The lack of being insular will doom the white race

The endless cultural marxism and YKW race mixing will lead to the death of the white race.  It is painful how clear this is, and a majority simple wallow in ignorance.  Consider this Tunisia shooting, what do you see?  You see white people running from muslim shooters.  I don’t particularity hate muslims, they are a convenient scapegoat for keeping our military machine running on, one of the last races of men that are still aggressive.  France leads europe in wanting to let them in, with UK it is also a huge problem, but after all we are ‘one race’ right?

That’s the problem, the only people who subscribe to the one race screed is whites.  Blacks are insular, mexicans are insular, chinese are insular, muslims are insular.

We have whites have to apologize for comments while surrounded by the very people he was demonizing, I wonder if the pure irony was planned in that picture.  Did our masters get a kick out of another loss for white people?

The hypocrisy of course is that a white who shows racial pride is some sort of ‘dumb hick racist’ whereas a black is celebrated for having so much ‘black pride’.  Meanwhile whites self-eviscerate themselves on the way to the bottom of who is less racist and most gay to appeal to the lost females of our race who are held by a magic spell of foreign dick.

It’s pretty sad, that museum shooting, look at some of the younger guys, pure hipster with a gayish hair cute and cute little beard to match, weak bodied and dull minded, wondering why do the hate us so much, aren’t we trying to invite them into our country?

It really is only going to end 2 ways, the whites get bred and murdered out of existence by endless black on white violence of despite being 13% of the population account for 50% of the murders, and this is the fbi talking , and that will be game, you will have minor races incapable of up-keeping the entire society whites built and we devolve into stone age existence.

But there is also a chance that pushed to the limits, whites wake up and realize the total and complete lies they have been told, and that unless they look after themselves we will be gone.  Period.  Whites have built nearly everything of note in modern society, and we possess the tenacity and will to bring tremendous anger and retribution.  Maybe this will happen.  But there is a reason endless demonization of pro-white and racial-insular thoughts are so common, it’s so the average white never thinks there might be a reason with endless illegal immigration, and that blacks and muslims may not actually want us completely dead.

But hey, viva la diversity, because after all, diversity is code name for anti-white.

Thy Fleeing Time – Your limited life

My neighbor died today, I had done cpr on him for over an hour, but I knew there was little chance he was coming back.  Death is a strange thing, in our soft society it’s blurred over so fast, so purposeful to not remind our vanity and psychopathy that we ‘may’ actually die.  When you don’t think there is a time limit on your life, you have no impetus to do anything with your life.

I knew him for a long time, pretty smart with multiple phds.  I would always ask him about stuff and he was pretty open with sharing his knowledge because many young people gave a shit about our elders so was eager to someone who cared.  Its very strange to know someone you were talking to then a week later he is gone…forever.

I – for better or worse- am pretty ‘experienced’ with death, my girlfriend of 2nd grade got plowed by a car, my best friend died around 4th grade, and thourgh middle/high school about 1 a year of a friend dying, this does not include 7 dogs that have died, each one as if I had lost a sister.

To most people in this society death is something that happens ‘elsewhere’ maybe your uncle dies, or someone’s family member died, but its never direct, in your face.  The first time I ran on a call for a women that was having a heart attack was a bit unreal, I was like 21 at the time; its very strange seeing someone that was there, and now they are not.  You think weird things like ‘why did they pick those shoes today?’ or ‘did they know this would be the last shirt they wore?’  you see pictures on the wall, wondering when they last looked at them, or the life they lived to WANT to pick those.

His wife was happy to see me, in a mixed desperation of ‘Save him please!’ I arrived and saw his body grey, lifeless.  I went straight to cpr, but I knew the odds were remote.  The weather was bad, and an AED was over 30 minutes away.  I dutifully did it, compressing, knowing there was little chance he could be saved, but nagged by my own mind that if I stopped he definitely was dead.

