Cuckservatives strike again about a (((conservatism)))

I dont read the paper much as it often just makes me mad with its mix of blue-pill nonsense and outright propaganda.  But I had one in front of me, and being the reader I was, I started looking at it to get a pulse of mainstream thought.  I find this pathetic article by some either outright or closet faggot guy about what ‘real conservatives’ are and how we need to love blacks, jews, etc and abandon ‘red pill’ truths.  It was based on a story that is either a big fat nothing, or fabricated about how conservatives media outlets are pro-hitler and pro-alt-right (You can’t make this shit up.)

Tell me this isn’t both a punchable face, and a face that reeks of pathethic-ness and traitor tendencies.

The whole article is funny in a sad sort of way.  Here are some good lines though:

“A handful of conservatives, including quietly influential figures in important conservative institutions, were outed last week by leaked emails as participating in a pro-Hitler, nakedly anti-Semitic, and plainly racist email list.”

Notice they always, ALWAYS slip in the ‘anti-semitic’, I once heard a very good counter argument on 4chan that anti-semite implies we have a obligation to be pro-semite, and of course no such obligation exists.

But as a quick aside he links to this ‘big revelation’ by some bitch named hannah gais a ‘freelance journalist’ who from what I can find on her has NEXT TO ZERO articles or experience, and is the only source for these ‘hitlerian’ views.

Image result for Hannah Gais

Yes this is her.  Again, you cant make this shit up.


Anyway, back to the story:

“Elliott opened up to those he deemed ‘red-pilled’ — a term used by white nationalists and so-called ‘men’s rights activists’ to refer to someone who has been awakened to their cause.”

I like how red-pill apparently means pro-hitler and all that these days.

“But my fourth reaction was the unsettling one: Why the hell did racists seek homes in conservative and liberal institutions, and why the hell were young conservatives easily won over to racist views?

Woah, notice how angry/edgy he is with the dropping of ‘hell’ so hardcore…  Maybe to answer his question, they SEE REALITY for what it is?  Wait till you get a load of his next points.

“What’s needed is not mere “outreach” to black, Hispanic, or Jewish voters. Conservatives ought to make elevation of African Americans, immigrants, and religious minorities so central to conservatism that all dedicated racists will be thoroughly repelled. If we can’t make them stop calling themselves the “alt-right,” because they won’t want to be associated with us, we can at least disgust them with such a focus.”

I dont know if he is that stupid, or da joos are losing control of the narrative, but how is being a literal raging liberal ‘central to conservatism’.

I’ll end with his bullshit one final LOLZ piece:

“Conservatives don’t give it enough attention, but one of the greatest evils in the U.S. today is rank racial inequality. The median income of African Americans is below $31,000, which is less than half the median income of white Americans. More blacks are imprisoned in America than are whites, even though there are nearly five white people here for every black person.

There are a thousand points of data like this, all confirming that being an African American means living with the odds stacked against you.

Do you remember playing video games that allowed you to set the difficulty level? Imagine if you could set the difficulty level for your life. The data all suggest that being an immigrant or an African American means setting a much higher difficulty level than being a white guy.”

This is straight out of the most ardent of SJW type of playbooks.  Even old school cuckservatives in general CAN GIVE A FUCK about blacks, minos, women or anything (with the sole exception to da juice) and the alt-right mirrors this completely.  The only difference is many old conservatives are too prim and proper to be outright racist.

I wonder if this little faggot and his data points would say about crime data points about blacks commit 5 times the violence per capita.

Anyway, its just another example of this other major point I made about

Stay safe out there!


I loved the 90s, but how much subtle brain washing was there?

Born in the 80s, I grew up in the 90s and many in the alt-right consider the 80/90s the last of the ‘good years’ where there was still hope, optimism and in general america wasnt fucked yet.

Though I deeply prefer metal as music, I have a spot in my heart for various pop hits from the 90s, (with some degree of talent unlike modern pop).  However, now that I am older, it is very interesting re-watching some of this and wondering how much (((propaganda))) was already in play.

La Bouche had a lot of good dance hits, and honestly I had no idea they were black until fairly recently.  But there is a lot of very strange symbolism in this video as well as early proto-sex themes.

