Old school red pill pt 2.

I am just about done with Nietzche’s “Beyond Good and Evil” which the major thrust is that conventional morality is enslaving and a way to keep superior males down and as a form of power control.  He has a section near the end where he talks about women, and I found it pretty interesting given the prescience of it, and how true it has become.  This is in contrast to say the oscar’s or whatever it was yesterday where I had passed a tv with it on and some femcunt was saying ‘its time we finally have wage equality for women!’ which got the typical herd cheers.


‘Woman wishes to be independent, and therefore she begins to enlighten men about “woman as she is”—THIS is one of the worst developments of the general UGLIFYING of Europe. For what must these clumsy attempts of feminine scientificality and self-exposure bring to light! Woman has so much cause for shame; in woman there is so much pedantry, superficiality, schoolmasterliness, petty presumption, unbridledness, and indiscretion concealed—study only woman’s behaviour towards children!—which has really been best restrained and dominated hitherto by the FEAR of man.

… Enlightenment hitherto has fortunately been men’s affair, men’s gift—we remained therewith “among ourselves”; and in the end, in view of all that women write about “woman,” we may well have considerable doubt as to whether woman really DESIRES enlightenment about herself—and CAN desire it. If woman does not thereby seek a new ORNAMENT for herself—I believe ornamentation belongs to the eternally feminine?—why, then, she wishes to make herself feared: perhaps she thereby wishes to get the mastery. But she does not want truth—what does woman care for truth? From the very first, nothing is more foreign, more repugnant, or more hostile to woman than truth—her great art is falsehood, her chief concern is appearance and beauty. ‘

‘ To be mistaken in the fundamental problem of “man and woman,” to deny here the profoundest antagonism and the necessity for an eternally hostile tension, to dream here perhaps of equal rights, equal training, equal claims and obligations: that is a TYPICAL sign of shallow-mindedness; and a thinker who has proved himself shallow at this dangerous spot—shallow in instinct!—may generally be regarded as suspicious, nay more, as betrayed, as discovered; he will probably prove too “short” for all fundamental questions of life, future as well as present, and will be unable to descend into ANY of the depths. ‘

(The depths he refers to here is having sufficient moral bravery of sorts to be able to throw off the shackles of conventional morality, esp. into what might be called ‘evil’)

‘The weaker sex has in no previous age been treated with so much respect by men as at present—this belongs to the tendency and fundamental taste of democracy, in the same way as disrespectfulness to old age—what wonder is it that abuse should be immediately made of this respect? They want more, they learn to make claims, the tribute of respect is at last felt to be well-nigh galling; rivalry for rights, indeed actual strife itself, would be preferred: in a word, woman is losing modesty. And let us immediately add that she is also losing taste.

She is unlearning to FEAR man: but the woman who “unlearns to fear” sacrifices her most womanly instincts. That woman should venture forward when the fear-inspiring quality in man—or more definitely, the MAN in man—is no longer either desired or fully developed, is reasonable enough and also intelligible enough; what is more difficult to understand is that precisely thereby—woman deteriorates. This is what is happening nowadays: let us not deceive ourselves about it! Wherever the industrial spirit has triumphed over the military and aristocratic spirit, woman strives for the economic and legal independence of a clerk: “woman as clerkess” is inscribed on the portal of the modern society which is in course of formation. While she thus appropriates new rights, aspires to be “master,” and inscribes “progress” of woman on her flags and banners, the very opposite realises itself with terrible obviousness: WOMAN RETROGRADES.’

Pretty interesting hearing someone rage about the proto-femenism 100+ years before it became the culture-killing, empire-ending blight it has turned into now.

Watch what you say

Perhaps that might be a bit of a surprising title, but it is a grim reminder about ‘real life’ and how stuck and plugged in most people are.  In this side of the net ideas are fairly free and they stand by their own merit and based on evidence, we accept truths no matter how much we would prefer them not to be.  (Like me once believing girls wanted nice guys) The reality though is, most of our beliefs or arguments are so radical as to be alienating, and while this might not matter at say a bar, if you aren’t prudent in your words can come back to bite you.