I don’t feel guilty about not being able to save him, I’ve seen enough deaths to know when its probably over, but there is always a twinge of ‘if I stop now he is definitely dead’.  At first I vowed to myself I would remember each death that happened, it was so powerful and visceral, but…they blur together.  I am not sure how many I have seen probably somewhere near 30 separate ones, they literally form an amorphous blob in my mind, I can recall a few of the more notable ones but it becomes a matter of course in life.  To others that I talk to they are curious ‘what its like seeing someone die’ I don’t hate them for their naivety, but its a bad reminder of how sheltered we are, that something so simply, yet so profound is hidden from us.

I feel bad for a lot of the psychopaths that are unable to realize they are going to die, and feel nothing when others die.  It doesnt allow them to live correctly, they think there will ‘always be time’ and no urgency to anything they do.  It’s sad, I have seen far too much end-of-life-regret to know how frequently it hits nearly everyone.  Things like regretting going for some chance in life, never hiking some mountain, never getting a motorcycle, never making up with someone you fell out with.

Life end for us all, and few people process this truth.  Maybe in some way we come back again, but the undeniable truth is your life is fleeing every moment.  You absolutely must seize the time you have, it’s more limited than any of us imagine.



This is a perfect song too:

It’s latin from a ode by Horace, but here is the translation

Hey, Postumus, Postumus,
The years are slipping by quickly and
Piety will not delay the wrinkles,
The old age, or the untamed death;

Not even if every day,
My friend, you try to please,
Pluto the Dry-eyed with three hundred bulls,
for he keeps Geryon and Tityos in check,

Behind the river which must be
crossed by all of us, who feed
upon the gifts of the earth, whether we be
kings or poor peasants.

In vain we flee from the blood-thirsty Mars,
And from the raging waves of the hoarse Adriatic,
In vain we fear the southern wind,
which blows in the autumn and harms our bodies.

You must see the Cocytus river,
meandering with its sluggish flow,
and the infamous children of Danaus,
and Sisyphus, son of Aeolus, condemned to hard labour.

You must leave the earth, the home,
and the loving wife and none of the trees,
which you have tended will accompany you,
their master for a short time, except the hated cypresses.

Your worthier heir will consume your
Caecubian wines, locked with a hundred locks,
and on the ground he will spill the proud wine
better than the one served at high priests’ feasts.

Talking to others is discouraged, and why you should be doing it

I have a very vicious independent streak in me, for most of my late teens and early 20s I was endlessly dismissive of any as being capable of helping me in any fashion, not that I now doubt my skills, but I am a bit more wise and fully see the value of talking to others to get different viewpoints of a matter – namely because I realized how locked in my thoughts were and to encourage divergent thinking.  This is kind of like the whole manosphere, were men rarely agree on things, but you are exposed to people who clearly think about things, and you are forced to either re-evaluate what you believe, or at least truly question what you think.

Men as a group as systematically raised to NOT seek others help for things that matter, I think this is likely purposeful and leads us to be taken advantage of easily.  Understand what I am saying: girls routinely talk to each other about their problems, and come to answers guys never do ‘going it alone’, whereas guys going alone have only one source of information: the collective – so of course their conclusions will often be wrong.  Example 1: the complete failure of men with women in everything to dating to staying with bpd women, how white knightism is encouraged, and can never figure anything out.

We get caught in bad relationships and the ONLY thing we know how to do is what society told us to do ‘man up’ and stay with the bitch or damaging girl, or to ‘man up’ and prove your loyalty to some cuckolding bitch and somehow so how great you are and make her come back to you.

When I was getting destroyed by my bpd girl, most of my ‘friends’ didn’t give a shit and wouldn’t talk to me, I had one guy I became good friends with (we since fell apart due to something else) but we actually talked about girls, and it was insane how productive it was – this was before I found the manosphere but same idea.  We could see things from different perspectives, talk about ‘does this really work?’ and so on, it helped so tremendously to transcend the false world we find ourselves.

