Why our society is doomed


If that is a single thing I was forced to point to, it would be that.  But this apathy stems from so many things.  The raw deal feminism has made for modern males, the lack of jobs young adults and esp. males, the general lack of direction anyone has for anything…

Look at what a typical male stereotypically does: porn and videogames and lives at home.  Ironically despite the hate society heaps on them, its not that bad of a life, they get the dopamine fix and they can actually get by with a 10$/hr job.

The problem is no one has any dreams, any desires, any purpose to do anything.  Girls are  self-inflated egotistical sluts vastly overrating both their value and their use, in which guys are more and more deciding to forgo the little pleasure they even offer any more.

The problems of our society are so multifaceted, and while I focused on the raw deal males have, things like a decaying infrastructure, fiat currency, endless wars, no one cares about any of it.  As long as “dancing with the stars” is on, people will look at the collapse around them, take a picture, post it on facebook and walk onwards to oblivion.b


10 thoughts on “Why our society is doomed

  1. The last thing you said is one of the most painful truths nowadays.I do apologize for any English mistakes-I am not a native speaker.On the other hand I am a woman,but being not a Western either I am probably a feminist worst nightmare.Well,I could tell more about the different type of feminism and the beta males which became the norm in the European modern societies.What to blame who to blame and why.You are right unless a bit too sarcastic in some respects.PS:East European females look hot even in their 50s and if you don’t know their real age you could not tell.

      • East European mindset is a mix of traditional man and woman through life (but has to be taken with a pinch of salt nowadays here too)and the new capitalism.Feminism is not too popular here, it is diluted in some ways-women are raised in a find the right partner for them to spend the life with way.Until then trying the waters with more guys is acceptable, bimbos after a guys money are in too-it’s not exactly a heaven for a perfect virgin mate but far from what Western females came to be.But as said in a another post, European males are open minded sex-wise and what makes them bad partners is not sex related at the end of the day.
        European guys (until they are already 60-70 or until they die) have a different type of MTGOW way as you call it-based more on emotional immaturity,selfishness,and not wanting to assume responsibilities for either themselves or someone else.The old continent might be more pervert in some respects….

          • The girls..Well.Generally speaking they look hot,not only as teenagers but later on in their 40-50s.You would often mistake a 30+ for a 20+ due to healthy way of being, here they work their asses off to look hot so that their man does not get bored of them or remembers who he married just in the wedding picture :). It is also common after they give birth in 1-2 months they are back to the same size and weight they were before or not to take to many kilos during pregnancy-had a ballet dancer GF who was dieting while eating healthy all of her pregnancy.That’s innate somewhat and I do not find it strange or superficial either, a woman is born to be a woman and her looks matter no matter how old she is.
            As a mindset-they adapted to the males here.They are not feminists but became independent if the circumstances required it.Usually kids are raised within a family but if the guy was impossible to live with they took it on their own with some help from their families eventually.
            The laws are not so protective of women within the marriage that’s why many get married really fast and divorce as quickly.Here no guy suffers the kid is left with the mom, they follow the “I’ll spread my semen somewhere else” and that’s it 😦

          • Damn, it sounds good. It is the exact reverse here, girls have the power, so they are allowed to be fat and to dump guys while getting all their resources.

          • It happened because too much civilisation and equality just forced down the population throat led to some unwanted consequences…And it will take a few generations to change what’s already there-and new people to do it…Whats already there it’s way to spoiled and wrecked.Or just move,live it behind.There are still places under the sun where life can be if not easier but at least less controlled and Americans always had some path finder gene,right??I traveled within the old continent limits and if not a perfect place but at least Europe is way more diverse and one may change countries,languages, mentalities within a 2 hours flight, but I was never curious about the States-all who I know here and moved there they all changed for worse..Sorry, I did not mean any offence by it 🙂 Otherwise American males sound more interesting then the locals in a “grass is always greener on the other side” old fashion..:P

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