Frequenting sites on this side, we forget how dumb nearly 95%+ of America is, where the most extreme argument they have heard is that the pay gap is a lie – which or course they accept the pay gap as true, as proof of endless male dominion over the hapless innocent female. It is stunning at times the pure quantity of repetition of lies the pay gap is shipped out in. I find it especially annoying on shows like the daily show with their short-haired femcunts sarcastically saying how glad they are to be slaves to the males and a few of them will make a ‘whole person’.

This is a low level truth. Consider race, which borders into the ‘unspeakable’ category. That as a white male I am supposedly the most privileged being in existence, some sort of near demi-god that society hands me everything on a plate, while being female or black relegates you to near untouchable class. The self-sacrificing lie so many whites have swallowed in a testament to the monumentally good propaganda, that as a white those poor blacks ‘just need a chance’ etc. To point out that it is not fair that women or blacks get bonus points for jobs is near tantamount to proclaiming you are insane. As an aside, if you are trying to convert your friends, this is a good avenue, as this tends to be less racially charged than a lot, and you can point out ‘would it be fair if you lost a job to someone just because they were a women or black?’

I’ve lost a lot of old friends in recent years since taking the pill, I see how whipped, fearful, and controlled they are. I recently made a comment over text to a friend, and instead of addressing the un-pc issue, he wrote back this insanely politically correct message phrased in such a way as if he thought our phones were tapped and if he ever got hauled in he could present it as he perfect piece of evidence of how well he toes the line. It was disgusting, and this was someone who fancies himself a free thinker.

But it got me thinking, that while his response was out of fear, it was not totally irrational, as society has become so anti-male and anti-white proclaiming anything to the contrary will result in job loss or no job, or vilification etc. I can tell you first hand I have had a LOT of interviews ask me stupid shit like ‘can a woman do the same thing as a man?’ or ‘do you have a problem working with black people?’,

well ‘you know HR bitch, I do have a problem, I have a problem they get preference points that despite my better quals I lose to them’

‘Wow what a racist, maybe we can jail him on hate crimes.’

Think about this, why is being critical of women or minorities often a ‘hate crime’ but white men can be attacked ENDLESSLY as some joke? Mind control and propaganda is what it is. I can’t stand tv at all for the repetition of portrayals of the husband or male character as bumbling and saved only by his wife, or the badass that is driven on only because the women in his life. But if you pointed that out, you’d be called bitter or misogynist.

The reality is, I have found the more homophobic, racist, aggressive, unapologetic you are, the more girls generally like you, and I’ve slammed more out as the arrogant badass than as the stoic/nice guy but your words and actions have to be careful. You have to take very good account of your surroundings and realize how most of society is against you, and that racist word, or anti-female line might be funny, but how much damage could it do? Often a lot, so remember we are superior males with truth on our side, and being superior doesn’t mean recklessly attack every battle, it means to survey carefully, pick our battles and bring everything to bear when we select our target.



Learn how to move again – And remove low back pain

This is an update to a prior post on anterior pelvic tilt / lordosis that basicly plagues every single person wheter you know it or not. You wont know it until your back gets progressively worse and you think its just ‘getting older.’ Here’s the old post: http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-j1

This is an update because I STOPPED doing certain things, and I got fucked up bad, I had a trip to the hospital – which I plan on never going again, hospitals are such a joke – and it renewed my vigor to fix this.  It was so bad I was paralyzed in pain, and the xray showed the start of osteropytes on my spine.  Its about a month and half later and I very rarely have pain now, I learned some from my last post.

Basicly: by sitting (which we do far too much now) does the following: it tightens your hip flexors, and your hamstrings/glutes tend to get weaker.  What this causes is your tight hips/quads and weak hamstrings pulls your hips down in front, up in back and grinds your back down.

Further, conventional wisdom is: stretch hamstrings and do squats.  Both of these will fuck you up even worse.  Your hamstrings likely ARE tight, but its your body trying to compensate by pulling your hips back down, do not stretch these.  Squats WILL work your butt, but it works your quads much much more, therefore makes the problem worse.

What you need to do:

Passively stretch hip flexors: This one is huge, you need to be in a lunge-like posistion, one foot against the wall or couch https://paleobug.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/img_1292.jpg?w=584

Idealy you want something under your torso like a ball or pillows so you can passively rest here, try to go for 5 min a day.

