married would be subject to different but similar ridicule.

Are relationships great?  Yes.  But they are also addicting and destructive.  There is a reason ‘unhappily married’ is a understood term.  I ask you to look at your friends in relationships, how many have a good relationships?  If it is higher than 1/5 that is pretty good.

The problem is we have been collectively fed this lie that you are not ‘complete’ without the other.  What is interesting is that as I illustrated with the president, neither sex could win without ‘the other’, but in general a single women who is successful without a man in her life is treated like some sort of living martyr of ‘how hard she must have worked to where she is today’ whereas a single successful man is ‘what is wrong with him, he must suck in bed’.  Male or female though…you do not need anyone else in your life to be successful, whether that is happy, a millionaire etc.

This was a very hard lesson for me to learn, I had gone through life without a relationship for a while, and when I was in one the magic was amazing.  What I did not know was the insidious effects it has on one’s mind.  Starting to ‘live’ for the other was something I succumbed to, and I see in so many others.

Your mind must be a tireless beacon of focus and stability.  Life itself is hard enough, when drama and games begin as they almost inevitability do, unless you have done your work beforehand you will be consumed.  You will find yourself among the ‘unhappily’ married or in a relationship where you are not getting what you want.  I have a lot of good male friends that were awesome bachelors, ‘stallions’ so to say, now utterly degraded by females that somehow wormed their way in and changed them into something they will come to despise.

A relationship is something that should ONLY benefit you.  There should be no downside, or any downside should be vastly outweighed by the perks you are getting.  There is nothing wrong with going it alone.  In fact you need the strength from going it alone to be able to be strong enough to leave bad relationships.

The strength must always come from within

7 thoughts on “Get it through your head: Relationships are auxiliary to your life at best

  1. (someone sent this to me a while back, seems pertinent here)
    Subject: Life of a Pilot
    22 years old: Graduated from college. Go to military flight school. Become hot shot fighter pilot. Get married.

    25 years old: Have 1st kid. Now hot shot fighter jock getting shot at in war. Just want to get back to USA in one piece. Get back to USA as primary flight instructor pilot. Get bored. Volunteer for war again.

    29 years old: Get back from war all tuckered out. Wants out of military.

    30 years old: Join airline. World is your oyster.

    31 years old: Buy flashy car, house and lots of toys. Get over the military poverty feeling.

    32 years old: Divorce boring 1st wife. Pay child support and maintenance. Drink lots of booze and screw around while looking for 2nd wife.

    33 years old: Furloughed. Join military reserve unit and fly for fun. Repeat above for a few more years.

    35 years old: Airline recall. More screwing around but looking forward to a good marriage and settling down.

    36 years old: Marry young spunky 25 year old flight attendant.

    37 years old: Buy another house. Gave first one to first wife.

    38 years old: Give in to second wife to have more kids. Father again. Wife concerned about “risky” military Reserve flying so you resign commission.

    39 years old: Now a captain. Hooray! Upgrade house, buy boat, small single engine airplane and even flashier cars.

    42 years old: 2nd wife runs off with wealthy investment banker but still wants to share house (100%).

    43 years old: Settle with wife #2 and resolve to stay away from women forever. Seek a position as a check Captain for 10% pay override to pay mounting bills. Move into 1 bedroom apartment with window air conditioners.

    44 years old: Company resizes and you’re returned to copilot status. 25% pay cut. Become simulator instructor for 10% override pay.

    49 years old: Captain again. Move into 2-bedroom luxury apartment with central air conditioning.

    50 years old: Meet sexy Danish model on International trip. She loves you and says you are very “beeeeg!”

    51 years old: Marry sexy Danish model for wife #3. Buy big house, boat, twin engine airplane and upgrade cars.

    52 years old: Sexy model wants kids (not again). Resolve to get vasectomy.

    54 years old: Try to talk wife out of kids, but presto, she’s pregnant. She says she got sick after taking the pill. Accident; sorry, won’t happen again.

    55 years old: Father of triplets.

    56 years old: Wife #3 wants very big house, bigger boat and very flashy cars, “worried” about your private flying and wants you to sell twin engine airplane. You give in. You buy a motorcycle and join motorcycle club.

    57 years old: Make rash investments to try and have enough money for retirement.

    59 years old: Lose money on rash investment and get audited by the IRS. You have to fly 100% International night trips just to keep up with child support and alimony to wife #1 and #2.

    60 years old: Wife #3 (sexy model) says you’re too damned old and no fun. She leaves. She takes most of your assets. You’re forced to retire due to Age 60 rule. No money left.

    61 years old: Now Captain on a non-schedule South American 727 freight outfit and living in a non-air conditioned studio apartment directly underneath the final approach to runway 9 at Miami Int’l. You have interesting” Hispanic neighbors who ask you if you’ve ever flown DC-3′s.

    65 years old: Lose FAA medical and get job as sim instructor. Don’t look forward to years of getting up at 2 AM for 3 AM sim in every god-forsaken town you train in due to the fact your carrier can find cheap, off-hours sim time at various Brand X Airlines.

    70 years old: Hotel alarm clock set by previous FedEx crewmember goes off at 1:00 AM. Have heart attack and die with smile on face. Happy at last!

    Ain’t aviation great?

    • Ironically I am thinking a career change to become a pilot.

      While this story is hyperbole, it has more grains of truth in it than a lot would like to admit. I knew a true ‘hot shot’ pilot, good looking, smart, super high ranked, but even before I woke up to the feminist matrix I knew something was wrong that he had a picture of her tattooed on his arm, and she was a stripper.

      She left him.

      • I agree it’s accurate (for hyperbole). My dad was a pilot, I’ve been married to a pilot for a long while….
        I’m partial to comedy noir. It’s awful yet so true.

  2. The morale is this is what you get in the end living in the modern society…
    Which makes me wonder if love it is still possible in a deeply corrupted world.
    Love meaning else than the initial butterflies and head spinning, and being highly illogical-an in the end it was just a hope,a dream and the person who triggered it was not even there with you.
    And about being complete-well I would not feel complete with the wrong one or for the wrong reasons, the moment they prove to be something else I have been expecting for-every beginning of a deeper connection is just cutting off for me, I cannot even suffer like it’s a waste of time to suffer for someone who proved to be unworthy.
    On the other hand there is such a thing called love, I met few older couples who experienced it in this lifetime and what these guys shared and how they were together was beyond words…It is probably the only thing that makes a dull,petty life worth living but unless it’s the real thing what it might come in between as lust/infatuation to be mistaken with love,or meaningless copulation,or whatever else would be of no importance anymore…
    E.K-about mentioning the stripper.Well, being European I don’t judge people’s choices in life, neither do I care about Christ or religion much.The church itself it is an outdated institution and here nobody cares for it until you die and they gotta either cremate your ex-body either bury it.
    Stripper or CEO it’s not about the things people do for a living(and a ho is a ho even in an office environment, although she might not strip in a club.But if she fucks an old perv for getting a higher position in the company it is basically the same shit).
    Your actions count for what you are in this lifetime and what Bible tells is no more than old stories with very little impact nowadays.
    But well, sex is a huge connector in a relationship and I could not share my significant other’s body with anyone else tbh.How come a pilot could accept it’s hard to comprehend.

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