Girls value economically: pt 2 Lowering

The dynamic of girl’s over-inflated value is complicated because as in pt 1 there are some things that are rising her price huge.  I am going to list some points that are lowering her value.  My belief is that these two dynamics are battling, and while the ‘rising’ aspects are currently still leading the lowering are drastically catching up.  My prediction is that eventually there will be 3 classes of girls: the fat/untouchables that no one cares about, the hot girl that is bathed in attention rarely ‘lowering’ herself to males, and last cute/hot girls that are raging sluts because their value has lowered so much this is their only use.

Factors lowering value

1: Obesity.  This one is obvious, yet women do not want to admit it lest the fact guys actually judge them on physicality becomes accepted.  The bloating of women is a disgusting trend, on the whole taking entire sections of women off the desirable market.  In a microcosm, the more weight a girl gains the less value she presents to any worthy male.

2:Men leaving the game.  This is a supply/demand factor that is naturally lowering the demand for girls.  Anything from guys pissed off at constant burns by girls, guys upset who ‘nice’ they were while their girl they wanted to be with is sucking off that jerk guy she was just crying about, guys who just dont care anymore and would rather focus on a job or life.  I have seen a lot of males that have given up, I believe this will be a growing dynamic in the future.

3: Porn/video games.  Both large dopamine fixes, to be as crass as possible imagine a typical male not too successful with girls, he can go up to some moderately cute girl who isnt a bloated beast and try to talk to her.  She sees this man, and with her 500+ friends on facebook feels invincible and shoots him down mercilessly.  (Girls in my mind are incapable of mercy as conventionally understood.  You need a heart to have mercy)  So our male goes home and gets an easy rise electronically.  It will not take many punishments at the hands of girl and the 100% ‘good time’ he gets electronically that he decides real girls just arent worth it.

And when EVERY anime girl is hotter than any fat girl he encounters on the street, is it any wonder there is a (small. but growing ever larger) decreasing factor influnceing desire for these useless ‘feminist’ females?

Hotter than 98% of ham beasts out there

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