One of the songs everyone seems to know but you never hear anymore.  The beginning is pretty funny about tranquilizing the women for sex, you’d never see that anymore, but the theme of giving into lust is obvious.

Eurythmics have such a 90s sound, and some of their songs are damn good.  But…again I had no idea until much later about how out-right dike-y the singer looks with her short dyed hair.  Again, every one of these songs talk about ‘lovers’ which implies no marraige, and just fun sex.


It is weird looking back on songs like this because I can see with my jaded/critical eye about the early propaganda that was already in play.


Watching the dems is a good example of the machine at work

I dont not follow (((politics))) nearly to the extent I used to.  I was the type that knew everything happening, and all the polls, the ‘big happenings’ etc.  But eventually realized that none of it matters.  No one in power cares about us at all.  I have serious doubts if votes are even counted, but I think that largely are because they know how easy the average person is to manipulate.

Anyway…so lets take a quick look at the dems (again I dont pay attention to these fucks much at all)

Joe Biden- old reliable.  I dont think he is the main choice, but they are keeping him around incase one of the other (women) self destruct.  He has a lot of corrupt past dealing

Elisbeth warren – Pochahontos herself.  Got into harvard claiming she was Indian, it blew up about a year or two ago, she apologized and ‘learned’ but didn’t hand back her law degree did she?  I think this bitch of harris is the likely choice because dems are suiciding on the identity politic sword.

Kamala harris – female obama.  Claims she was a poor black girl.  Her story is laughable.  Her mom was from pueto rico or something, and her dad was a big business owner, rumored to have slaves.  She has both the black and female going for her.

Beta orouke.  This chump was out, but now is mysteriously back in.

One thing very interesting is that tulsi gabbard (a anti war candidate, then joined the trilateral commission, then left it) seemed like the only ‘legit’ candidate and tore into the dems star kamala harris.  She is popular but blocked from the next debate, because she supposedly didn’t ‘poll high enough’ on dem-approved polls.  This makes me think (((they)))want harris more.

In the end none of these fucks matter at all, I’d vote Yang if I had the chance.  But we are going down.  Stock on on silver, ammo, food, land etc.  We are in a long depression.

Be warned about how many Jews are involved in (((Nationalism)))


For anyone in the alt-right for any length of time, it should be obvious how many of these ‘figureheads’ that come from nowhere have either subtle or overt Isreal/jew connecitons, meanwhile real voices get shoahed/banned/taken out.  I want to write this post because many alt-righters or soon-to-be fall into what I could call the ‘alex jones trap’, meaning they get a taste of the truth, but its mostly misleading.

First, I was recently made aware that apparently there was a ‘nationalism’ conference held at DC last month, ‘hmm this is interesting, no way this is legit’ and I look into it.  People had to give a bunch of (((background info))) on themselves if they wanted to present, a leader of a movement called Identity Evropa (sp?) was banned, by a one ‘Yoram Hozony’ (the named reeked of jew to me) who claimed this guy had associations ‘imcompaitable with nationalism as we know it’.  So…not even looking into it much further this Yoram guy is quote ‘A prominent Israeli political theorist’ who also started the Edmund Burke Foundation, who hosted this ‘Nationalism’ conference.

I hope you see the immediate irony here.  None of this is new in the slightest.  Like Comrade (((Lenin))) once said

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

This is why you see outright fags, homos and soyboys ‘leading’ the altright, I am talking about Milo gayovich, and ben shapio – who is case you had any doubt are also both jews.  A true ethnic or white nationalism scares the shit out of everybody not white and is why it has to be stopped so hard.  Then you have various blowhards like juden peterson and lauren southern who mysteriously come out of nowhere into youtube stardom professing soft-right stances but never, NEVER crticizing or naming the jew.  Peterson does this a lot, complementing the jews on their intellegence and saying its just jealously why people hate them. (lolz)

I have known a fair amount of alt right types that get cut and banned.  ‘hell by the dashboard lights’ was a good youtube guy, and most recently Cheatau Heartiste was shoahed as well (but he has a new backup site back up: ) I have a alt right friend that liked some guy named ‘louder with chowder’ who apparently got demonatized, I know nothing about the channel, but that that happened suggests he was dropping too many pills.