I have a friend now we talk philosophy about, about how America is an endless aristocracy, how democracy if not completely rigged than serves the same purpose of controlling the masses by offering no real choices, how corporatism is the biggest threat…and when I tell others I TALK to someone else raise a suspicious eye because people just don’t talk anymore.  That’s exactly how they want it.  If you aren’t talking to others, then they get to talk to you: through the tv, through rigged media, through porn, through football etc etc.

I highly encourage trying to find people who are divergent thinkers and engage them in conversation, it doesn’t matter if they believe something totally different, because you can both see why you believe something, and maybe hear something you never considered, and at the very least to question your own beliefs, and you will likely find what I did – so many you have held really are insubstantial and require a new valuation.  A new way to truly see life instead of the packaged view you have been ‘gifted’.


Morality and Libertarianism Idiocy

I find libertarianism an intellectually insulting ideology, its proponents often have preverse ‘moralities’ and justify a rampant selfishness under a bourgeois elitism masquerading as intellect; it is the type of movement that capture people that question the dominate narrative, funneling them into a movement even more supporting of the current paradigm.  Ironic.

To be clear, I consider myself somewhat of an ammoralist/pragmatist in that conventional morality is more of a control mechanism than anything good someone should subscribe too, that being said, I understand what is ‘good’ or ‘evil’ or what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but merely chose to not engage in it (Beyond good and evil!) , whereas Libertarianism suffer for a dangerous self-deception that their ‘morality’ is ‘right/good’.

I’ve talked about some key Libertarianism ideals such as the myth of natural rights, but at its root their major belief is a type of ‘live and let live’ with a heavy capitalism bend to it, then money is intrinsically ‘good’.  Now, beyond the fact that any ideology worships money (how easy does the movement betray its jewish origins…) isn’t particularly adapted to life beyond the narrow capitalism bubble, it leaves the person very unable to process reality in any meaningful real way.

I have talked to a lot of libertarians, and they universally come from one of two paths: former military or lawyers, which despite the vast differences, I think it because they both elevate their own opinions far beyond everyone else around them.  I seriously haven’t met a lib. who wasn’t one of these two.  Anyway the supposed superiority is why they are lured to the movement.

The real question to ask oneself, is if they were so superior, would they NEED to justify it, or be ‘moral’ about it?  If you were the badest guy around you would just MAKE your kingdom, take what you want etc, what Libertarianism is, is a way for weak-bodied intellectuals to justify this magical kingdom where they alone get the rewards for HARD WORK without actually having to do…you know anything hard that makes you a MAN.  You can see this in their ‘golden rule’ of “do no harm to others” which is about the only rule they have.

I have argued at length with the utter stupidity where I have had them argue to me that it was ‘wrong’ for me to take an apple from a land owner that owns all the land around me because that was stealing, whereas it was somehow justified that he got all that land stealing it ‘legally’.  “Why is it ok he stole everything from me in business, and I can’t hit him or steal it back from him?”  I ask, but the question gets routed to a circular logic loop of that ‘business equals good, and do no harm (of which business is incapable of)’.  I was told that if I had a problem I should solve it through court.  Through COURT!  What a bourgeois conception of reality, it is inconceivable that violence is the ultimate answer one way or another, and to not want to elevate the lawyer class to even higher demigod-status is unthinkable in their worldview.

This is where the cowardice and ultimately its ‘morality’ is rooted in, it is afraid of violence, and its proponents want to eliminate the great equalizer FROM the equation, with the implication they think they will be able to thrive in this narrow confine.  It is kind of like playing a game and modifying the rules to benefit only you, to shore up your weakness.

Libertarians have espoused some pretty insane things to me, and I have asked others about these ideas and they tend to agree with them, one that comes to mind is that the government should basically be dismantled short of national defense, “including no roads?” I asked, yes, roads should be PRIVATE.  When I try to point out that roads serve a national interest, this holds no sway because if they were important the ‘market will see to it they are built’.  To them the market is literally a god-like entity.

