Does clothing provoke rape?

Here is a story:

where ‘sexy’ clothing is being banned for provoking rape.  What I am struck by is that his article takes a very condescending tone that ‘no way clothing provokes rape, look at these african savages’ type tone.  The article is framed in such a way that we get enjoyment out of how ‘backwards’ they are.

(from story) “The tiny beaded dress worn when maidens dance semi-naked for the autocratic King Mswati III does not fall foul of the new law” This is not an unbiased statement at all, from the words ‘tiny’ ‘seminaked’ etc helps demonstrate the articles slant.

Here is a high rated comment: “Anything which makes you less of a target for depraved men is a positive”  So we have this half truth where this poster agrees with the no sexy clothing but it is still under the guise of feminist-centric thinking.  ‘Depraved’ men.  As if men can not be anything else.

The widely accepted falsehood of ‘clothing does not provoke rape’ is a very bad feminist convention.  Essentially it boils down to this: ‘I can wear whatever I want and it has zero effect on males around me.’  With a subtext of ‘If i get raped it was going to happen anyway regardless of my clothes, because thats just how males are.’

If you think about this for a moment it becomes clear why this cognitive dissonance occurs: one of women’s primary drives is to provide safety and provisioning.  Thus a belief that her choices do not hurt her fulfills that first roll of safety, if the world can be changed to one less choice she faces in the same of safety, it will be done.

As a result we have this dystopic country of ‘slut walks’ and girls with short dresses claiming a ‘real man’ isnt effected by such things.


A ‘real man’ would see her for the beauty within


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