Girls value economically: pt1 The rising

I have been discussing this with some people lately about if the value of girls is going up or down in terms of how easy it is for a guy.  This is not a simply topic because of the fact there are many factors influencing both directions.

Factors inflating girls value:

1. Facebook.  If there were a single factor, this would be it.  With huge numbers of young desirable girls on facebook, the taint it gives them is nearly inescapable.  Any girl remotely attractive, and even those not, any post they put up are fed with tons of ‘likes’ and comments.  Compare to a typical photo a man puts up, often no comments and zero likes.

If the girl decides to put a more revealing picture up like a swimsuit her ego is assuaged by ‘oh so cute!’ by every girl and half of the guys she knows.  As any human would do, she seeks the guaranteed dopamine fix, and pursues it regularly. What this means is for any guy approaching in the real world, likely a very difficult road unless he has super tight game.  Why would she want to talk to YOU when she has 100 devoted slaves in her mind.  It is your job to make her want to talk to you.

2:Feminism:  The one is a lot harder to see.  But under the guise of feminism every girl is taught she can do ANYTHING a guy can do.  But beyond the professed equality on the surface subtly it is encourage that not only are girls equal, they are better.  Thus we have things like on tv shows the idiot husband whose life is only held together by the smart wife.

3: Everyone is special.  A result of growing up by overly protective parents, almost everyone 16-30~ is under this aura of having their parents helping them and pampering them.  This is especially bad for their ‘little girls’ that have grown up thinking every one of them is a princess.

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