The truly biggest problem is you are deceiving yourself.  Instead of just telling themselves they want to subjugate or take advantage of people, they lie that it is ‘fair’ in some sort of edited capitalism.  It’s similar to pre-pill men telling themselves they want to be friends with a hot girl, when in reality they just want to fuck her.  If lib. holds ANY sway for you, you need to think why this is, the game we find ourselves in is so fucked and corrupt that any ‘movement’ given to us has to be regarded with intense skepticism, and it’s a controlled opposition anyway, one that those with the money will continue to stay in power as the only equalizing of violence is completely outlawed.

I like this quote the best to sum this up:ek37

Psychologists and Lawyers – modern day ‘medicine men’

I think by far the two biggest ‘career’ fields that is helping tank this country in the ground is psychologists and lawyers, modern day ‘medicine men’.  For the record I include politicians within the lawyer category.

They both do different things but operate under the same shadowy premise of ‘the average man ‘ understand what we do’ so are given this pseudo-god power to operate in the shadows, and charge exorbitant money for their divination.

A term that is relevant here is ‘planned obsolescence’ which is actually a manufacturing term that items are DESIGNED to fail so you  have to buy new ones (oh, how cute, you can thanks capitalists for that), like for example ipod nanos were programmed to die shortly after the warranty lapses, it happened to me and tons others if you care to look online, fucking bastards.

But groups, careers, agencies etc are NOT designed with planned obsolescence, so instead of completing the mission then fading away, they get far away from their intend scope and have to JUSTIFY their existence.

This part is how psychologists and lawyers operate.  The law gets increasingly convoluted, long, and impenetrable, so only the chosen class can ever access the holy records and tell us peons what the answers in the tablets are. Oh yes, that will be a season worth of food for the services rendered.

What happens, predictably in a capitalistic society, is that the priest class becomes very wealthy, because they alone wield the power, consider obamacare, I think it was over 700 pages, SEVEN HUNDRED FUCKING PAGES, and you know what was in a lot of that?  Handouts to various companies, ahh yes, capitalism taken to its logical conclusion of a corporate oligarchy…included in the law is that if insurance companies DONT make money us peons will be forced to bail them out.  Did you know that one?

Its this revolving door of lobbyist>politician>lawyer>lobbyist.  I hear a lot of capitalism defenders talk about a meritocracy, as if our country was such a thing, but then defend progressive credentialism of needing doctors for psychology or lawyer.  Did you know only california can you take the bar exam WITHOUT passing the law school sham?  Think about this for a moment, if we truly were a meritocracy, if you prove you know your shit, regardless of if you shoveled out 300k for the degree shouldn’t you be able to practice?  Nope.  Because that’s not the plan, the plan is a controlled over-class to monitor the peons.

Now consider psychologists, the general pattern is the same: ‘smarter’ than the average man, does this ‘magical’ in nature we can’t understand, constantly expands and justifies their existence.

Lawyers have been on this game much longer, but psychologists got in the game hard maybe 5-10 years ago, now nearly every news story has to include some psy guy (Or girl, because lets be honest most psych are girls because they can’t do actual science) the psy girl is talking about what the person ‘must have been thinking’.  As if some rich, golden spoon 23 year old female has any idea what the 30 year old black guy from the ghetto ‘was thinking’ when he robbed or shot someone.

Psy has been tied in very hard to the drug industry, so we get this perverse (or I forgot, is this a normal incentive in capitalism?) incentive that the oracles determine how messed up each of us are, and what of the magic herbs will fix us.  Oh…and that will be a seasons worth of food for the magic herbs…but you dont want to be ‘crazy’ right?

