Levels of understanding, and why most never leave level 1

Trump showing his true colors is a good wake up call for a lot of us, as I admitted in an earlier post of falling victim to myself, is nothing more than controlled opposition.  Yet today I see mass protests in California against Trump, undoubtedly liberals, but here is where it gets complicated and everyone loses except the ultra rich.

Before we being, take a look at an old post I wrote about the ‘levels’ of seeing reality where if a person is ‘aware’ at all preceives a sort of difference between republican and democrat – those damn communist democrats or those bible thumping conservatives.

This and the lower level of unawareness accounts for easily 95%+ of the populace.  These are the people who like my coworkers I argue with will swear Cruz is a ‘real conservative’ even after pointing out he takes goldman sachs money like the rest of them.

So, back to the protest, you have these liberals living in level 2 here, where Trump is this big bad racist they must stop; they you have republicans in their mind seeing these college kids/mexicans etc and it proves to them what a ‘good guy’ Trump is and readies themselves for battle against the liberal horde.

The problem is…Trump is not their man.  At all.  This is EXTREMELY problematic because as tensions get worse more and more join the trump train which is only aimed straight at the liberals, so both of them develop this deep, violent hatred for them while Soros, Adelson, Zuckerberg et al get away scot free.

Its going to get bad, and its the two sides played against each other where the man in the castle just watches the proles kill each other, all to ‘make america great again’.

A higher Nationalism

One thing missing in the general nationalism movement is any sort of discernible goal.  A lot revolve around mundane things like get the mexicans out of here, etc etc which probably has to happen, but its to what end?  There is a little known author whose name popped up repeadetly that I decided to read some of his stuff, Julias Evola, and I must say I am impressed.

Essentially he advocates a spiritualism of sorts in a nationalistic beat, that a country is really just land and it is the beliefs that bind me – a belief in honor and duty that transcends ALL else.

Here is a great quote from ‘Men Among Ruins’ where he talks about what is needed vs what is insufficient:

“The substance of every true and stable political organism is something resembling an Order a Mannerbund in charge of the principle of the imperium, comprising men who see loyalty as the basis of their honor.  But in time of crisis and of an overall moral, political, and social disintegration (as in the case of our day and age0 a generic reference of the ‘nation’ does not suffice for reconstructive work unless such an idea assumes a revolutionary overtone including elements of a properly political order weakened to various degrees.”

This has got me thinking a lot lately, because America as a place is decent, but in my heart that is never what I ‘stood for’ in a way, it’s just land, I just happened to be born here.  It’s like people who were born in one city and LOVE their football team and insist that this is objectively the best team, and even if they were born elsewhere would love this team (I’ve had people make that exact argument), I long had figured out there had to a transcendental reason and ideal.  One that someone on the west coast, or texas or the east would come to the same conclusion – a HIGHER TRUTH.

It is likely no mistake the utter mixing that has happened to all races, the inter-breeding, the lack of real borders between ideas. Just one giant cesspool and sewer.  If there is any hope for how great we could become, it is going to be a long hard, likely bloody road – but first we need to know what our goal even is.


This song is actually pretty heavy anti-white, but the lyrics capture the point we need to embrace “WE CARRY IN OUR HEARTS THE TRUE COUNTRY, AND THAT CANNOT BE STOLEN, WE FOLLOW IN THE STEPS OF OUR ANCESTRY AND THAT CANNOT BE BROKEN.”

Why I no longer support Trump

A major thing to intelligence is being able to see when you are wrong, and accept it; this is one of those times for me, I admit I was wrong to support Trump.

Not because he is a racist, sexist etc etc, I wish he was, but really all he is, is an relief/escape valve for white/nationalist anger.

From the beginning when he started espousing populist positions I was wary, how could he REALLY be against china when all of his products were made there?  Could he really be against cheap illegal labor when he profited from it?  Well, who cared, what he was saying was novel, so out of the norm it seemed so legit.

I was a trump fan as early as over a year ago last year, but it doesnt really matter much, I towed his line for a while, my nationalistic streak found someone that somehow had a chance.  He tore apart chumps like Cruz, and of course people like Cliton were pure shills.

However, I started having more pause when Trump was talking at AIPAC/jew stuff about how much he loves isreal and his kids who converted….gave me major pause how could a nationalist be in love with ZOG?

It slowly dawned on me that Trump was NOTHING other than an escape for the increasing rage white males against this stacked society.  He was kind of like Alex Jones, where they say enough that is true that they can shove the rest of lies down.

Check these links, they have some very good sources about why Trump is nothing more than controlled opposition, literally no different than cliton or cruz and arguably much worse because he seems like the white nationalist and will only sell us out.




