Hello, welcome to Erudite Knight. This is about getting  life in order, waking the hell up from the illusion and laziness that pervades life all around us.  This blog is going to be dedicated the realizations I have to go through, and my continual learning to expel all the toxic programming I have been fed my whole life in a quest for truth.  Everything from how a male should interact with women, to the fallacious economic/social reality we live in, and fittingly how it is all tied together.

I was once the model/ideal white knight.  My entire life from comportment to desires was built around that I would be so ‘perfect’ that compared to the trash, sluts, and generally worthless around me I would attract and hold that goddess.

Unfortunately, I came to realize through much pain, aggravation and mediation the world I lived in was a lie.  This is my search for truth and a real life – not one someone else designed for me.

So it begins


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