One of the biggest differences between old republicans (aka cuckservatives [Im not a huge fan of the word}) and alt-right is the view on Isreal.  Almost all altright types have a disdain for them, none of this ‘our greatest ally’ bullshit.  Its funny of course that all the (((dual citizen))) politicians love walls and racism in Isreal but open boarders for USA.

So remember, many of these personalities and ‘experts’ on the alt right are pretty much always jewish, its really insane how true this holds, and there entire purpose is to veer the movement away from exposing them.  They do this by avoiding topics like race, and of course Jews themselves.


Is bitcoin / chainklink / crypto is general a huge gov project?

Completely unrelated

I am only scratching the surface of this and finding out some of this info as I look, but what is interesting is crypto currency has been touted as a way to escape the government, but a lot of the evidence I am seeing suggests they were in it from the beginning.  There is some very interesting things here.

First, bitcoin first came out around 2011.  What is interesting is that apparently there was a website for bitcoin in 2007-2008, as well as a website ‘’ which was owned by this guy named sergey nazarov – the guy who made the upcoming crypto chainlink. (

Further the government was involved in the original mt gox and all the seizure of bitcoins.  Here is a roastie talking about it, and actually having some really good evidence: in this she shows the fbi/dhs having ip addresses associated with the bitcoin mt gox.

Here is where it gets more complicated, she talks about the ip address that was related to bitcoin was ALSO one hosting FOXACID – a NSA cyberattack program and vector (  Very interesting….

Further, the guy who invented bitcoin was this ‘Satoshi Nakamoto‘, which some people are theorizing might be this sergey nazarov guy.  Regardless, the whole thing stinks to high heaven with google recently praising chainlink, facebook’s new crypto coming out and all of that.  Then you have xrp/ripple who is lead by a jew programmer that had blockchain patents all the way back into the 90s, things look very well orchestrated.


With the gov having millions of bitcoin likely that it stole, it’d be in a perfect place to make bitcoin, chainlink, xrp or whatever the next new currency.  Regardless, it certainly is no anarchist utopia, but rather the game might have been rigged from the beginning.

Better start believing in clown world, you’re in it.

Did Facebook ban the word ‘honk’ or is this true fake news?

Edit: I have reason to believe this was actually an orchestrated fake news attack to see what would happen.  I have the original story I wrote below, I will comment on this right after

In case you have never seen this, it is a partly obscure meme mostly from 4chan about ‘clown world’ and how this world is utterly insane with its depravity and degeneracy.  Anyway, I have written before about how I think censorship is winning, and short of a cultural reset due to economic collapse, I lean very heavily towards censorship winning.

In the latest of over reach facebook is now banning the use of honk.

This is interesting because this meme is not that big at all.  On 4chan and similar alt right sites people like have heard of clown world, but much less about the honk honk, and you have to wonder what (((certain people))) fear why they react like this to ban such an obscure thing?



So, this is why I think this is actually a true fake news.  I loaded onto my fake facebook and posted various ‘honks’ and did not get any bans.  I have not see anyone else mention getting banned.

Further, when I mentioned above how obscure this was, that got me thinking, this was a perfect experiment to see how viral news would go.  I herad rumors this meme was a mos@d plant, maybe maybe not, but regardless it offered a perfect experiment to watch the ‘fake news’ go viral.  So many stories posted the exact same thing, and not one fact check anywhere.

In the end, I think this is FAKE and was orchestrated.

Alt-right sites continue to be targeted, youtube pushes outright porn

With Cheateau Hertiste taken out it is definitely a pretty obvious move how much THEY are taking out the resistance.  From things like shadow banning to just normal banning  they have a pretty firm grip on the narrative.

I had heard and seen various soft porn pushes on youtube under soft guises like ‘breast implants’ or yoga where they basically show girls bare breasts, but I hopped onto youtube to try to find ways to block porn sites and look at this:

From youtube

Absolutely disgusting.  To be completely clear I have NEVER even searched anything remotely about ‘pussy’ on youtube or licking/sucking.  I find it very (((interesting))) that I am looking for porn blocking software and I find this.  I have seen a lot of stuff before about how the mind starts to shut down when exposed to sexual stimuli so you will serious serious conversations on 4chan and stuff suddenly get flooded with hot girls.  Likely same idea here.