The delusion of feminists pt1

I am sure there will be a lot of these ‘delusions’ posts, here is the first.

‘Ways it will suck even harder’  This demonstrates a perfect example of the delusion of females in this brave new world.  First is the implication it ‘sucks’ to begin with, and that somehow this cruel world to females is going to get even worse.

I am utterly convinced that if the average girl was forced to live the life of an average guy for 1 month she would like commit suicide out of depression.  No one would pay attention to ‘him’ no would cares about anything ‘he’ does, his phone would never ring, his facebook posts would go unliked and uncommented.  To anyone reading this, you inevitably probably get it, women do nothing and get huge accolades dumped on them, take any facebook post of inane ranting and likes and comments follow.  I am not on facebook but I have seen and been told that for males it is the exact opposite meaning thoughtful comments and picture get no response unless its another male.

(from link)’ it’s exponentially more traumatizing to go through puberty these days thanks to social media’

The ‘traumas’ females go through are much different than males.  A female might be traumatized by some comment someone makes, a male will be constantly traumatized by either loneliness, being picked on etc.

Women in general unless they grew up in a male household have very little clue to the world around them.  It does not even register that you havent talked to them in a week, a month, a year etc unless you are at the top of their list.  Becoming the top of their list suddenly the world is different, they ‘care’ about you. You get texts, you get calls, compared to the early world it is mindblowing.

See, this is where the differences really shine.  Girls have been given everything they wanted their whole life, thus a male buying flowers, commenting on photos etc does not except likely lower your value in her eyes.  But when you have demonstrated value and you are ‘what she cant have’ it sends her into a tailspin.  Girls have so little practice with patience, denial and so on you see them for the children they often are.  Here is something they WANT BUT CAN NOT HAVE, and to their untrained minds they are unable to handle what is logically not a good conclusion.  Thus we have hot women returning over and over to abusers or chasing that aloof male that is always so mean to her, while her ‘bestest friend ever’ wonders why he has never even kissed her despite how nice he is to her.



13 thoughts on “The delusion of feminists pt1

  1. For every man out there who is ignored and convinced it’s because he is “too nice”, there is a female out there who is ignored and convinced that it is because she is “nice”.

    Him: “Hey, want to go on a blind date with Cindy, my girlfriend’s bff?”
    Response: “What is she like?”
    Him: “She’s really nice.”
    Response: “Um…No thanks.”

    • Well as a male if I was approached with that same conversation I will tell you like it sounds like you are trying to pass of a fat girl onto me. I am not sure if it is a difference in sexes, but when you know nothing of a girl, and is described as ‘really nice’ in guy-talk that is code for her being fat.

      Wrong? Perhaps. But why was she not described as ‘really into the outdoors’ or ‘really cute’ or ‘oh, she has the beautiful eyes’.

      Being nice is requirement for a girl worth anything. But nice alone is probably not enough to carry the day.

      • “Being nice is requirement for a girl worth anything. But nice alone is probably not enough to carry the day.”

        Nice alone isn’t enough to carry the day. She’s got to be physically appealing enough to get noticed. She has to pass the boner test.

      • Exactly, being nice shouldn’t get you a cookie. Much like someone touting that they pays their bills shouldn’t either.

        A guy I knew was whiteknighting a gal who I thought was pretty kooky and had guy issues. He tried to set me up with her friend and I asked what she looked like. His answer, “Well, she’s blonde.” That was it. She came off as hickish when i talked to her, too. Probably a chubby “country girl”, if I go by POF “standards”.

    • Liz:

      You didn’t describe the conversation correctly. The conversation you describe is between two men, and they will not first talk about her personality. They will talk about what she looks like. Two men talking about a woman and “what she’s like” will always discuss her physical attributes first.

      A woman should never, ever think she’s rejected for being “too nice”. If she is being rejected right out of the gate it is for one or more of the following two reasons:

      1. She’s not hot enough.
      2. She’s not nice enough.

      Nearly any woman can attract a man. She needs to:

      1. Improve her physical appearance; and
      2. Lower her standards.

    • @Liz

      I had the following exchange with a female friend:

      Her: “Hey, want to go on a date with my my friend?”
      My response: “Is she cute?”
      Her: “You are too picky!”


  2. Women in general unless they grew up in a male household have very little clue to the world around them
    This is very true. It seems as though women have a hard time understanding the world as it exists outside of their own bubble. To them a thought is the end of the process. They don’t care to vet their ideas or measure them against reality. Peace on earth is a good idea, so they don’t care for practicality.

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  4. Spoiled rotten north Amerucan women and their problems. The Muzzy invasion that is sweeping Europe starts out by hacking their “girly bits” off: clitoris? gone. Labia minora? gone They may get to keep their outer lips, though some Muzzy grannies slice them off.
    Now for the introductory gangbang. 10, 15, 20+ Muzzies with way too tight circcirc’ed dicks, hair halfway up the shaft, grinding the utter hell out of the aforementiomed bloody, suppurating gash.
    If she manages to survive all this, she will get to enjoy being the sperm latrine for all the Muzzies who manage to avoid being killed by others in the same camp. If she decides she’d like a new gig, off with her useless appendage that got her in all this trouble.

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