It is disgusting as fuck.  I actually enjoy psychology quite a bit, but I am under no delusion it is a COMPLETE pseudo science.  The human brain is mod-able, and variable, yet they think because someone is depressed from getting dumped, watching too much pron, or whatever some drug will fix that?  Or that a male has violent tendencies (heaven forbid in this ‘modern’ society!) he needs to be drugged into stupor lest he disrupt the machine we have become.  There is actually evidence of mediation and will power overcoming things that supposedly are only ‘cured’ by some expensive drugs from Merck, but you never hear about that.  Or how about over 1/10 people are on antidepressants, or that there is a 400% increase in anti depressant use in just 10 years?  So we have over 30 million people addicted to these drugs that are shown to re-write your brain, what the fuck has happened to us?

Then again, I am kind of crazy, maybe I should go talk to a lawyer to see if what I am posting is legal, and go talk to a psy girl and get some drugs to ‘calm me down’.



Old school red pill pt 2.

I am just about done with Nietzche’s “Beyond Good and Evil” which the major thrust is that conventional morality is enslaving and a way to keep superior males down and as a form of power control.  He has a section near the end where he talks about women, and I found it pretty interesting given the prescience of it, and how true it has become.  This is in contrast to say the oscar’s or whatever it was yesterday where I had passed a tv with it on and some femcunt was saying ‘its time we finally have wage equality for women!’ which got the typical herd cheers.


‘Woman wishes to be independent, and therefore she begins to enlighten men about “woman as she is”—THIS is one of the worst developments of the general UGLIFYING of Europe. For what must these clumsy attempts of feminine scientificality and self-exposure bring to light! Woman has so much cause for shame; in woman there is so much pedantry, superficiality, schoolmasterliness, petty presumption, unbridledness, and indiscretion concealed—study only woman’s behaviour towards children!—which has really been best restrained and dominated hitherto by the FEAR of man.

… Enlightenment hitherto has fortunately been men’s affair, men’s gift—we remained therewith “among ourselves”; and in the end, in view of all that women write about “woman,” we may well have considerable doubt as to whether woman really DESIRES enlightenment about herself—and CAN desire it. If woman does not thereby seek a new ORNAMENT for herself—I believe ornamentation belongs to the eternally feminine?—why, then, she wishes to make herself feared: perhaps she thereby wishes to get the mastery. But she does not want truth—what does woman care for truth? From the very first, nothing is more foreign, more repugnant, or more hostile to woman than truth—her great art is falsehood, her chief concern is appearance and beauty. ‘

‘ To be mistaken in the fundamental problem of “man and woman,” to deny here the profoundest antagonism and the necessity for an eternally hostile tension, to dream here perhaps of equal rights, equal training, equal claims and obligations: that is a TYPICAL sign of shallow-mindedness; and a thinker who has proved himself shallow at this dangerous spot—shallow in instinct!—may generally be regarded as suspicious, nay more, as betrayed, as discovered; he will probably prove too “short” for all fundamental questions of life, future as well as present, and will be unable to descend into ANY of the depths. ‘

(The depths he refers to here is having sufficient moral bravery of sorts to be able to throw off the shackles of conventional morality, esp. into what might be called ‘evil’)

‘The weaker sex has in no previous age been treated with so much respect by men as at present—this belongs to the tendency and fundamental taste of democracy, in the same way as disrespectfulness to old age—what wonder is it that abuse should be immediately made of this respect? They want more, they learn to make claims, the tribute of respect is at last felt to be well-nigh galling; rivalry for rights, indeed actual strife itself, would be preferred: in a word, woman is losing modesty. And let us immediately add that she is also losing taste.

She is unlearning to FEAR man: but the woman who “unlearns to fear” sacrifices her most womanly instincts. That woman should venture forward when the fear-inspiring quality in man—or more definitely, the MAN in man—is no longer either desired or fully developed, is reasonable enough and also intelligible enough; what is more difficult to understand is that precisely thereby—woman deteriorates. This is what is happening nowadays: let us not deceive ourselves about it! Wherever the industrial spirit has triumphed over the military and aristocratic spirit, woman strives for the economic and legal independence of a clerk: “woman as clerkess” is inscribed on the portal of the modern society which is in course of formation. While she thus appropriates new rights, aspires to be “master,” and inscribes “progress” of woman on her flags and banners, the very opposite realises itself with terrible obviousness: WOMAN RETROGRADES.’