Build up hamstrings and glutes:

The absolute best way to do these is drop the weight and start over.  Exercises like single leg split squats are highly recommended: Bulgarian Split Squat

This will target your glutes and hamstrings.


Learn to load your hamstrings!

What I mean by this, is when you bend down, do it by sticking your butt out and leaving your back straight, you will feel a tight pull on hamstrings, this is exactly what you want.  Unintuitively it may seem this loads your back: https://eruditeknight.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/85e88-stiff-leg-deadlift-image.jpg?w=584

but is the right way as forces on your back are minimized and abs/hamstrings take the load.

Sleep right:

I think this one was huge for me, I used to sleep in fetal or on stomach all the time, and wake up sore.  You basically need at least 1 leg completely straight at all times, so either on your back, or a modified side pose.

Pic sucks, but thats the idea.  This way your back is not in a lordotic position, and your other leg is stretching your hip flexor.


Anyway lot of info here.  If you suffer from ANY lower back pain, try these out and see if it helps.  It will take at least 2 weeks before you see consistent improvement.  If confused ask and I’ll help.

Old School Red Pill knowledge

I haven’t wrote in a while, I am going to try to be more consistent and get a post up every week, so look for that.

As for Red Pill knowledge, a lot of guys think it is somewhat ‘new’ knowledge, on the contrary is in an old knowledge that is simply been lost.  If you don’t read Nietzsche, you really need to, his philosophy is no-nonsense pure red pill, and this is back from the late 1800s.

Essentially, his primary argument is that modern morality is a slave morality from the jewish people and that being ‘weak, quiet, unassuming’ that these are virtues, whereas ‘strength, boldness, daring’ are bad things that should be beat out of people.  Much like modern feminism.

Anyway, read some for yourself, this is from ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ and this is a really badass part (bold and breaks are mine), also notice too how similar what he is raging against sounds exactly like our feminized society:

‘After the fabric of society seems on the whole established and secured against external dangers, it is this fear of our neighbor which again creates new perspectives of moral valuation. Certain strong and dangerous instincts, such as the love of enterprise, foolhardiness, revengefulness, astuteness, rapacity, and love of power, which up till then had not only to be honoured from the point of view of general utility—under other names, of course, than those here given—but had to be fostered and cultivated (because they were perpetually required in the common danger against the common enemies), are now felt in their dangerousness to be doubly strong—when the outlets for them are lacking—and are gradually branded as immoral and given over to calumny.

The contrary instincts and inclinations now attain to moral honour, the gregarious instinct gradually draws its conclusions. How much or how little dangerousness to the community or to equality is contained in an opinion, a condition, an emotion, a disposition, or an endowment— that is now the moral perspective, here again fear is the mother of morals. It is by the loftiest and strongest instincts, when they break out passionately and carry the individual far above and beyond the average, and the low level of the gregarious conscience, that the self-reliance of the community is destroyed, its belief in itself, its backbone, as it were, breaks, consequently these very instincts will be most branded and defamed.

The lofty independent spirituality, the will to stand alone, and even the cogent reason, are felt to be dangers, everything that elevates the individual above the herd, and is a source of fear to the neighbour, is henceforth called EVIL, the tolerant, unassuming, self-adapting, self-equalizing disposition, the MEDIOCRITY of desires, attains to moral distinction and honour. Finally, under very peaceful circumstances, there is always less opportunity and necessity for training the feelings to severity and rigour, and now every form of severity, even in justice, begins to disturb the conscience, a lofty and rigorous nobleness and self-responsibility almost offends, and awakens distrust, ‘the lamb,’ and still more ‘the sheep,’ wins respect.