It is very scary to me, because take a site like Daily Stormer, they occasionally have stories there that are good, but they are sucking Trumps cock like no other, constantly saying ‘he doesnt MEAN IT’ when he says he isn’t nationalist or loves the jews etc.  I don’t want to bash that site, because it represents how I was: Trump was so meme-ready, so funny just stomping all these noobs, yet the more one looks at his actions the more he appears nothing more than a traitor designed to fool so many.  (Hey red-pill brothers, lets remember one of the most important lessons we learned from girls JUDGE BY ACTIONS NOT WORDS)

Think of how damaging Trump’s win will be, the nationlists will cheer ‘HOLY SHIT WE WON!’ then its more of the same, more middle east wars, maybe WW3, etc etc, and now that movement is sidelined for at least 20 years.

Anyway, it was a mistake to fall for him, I really should have looked at his actions (like him NOT taking PAC money…but lo and behold starts taking the money now from the RNC.

Try to see the truth, its hard and often takes us to admit we are wrong.


Europe will be dead, and west media (helicopter shot down) major reason why

In the USA our media is so utterly controlled we know very little other than that big bad men want to stop the poor refugees from making it into europe.  There are still men left in Europe undoubtedly, but in general the victim/feminist mentality is so utterly toxic and over ran that I do not see Europe living anywhere near its current state, likely enclaves will emerge that have zero tolerance for brown rapefugees.

Here is a perfect example of our lying media, see in Turkey they are battling rebels, and the rebels just shot down a military helicopter,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXwqTYHu1IA

now compare that to ABC news story http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/turkey-10-soldiers-dead-clash-pkk-helicopter-crash-39083910

where the helicopter ‘crashed due to a technical fault’.

Many people do not realize history was brutal, hard, and MEAN.  Civilization is not the norm, and very often it reverts back to barbarism, when it does feminists will be appalled at their understanding was so far off base.  I feel for europe, that it got so cuckolded that no one thinks twice about breeding out their gene pool.

One day people will look back and think ‘what the hell did they expect?’ and some other culture MAY learn from the mistakes, but its likely not.

The strange war against Christianity – Mithraism

This has been an interesting topic to me for a while, and my own research has become a bit interesting in it regarding the ‘war against Christianity’.  To be clear, I am not using that phrase sarcastically, nor am I actually a Christian.  I do NOT believe in the Bible, Jesus as my savior etc, so I think my words on the subject can be a bit more honest since I dont have a dog in the fight.

The thing that inspired me to write this today, was I was having a discussion with my friend about how he could believe in it (normally he’s fairly smart), among the charges I leveled at him was the Christianity (from here forward referred to as C) was a clone of the older religion Mithraism and Egyptian god Horus.  I had heard this before (on the movie Religious first) and a quick serach online ‘proves’ that C copied Mithraism or Egyptian Horus.  Both born of virgin moms, born Dec 25, 12 apostles, 3 kings all that shit, well sure seemed like a fucking slam dunk to me.  I believed that for years, and only recently thought to actually question it.  (Again, I in no way believe C is a true grasp of reality, but merely another battlefield for corrupting our mind against endless subversion.)

The problem with all that is…it isn’t true.  None of it.  When you get out of your ‘search engine bubble’ and look for counter facts they are there.  Horus the supposed Jesus clone had a far different conception story, his mom had to find all the dismembered parts of her husband to reassemble him, including crafting a dick since it couldn’t be found – not exactly an immaculate conception.

Mithraism, which the lie went was a predecessor of C that C ripped almost everything off.  The major problem is, both C and M evolved nearly the same period.  So, this is not to say they were very likely copying each others ideas, but M was not a progenitor in any easily proven sense.

All interesting, and if I was a believer I could say ‘see!  They want to stop god’s word!’.  The true curious thing to me, is why stop some backwards, easily disproven religion to begin with?  Is it because Europe was a C nation, a nation that beat back the Muslims multiple times?  So even if the people were believing in something false, they are dangerous to the current muslim-phallic leaders of the world?

What exactly is the point of attacking a incredibly narcissistic religion that presupposes its superiority in a galaxy or universe we can hardly fathom, that ‘God’ cared so much about turning people into salt, or raining on the earth for 40 days (get all the animals on one boat!  ALL ANIMALS!) when most people these days are leaving of their own accord?

Now, to counter my own point, secularism is dangerous as well as it has sprung up an insane nihilism as well as self-righteous feminism which makes me question my off the cuff dismissal of C slightly.

I don’t have the answers, because the evidence seems to point in different directions.