Pretty interesting hearing someone rage about the proto-femenism 100+ years before it became the culture-killing, empire-ending blight it has turned into now.

Watch what you say

Perhaps that might be a bit of a surprising title, but it is a grim reminder about ‘real life’ and how stuck and plugged in most people are.  In this side of the net ideas are fairly free and they stand by their own merit and based on evidence, we accept truths no matter how much we would prefer them not to be.  (Like me once believing girls wanted nice guys) The reality though is, most of our beliefs or arguments are so radical as to be alienating, and while this might not matter at say a bar, if you aren’t prudent in your words can come back to bite you.

Frequenting sites on this side, we forget how dumb nearly 95%+ of America is, where the most extreme argument they have heard is that the pay gap is a lie – which or course they accept the pay gap as true, as proof of endless male dominion over the hapless innocent female. It is stunning at times the pure quantity of repetition of lies the pay gap is shipped out in. I find it especially annoying on shows like the daily show with their short-haired femcunts sarcastically saying how glad they are to be slaves to the males and a few of them will make a ‘whole person’.

This is a low level truth. Consider race, which borders into the ‘unspeakable’ category. That as a white male I am supposedly the most privileged being in existence, some sort of near demi-god that society hands me everything on a plate, while being female or black relegates you to near untouchable class. The self-sacrificing lie so many whites have swallowed in a testament to the monumentally good propaganda, that as a white those poor blacks ‘just need a chance’ etc. To point out that it is not fair that women or blacks get bonus points for jobs is near tantamount to proclaiming you are insane. As an aside, if you are trying to convert your friends, this is a good avenue, as this tends to be less racially charged than a lot, and you can point out ‘would it be fair if you lost a job to someone just because they were a women or black?’

I’ve lost a lot of old friends in recent years since taking the pill, I see how whipped, fearful, and controlled they are. I recently made a comment over text to a friend, and instead of addressing the un-pc issue, he wrote back this insanely politically correct message phrased in such a way as if he thought our phones were tapped and if he ever got hauled in he could present it as he perfect piece of evidence of how well he toes the line. It was disgusting, and this was someone who fancies himself a free thinker.

But it got me thinking, that while his response was out of fear, it was not totally irrational, as society has become so anti-male and anti-white proclaiming anything to the contrary will result in job loss or no job, or vilification etc. I can tell you first hand I have had a LOT of interviews ask me stupid shit like ‘can a woman do the same thing as a man?’ or ‘do you have a problem working with black people?’,

well ‘you know HR bitch, I do have a problem, I have a problem they get preference points that despite my better quals I lose to them’

‘Wow what a racist, maybe we can jail him on hate crimes.’

Think about this, why is being critical of women or minorities often a ‘hate crime’ but white men can be attacked ENDLESSLY as some joke? Mind control and propaganda is what it is. I can’t stand tv at all for the repetition of portrayals of the husband or male character as bumbling and saved only by his wife, or the badass that is driven on only because the women in his life. But if you pointed that out, you’d be called bitter or misogynist.

The reality is, I have found the more homophobic, racist, aggressive, unapologetic you are, the more girls generally like you, and I’ve slammed more out as the arrogant badass than as the stoic/nice guy but your words and actions have to be careful. You have to take very good account of your surroundings and realize how most of society is against you, and that racist word, or anti-female line might be funny, but how much damage could it do? Often a lot, so remember we are superior males with truth on our side, and being superior doesn’t mean recklessly attack every battle, it means to survey carefully, pick our battles and bring everything to bear when we select our target.