There is a point of diseased mellowness and effeminacy in the history of society, at which society itself takes the part of him who injures it, the part of the CRIMINAL, and does so, in fact, seriously and honestly. To punish, appears to it to be somehow unfair—it is certain that the idea of ‘punishment’ and ‘the obligation to punish’ are then painful and alarming to people. ‘Is it not sufficient if the criminal be rendered HARMLESS? Why should we still punish? Punishment itself is terrible!’—with these questions gregarious morality, the morality of fear, draws its ultimate conclusion. If one could at all do away with danger, the cause of fear, one would have done away with this morality at the same time, it would no longer be necessary, it WOULD NOT CONSIDER ITSELF any longer necessary!—Whoever examines the conscience of the present-day European, will always elicit the same imperative from its thousand moral folds and hidden recesses, the imperative of the timidity of the herd ‘we wish that some time or other there may be NOTHING MORE TO FEAR!’ Some time or other—the will and the way THERETO is nowadays called ‘progress’ all over Europe.’


Well said Fred.


Check your reasons for being a MGTOW

MGTOW is a growing, disorganized resistance against the feminist model that is taking over our world.  What I want to talk about today, is making sure your reasons are actually checked and legitimate.

First, there is a massive conversation on https://eruditeknight.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/trying-to-not-give-up-on-women-but-i-really-dont-give-a-shit with over 450+ comments, carried mainly by Mickey and Bill, they brought up a video to me of Captain Capitalism talking about MGTOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_mDvkWEQnQ which he delineated some different reasons, I want to expand on that.

Essentially, in his video, and I agree with the general breakdown is there are three types of men that fall into MGTOW, the veteran/burned, the intellectuals, and the losers.

MGTOW is growing because it is a natural conclusion men will come to, there is no leader, and no general goal beyond the obvious: minimize exposure to dangerous females.  Here is more on the disorganize resistance model: http://wp.me/p2YaVQ-fb

Now, to get down to it, the vets are the ones that played the game and got burned or destroyed.  More extreme examples of this include males who get divorced from their perfect girl who is suddenly taking their house and their money.  Typical examples are people like me who dated, ‘loved’ etc only to find the very thin veneer and the pussy on the pedestal is not worth the value or sacrifice.

Next let me cover the ‘losers’, the reality is there are some % of MGTOW guys that are losers and justify this by their identity with the movement.  This is important with the ‘intellectuals’ as well, so I will be going into detail.  There is a very fine line between the two, the intellectual is the type that has had very little actual experience with women, but sees their dad get raped by divorce, or maybe their best friend ruined etc and comes to the conclusion that ‘women aren’t worth it.’  There is a LOT of overlap with the ‘loser’ category.  They to decide women aren’t worth it, and think themselves the intellectuals.

Now, my purpose is to not shame or send the losers packing, but to be honest with yourself.  MGTOW is about IMPROVING yourself, hitting weights, entering competitions, writing books, making money…FOR YOURSELF.  The vets get this, ‘holy shit I lost my heart, my money, my time etc….more girls are worthless bitches'; the intellectual ‘my dad was a hard worker and got taken to town by my manipulative mom, I see that trend in all women'; the loser ‘i’m not successful with women, but i don’t need them anyway.’

Here is the irony, I tell my readers to general have nothing to do with bitches anyway…so doesn’t that feed into the loser mentality?  It does, but the key is how you get there.  The ‘loser’ is a loser because something is not working in his life, his non-success with women is indicative of a larger problem, because the root of the issue is: if women came up to you right now would you take their attention?  The vet/intellectual will say no, the loser says yes because they secretly want the attention.

The answer to what you are, is what is your motivation?  The vet is easy, have you legitimately played the game and ‘won’ in some fashion only to lose catastrophically?  The intellectual is a bit more gray, but generally a personal connection to witnessing someone get rocked, or putting two and two together.  But there is the overlap because the loser WANTS female attention, does not get it, then like a child decides ‘they never wanted it anyway.’

Ok, lets say you are the loser reading this, would I tell you to go try to pick up women? No, but you need to be honest with yourself, you werent successful and rationalized that away; if you truly want to ‘be a man’ live life for yourself.  Start hitting the weights, pick up a new hobby and so on.  Yes your motivation was misplaced, but that does not mean you cannot be redeemed.

MGTOW reasons

MGTOW reasons


Movements will be stopped, and the people will be ‘moderated’

There will be no stopping the final years of the globalization/capitalism juggernaut that is currently in motion rendering a majority of the world’s population while a small tribal elite continue to become richer. People are generally too stupid, too prone to propaganda, and the machine is too well entrenched for any realistic chance of ‘change’ to occur, by far one of the biggest ways this occurs is through co-option of movements, rendering them null from within, further amplified by a endless praise of a Hegelian dialectic as some sort of truth.