Your smartphone is making you dumb

Here is a challenge that if you take it up will fundementally change your outlook on people, truly be aware around you of just HOW many people are on their smartphones – at the gym, on dates, running, driving, walking across traffic.  Once you start to see it, you can’t un-see it.

I have rocked a ‘dumb’ phone most of my life, this thign is about 10 years old with about as many repairs to its circuitry I can do, I was in the market for a new phone and long story short got a smart phone.  From the beginning I felt uneasy about it, it automaticlly had contacts of people I cut out of my life over 5 years ago but somehow were linked to my primary email, there was an ever-present feeling of being watched.

The phone itself was cool as far as such things go, a ‘durable’ model that can be dropped, submerged etc and from a pragmatic point of view why NOT have access ‘to everything?’

Well to start, here is a short video about what the internet DOES do to our brains- turns them into unfocused messes literally.

I dislike the A.D.D. visuals but what else will hold modern people over?  The disturbing thing though, was now I was one of ‘them’, only a few dopamine addictions away from ‘I’ll just glance at my phone.  Again by training yourself to look for it, the disgust will grow quick, like at the gym this tattooed little slut on the bench press would do a quick set, sit up, pull out phone tap away a few texts, go back down and do it again and again.  Bros around me were standing in a circle all of them with their phones out doing who knows.

Our minds are WEAK if not controlled. Our current society and culture is way too fucked up for our ape brains when things were simple and we had to horde things like salt/sugar, and novelty seeking meant new resources potentially.  Now, novelty is one slot machine pull away literrally or figuratively of checking that phone to see if that hot bitch wrote back to your clever line yet.

Nope not yet.  Wait…was that a vibrate?  Oh ‘my’ sports team picked up some guy in a draft, great!  Oh, a text…oh just my fucking mom…oh, its finally little slut suzy what did she write? ‘Lol’  That’s all that bitch wrote to that!?

Meanwhile the world passes you by.

Here is a longer video if your internet addled brain can handle it that explains the dangers.  Internet access on a computer is bad but endurable if careful, but the ENDLESS dopamine hits given by a smartphone will ruin you.  This is not even going into google tracking you, selling your data and all sorts of mischeif all for the ‘ease’ of being given access to ‘free’ google maps.

I will end with a personal anecdote of a HR girl at my work, at this new city I had been at for about 4 months, she for 2 years.  I was asking here about roads and places, and she knew next to nothing about what roads went where, or even how to get anywhere beyond home, I KNEW MORE and had only been here for 4 months but kept my fucking eyes open.

Here is one more for you, among most of the coolest, smartest or ‘realest’ people I know, there is a very high co-incidence rate of having no phone or a dumb phone.

I got rid of my phone, and felt an intense relief of subtle anxiety go away.  The verizon guy seemed really confused why I was trading a smartphone away for my beat up dumbphone.  I am sure after he left he tweeted a bunch of his friends ‘sum gy trded smrtphn 4 dmbphone td LOL!


Tubman on 20$, any doubt of culture war yet?

When I first got into ‘red pill’ / ‘alt right’ thinking I quickly came across the idea that there was a war of culture going on, and that all the talk of ‘the poor blacks/fag/females’ etc were not so much based out of caring but of wiping the white male out.  I am naturally very skeptical of everything, so I took this with a grain of salt, and let my eyes look for and against evidence to this – yet the more I looked the more I realized this was true.

The latest of course is Tubman (a black female) replacing the legendary Andrew Jackson on the 20$ bill.  http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/21/politics/donald-trump-tubman-bill-political-correctness/  but even in my own persoanl life I quickly began to realize as a white male the odds were stacked AGAINST me in the country our ‘fathers’ created.  This was things like applying for fire fighting posistions in big cities where you are graded on a 100 pt scale for a test and oral board,but being female gets an auto +5 and being black is another +5 for ‘diversity quotas’ and all that bull shit. Given that most people can at least score 70, a +10 is huge.  I rountinely made it to the final stages only to lose to MINOs and nepotic connections of brothers/friends.

Regardless, with all the problems in our country, and the world noob ass Obama decides that one of the most pressing issues is wiping out Jackson to put a MINO on the bill, to help show how ‘diverse’ we are, there are other great cultural enrichments planned for us on the money as well.

In case you have never watched this video, it is a very good economic explanation of our enslavment which essentially has to do with the ‘Federal Reserve’ (a private bank) who owns our government.

To further clarify a bit, Jackson took down the equilvant of the private bank in his time, so a hero to the people and an enemy to the banks.  Hamilton (the 10) was a long time stooge, so despite claims the 10 was considered, there was no way he was going down so much as the enemy of the banks is now set to be purged to give way for a black female.

Down with the patriarchy!