Keep the military machine rolling / Syria refugees

What a sick state of affairs where on one hand we have noobama endlessly tell us how ‘american’ it is to take in endless Syria refugees…then those exact people are the ones absolutely going crazy on france, and only a matter of time here.

So here’s the logic:

Isis/middle east is our enemy

Take in ‘refugees’ from middle east

Act confused why we are being attacked

Respond by bombing middle east more, and then increase the ‘need’ to rescue refugees.

These are the 'refugees'

These are the ‘refugees’


Either people in power are extremely stupid and think that somehow we SHOULD save this trash and that this is not a Trojan horse into the west, or its all by design to keep the military machine rolling and justified, after all ‘terrorism!!!’

Cultural Marxist ‘Veterans day’ – google where are the white guys?

Good pictures are worth a thousand words, so what better way to celebrate DIVERSITY than to celebrate Veterans day with our old friend google…and what a rich tapestry of diversity it is.


In case you don’t see it, not a single WHITE guy in this rich tapestry.  Of the 5 people in the foreground 2 are woman, mis-representing the true less than 1/10 rate of women in the military.  Further the ONLY white person in here is a red headed female.

I especially like Carlos front and center there, reminding us all of their sacrifice and that we should most definitely not build a wall and deport all his illegal family and friends.

Conflicted on desire of future for USA

The future of USA isnt looking good, you would have to be pretty blind to not see it, though I suspect likely 80% still have no clue, the end at this point is nearly impossible to predict, but an end it will be.  This post is not an attempt to decide if it will be an econ collapse, a balkanization, race war, ww3, plague, emp etc etc, any or all which are due and can rock us out.  What I want to talk about is whether the IDEA of the USA deserves to live, whether the good outweighs the bad essentially.

Every day I walk through small towns in the west – a supposed bastion of conservative behavior – and am dismayed at how far we have fallen.  Endless fatties, bitches, tattoos everywhere.  Guys trying to be gangsters, girls being a mix of feminists and whores, these types are angry, low intellect and could get wiped and the world would be better.

Yet on the other hand hand I see signs and billboards for adopting animals, or animal shelters, and it stirs my heart.  I think taking care of animals is a rare virtue and a sign of a better man for the reason he is able to empathize.  A real warrior is not a mindless killer but someone who understands between hate and love, and has a reason to fight.

For this reason, hunters and special ops guys are somewhat of a joke, are they a cut above normal?  Sure but their arrogance is their weakness.  The hunter has never been the ‘hunted’, the spec ops guy has superior tech and apaches waiting at his beck and call, never knowing the terror that a single bullet like a single guy would face that could cause his ‘mission’ to be over while he bleeds out in a ditch.

These types are the ‘mindless’ killers that revel in some sort of perverse joy at slaughtering all of life, exactly the type of useful idiot that is utterly predictable.

Some of the ‘baddest’ guys I know care about animals, I think its a balance thing of need the light to understand the dark sort of thing.

Regardless, I like the fact in this society there are people who care for animals, build shelters, help wounded creatures, that is a net positive in my mind that society offers that a mad max scenario would not allow.  Even if it is an old woman who can not really do anything any more there is a soft spot in my heart knowing she spends 10$ a week on bird food to watch the little birds, or someone who adopts a stray animal.

Unfortunately, for every one of those there are probably 20+ walking tattoo totems who are smoking, drinking, and looking for a fight (not actually hoping to come across it).  So the question is, in a society that allows these small goods for animals, how does that balance the utter corruption and cleaning that needs to be done?

I hate the thought that this corrupt shit needs to go, but it has allowed the decrease in pain for some in the animal world, letting a sort of innocence Road Warrior will not allow.  But maybe it merely will be a transition to expunge the cancer infecting nearly everything before some time in the future we might be able to live in a true harmony.CQL912mUYAAcewO

Male/Female defense ministers

Came across this blog and post with the following picture


This is a very good example of ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’ but it really goes beyond to show in a nutshell the utter ruin Europe is rushing towards.  I do not doubt woman can fight, or be strategic, or anything like that but I am fully going to admit that it is vast outliers in general – a sort of NAWALT argument if you will.

It is somewhat of a sham that these woman – I doubt any have even been in a fight much less war – are ‘defending’ their country from the muslin invasion browning out the once pristine gene pool.

Things like this rush us toward disater, when things fall apart – and they will within 50 years max – it will be far far worse than WW2, the only thing we can hope is that some good european blood lives and the world isnt nuked over.