What I want to briefly sketch out today is the multipronged attack the people are neutered and the profit-machine will continue to roll with the rich getting richer until its inevitable crash when oil runs out.

Income Inequality

Income inequality is by far one of the biggest problems that exist today, the sheer scale of the inequality is nearly incomprehensible, I will be taking on both US parties in this, and this is one of the largest failings of the Republican party, the justification of said inequality. Let me state it bluntly, I do not believe people are equal, and until we start a eugenics or genetic engineering program, we will not be. However, I also realized that most people are within 3 standard deviations of each other. The military has a good Socialist pay scale where there is only a 10x factor of pay from the highest general to the lowest private. Much different than the lauded ‘free market’ that has produced insane outcomes of many full time workers making less than 20k a year, while CEOs pull in millions or billions, suggesting – absurdly I might add- that one CEO is worth 50,000 to 1 million peons. Put in a different way, this inequality suggest that say an average person can benchpress 70 pounds, said CEO is so strong, he is benching 350,000 pounds, because that’s how much more of a person he is – quite ludicrous.

Walmart truth

My point here is not to harp on the income equality, a cursory search online can find you tons of info, but watch what happens to movements that challenge the status quo. First look at the Tea Party, I didn’t agree with their stances as its far to Libertarian for my tastes, but their ranks swelled with people angry and wanting change. Their height was arguably somewhere around 2010, but as usual protocols, they were infiltrated, marginalized, and effectively removed as a threat. What was a threat to the power, has been reduced to a laughing stock. Consider ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ I have never seen a populist movement gain so fast, and then be taken down to fast. They cut to a true heart of major issues: income inequality. Notice how fast the machine was put into motion such as Fox news denouncing them as ‘spoiled privileged hypocrites’ etc.

The culutural Marxism set upon our society by the Tribes is most notable by the stupidity of the Hegelian Dieletic that poisons our discourse. Few know what this even is, essentialy Hegel was a german who Marx, a Jew, took from extensively in the creation of Marxism. The idea is that if you take Issue A, and Issue B, the ‘TRUTH’ is a synthesis of the two of them. Profoundly stupid, but I will demonstrate how this Marxism effects us today.

First think of conventional politics in the US, using a deeply flawed ‘left/right’ scale, the more on the dge you get, the more ‘extreme’/fanatical you are. Being called a ‘Moderate’ is some sort of badge of honor, as if in…hmm exactly like Hegel’s words…the truth is in the middle. The idea that the more to the left or right you get the more ‘wrong’ you get, and the more middle you are the more ‘correct’ you are. Of course nothing is further from the truth. In the middle you have completely swallowed the propaganda, you are watching CNN/FOX, you believe Obama and Bush are different etc etc.   Frankly, it’d be better if you were extreme but wrong, such as thinking ‘Nazi’s rule the white house’.

But there is an important subtly here, and I want to end on that. I have established that the moneyed elite prefer a ‘moderate’ who has synthesized both sides, who perhaps is ‘against abortion except in rape and incest’…who gives a flying fuck about abortion when we are in the final years of both our empire, and the global economy!?   I have stated this before on https://eruditeknight.wordpress.com/category/cultural-marxism/  that ‘both sides’ have truth…but it is unadulterated truth! You do not need to water that shit down, its when you ‘moderate’ these beliefs they are wrong. The key is that you have to PICK AND CHOOSE from each side, each ‘issue’ is separate, just because I think the citizenry should be armed does not mean I love churches, far from it. Just because income gap and the environmental degradation are real issues doesn’t mean I have faggot love or at all support feminists. You need to be extreme, and you need to be proud and stand by your convictions. Because that is exactly what they don’t want you to do, they want to shove you into a nice little moderate sheeple box that is easy to manipulate so that ‘terrorism’ suddenly justifies a militant police force, or that ‘economic gain’ somehow justifies the complete obliteration of protectionism of our own goods etc.

So come to you own conclusions, the more extreme the better, because you will go searching, and that’s exactly what they don’t want you to do.


