Blames the shooting on being male, not like we expect different

Came across this story:

It is not really worth reading as the link title sums up the post’s content.  But it is alarming still the fact the even something like this is twisted into a ‘male hate’ kind of story.  It goes on to say that we need to discuss gender identities more in culture, and while she does not detail this I have a feeling her talk of gender identity and mine would be far different.

Feminism in general on the surface claims ‘all sexes are equal’ but it really does not take long for a truthful observer to see its really ‘some sexes are more equal than others’ (Animal Farm reference in case you dont get it).  Because fundamentally females can NOT compete with males on truly equal grounds.  While some of the most deluded females may think so, I believe most in their hearts know this truth.

So because of this, we see things like ‘anti discrimination policies’ put into place.  Which should raise the question, why exactly is it wrong to discriminate?  We discriminate when buying a car, clothes, etc why not who we hire?  Further, often jobs have different standards for males and females, the absolute pinnacle of this insanity is that some jobs give bonus points for being a female simply because there are ‘not enough’ of them in the field.

So we are left with this hypocrisy where women claim they want equality, but give themselves bonuses, all the while hating on ‘what it means to be a man’.  I got news for anyone, women especially, if it surprises you men have violent tendencies you need to learn a bit about biology.  We can attempt to ‘culture’ out violence from men, but it is our nature, and explosions like this shooting should not really come as a surprise.  Any attempt to make us less male wont solve the problem and only lead to a host of others.


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