Democratic debate / Sanders

The debate is happening right now, predictably its a lot of grand standing, esp. Hillary unloading endless divisive issues, lets see in her opening she proceeded to invoke women issues about 3x, dumped so pro-gay things and got a class warfare in.

But contrast her with Sanders (who I think he has some legitimacy BECAUSE he called out bankers which nearly no one else has done).  Hillary is a vague ‘middle class needs help’ vs sanders who outright blames the billionaires who have corrupted our country.  Could he be a plant, or false, or whatever?  Sure.  But like Trump on immigration, Sanders on bank corruption is useful SIMPLY to make people aware of what is happening.

The one thing I was wary of with sanders is on his page he was talking about the ‘wage gap’ which is so false its hard to stand, the only thing I can think/hope is that he knows he needs all the lib chicks to get elected, so if its utilitarian I can support him.

Sanders is out there spitting truth which could get him the loss, compare to hillary who ‘I love capitalism’ euphemisms.

Anyway it could all be a obama 08 all over again with sanders, but from what I saw his blatant socialism is something I can get behind with his apparent honesty.

The Syrian ‘refugee’ crisis latest in bold take over of white countries

I believe that time is getting critical in terms of western civilization (ie white) culture as evidenced by the blatant diffusion of these poor hapless refugees into the last remnants of society.  Anyone who still believes main stream media is nearly a lost cause at this point, how can anyone watch this stream of enemy combatants and truly think this is humanitarian, and that its those ‘poor Syrians’?

Here are the facts you need to know our ‘allies’ Turkey/Israel (the actual axis of evil) BOTH CLOSED THEIR BORDERS TO THE SYRIAN REFUGEES

Hmm, interesting, so the pot gets stirred, and out flows prime combat-aged males towards the west – who we are supposed to welcome with open arms – and two of the closest stops CLOSE THEIR BORDERS – how transparent of them.  Of course Israel would never want such vibrant diversity in their country, but hell lets let that puppet obama get his 200k refugees into our country, what better way to help dilute the gene pool even faster.

The fact this is getting so blatant is curious to me, they could have easily just continued this slow grind and in 2 generations whitey is probably out of here, but there is this almost desperate push to taint us as fast as they can.  I think they are rapidly losing control of the narrative, as people are waking up, they make not know everything or even close to the complexities but all they really need to know is: I am being forced to live with enemies who dont look like me – which is fine enough to start the fire.



I could care less is Trump is secretly a jew, manchurian candidate etc etc he has done a very large service by giving a public face who stands up to MSM with ‘racist’ views and has given a face to the racist views a lot of people actually have.  I dont really care if ignorant racists want to kill all blacks, that is fine with me because they are at least on the right side of what is coming.


From an old series ‘V’

The Importance of Sex pt2

Continuing on with the prior post, from this book – again a biology book (The Importance of Sex) that was really well referenced citing multiple cultures there were a few points that really stuck out:

1: Hard/complex situations favor fewer children but higher investment in those children

  1. Hard times drop the poor’s fertility huge, but the rich are insulated because of their resources and retain fairly high fertility
  2. In hard/complex times a few of the males often get many of the females in societies where monogamy has broken down.


Ok, perhaps you may want to reread those, as they are pretty good, I will touch on all of them now. One thing I want you to consider is that our current society in my mind is ‘hard’ on the middle class only, the rich always have it easy, and the poor are so subsized they do not feel the selective pressure they normally would.

1 No one would deny our culture and situation is getting very complex and hard to get by in this crashing economy, thus we should see a more K-selected strategy of few kids but higher investment. We do, but only partly, how many of our smartest people go childless? This could be a book itself, but it stems a lot from feminism brainwashing women into thinking they can have a career first and family later.

Also, with vast subsidies to the trash, poor people breed like the rabbits they are, cranking vast numbers of kids- all while being rewarded with even more handouts, its pretty disgusting and it is real.

  1. Look to the middle class to see this in action, as stated above the poor don’t really feel the effects of this collapse yet, whereas the middle class who is working all the time does. Very rare for a husband to be able to provide for a family on just one wage.
  2. Pretty much what every PUA/alt right blog has been saying for years, any of the 5% of guys get 90% of woman, to the more realistic 20% get 60% of women or whatever is it they are saying, but very, very true.

The guys who were cleaning up in these hard times? Either the actual rich/high status jobs, or those who fake it. Hey…guess the fake it till you make it actually DOES work, historically proven!