All About fire-fighting and fire fighters – what firefighters do

For a change of pace, today I am going to be talking about fire fighting, as many people actually know very very little about it.  I’ve had a few comments on it in the past, and a recent request, so here we go.

First ‘fire men’ vs ‘fire fighter’ all my readers know I hate feminism, and maybe this was some inroad feminism made, but I have always called us ‘fire fighters’ and to me hearing ‘fireman’ is actually a bit weird, it is rarely used.

What we do: we respond to ‘calls’ – which are typically 911 calls that go through a dispatch center, and a routed to us if we are the ones who would handle it.  911 does NOT go to us, it typically goes to the police, who then page us out.

Working with others: Many people do not realize, but generally there are three different ‘branches’ of emergency response, there is fire -us-, medical, and police.  In some, the medical is merged with one or the other.  That does not mean we are not medically trained, we actually are, but the ambulance is completely separate and paged out as well.  Depending, State Patrol is also deployed, they are separate from police, and generally the ‘highest’ authority on a call.

Fighting fires: Despite the title, we do very little of this.  A majority of our calls are medical, someone with a heart problem, trouble breathing etc.  All paid fire fighters are EMTs, and a lot of Volunteer fire fighters are as well.

Volunteer: MOST departments are either full or part volunteer, it is pretty insane actually, something like 80% of fire fighters are volunteer.  Generally only big cities are pure 100% paid.

Interaction with other agencies: As mentioned above, there are different groups on a call, in general this can be a major problem as each has its own goals.  For example, fire is concerned with the car accident and being safe, state patrol or the police are concerned with keeping the roads open – conflicting goals.

Two types: There are two major different fire fighters, some do both, but there is a huge gulf.  These are ‘structure’ vs ‘wildland'; structure guys are the typical big city guys who stay at a station and respond to medical and building fires, wildland generally are seasonal, and deploy during the summer across the west or south to combat wilderness fires.

Ranks: There is a really weird way ranks work.  On paper its easy, everyone is the bottom ‘fire fighter’ and there is a ‘Lieutenant’ who is the leader of them, and a ‘Captain’ who is superior to the Lieutenant.  Generally, this composes a squad, shift, or specialty, the group, the Lt, and the Ct.  Usually there is about 3 of these, above them is 1-2 Chiefs who ‘command’ the fire house. In reality there is a huge amount of ‘time’ served, meaning you can know your shit, but if you are the new guy you get picked on endlessly. Its pretty stupid.

Corrupt: Fire Fighting is surprisingly corrupt, police are supposedly just as bad, but its really bad here.  There is next to zero meritocracy in this.  It is nearly 100% nepotism or politically correct bullshit.  Brothers, friends, cousins will get the job far before anyone with real skills.  I’ve seen tons of times years experience and certs lose to some 19 year old kid of a Captain.

Corrupt pt2: Feminism has infected this pretty bad.  When applying for jobs, it is generally on a 100 pt scale, people get +5 points for the following: female, colored, or past military.  Therefore a black female from the army is nearly the ‘perfect’ candidate.  You see this sometimes when there is someone speaking from a big department, and it is almost always some black female captain, there for political reasons, not her own skills.  The

Chiefs: These are the leaders, and typically have a lot of time in.  On paper they are supposed to run everything, in reality they are just useless and collect huge paychecks.  Everyone looks up to them with the undeserved awe because a lot of fire fighters are the type that LOVE rank and their thought pattern is ‘higher rank = better person’.  Often, since they can write the rules, they do things like exempt themselves from requirements like their EMT license or their physical tests each year.  This happens nearly everywhere, and its surprising to find a chief actually in any sort of shape.

The public looks up to us, as we ‘save’ them compared to tickets etc, but a dark reality is there is a lot of politics that are insanely hard to surmount.  Once you get in, you rarely leave, its the same thing that infects nearly all public sector jobs.  The longer you been in, the less you do, and the harder it is to get you out.

I am happy I do it, but the corruption is extremely draining, and it is something no one knows about unless you see it first hand.  It only takes one job loss to a son or a black female to really snap reality into focus.

I’ll try to answer any questions.