The left/globalists/NWO/Illuminati etc would be legit if they weren’t so faggy

Like some in the alt-right I had my chances to shine and get picked up into the deep state, where I’d be flying drones or assassinating people in the name of democracy but never went down that path due to a gut feeling of their side ‘not being right’.

Like the previous post of what things the left does right, there are some things that are simply effective that they do – they have a huge ‘ends justify the means’ mentality.  The main issue I have with them – because let me be frank, I am not fundamentally opposed to a ‘world government’ and rearing all the people to be loyal to the state and have a pseudo-socialism, but the society I envision is more akin to a fascist state rather than a hippy commune – are how truly degenerate they are at the core.

The strategies of deception and so on the left/globalists use I have to begrudgingly admit are effective.  The issue is that not even the ‘elite’ are badass in the slightest.  I would totally respect flooding the world with faggots and MINOs if the end was some ultra elite super state/serfdom IF THE ELITE WERE AT ALL BADASS.

You have this utter faggot obama who is the antithesis of anything masculine, walking around with women laughing at his erection, and wearing a little bike helmet while he rides segways is a joke in every sense of ‘badass’/elite.

If the clearly dysgenic thing they are unleashing was because at some future chaos to usher in a new world of hyper eugenics/genetic engineering perfect humans I would be fine.  Yet we have these truly faggot/degenerate elites at the upper level.  If these guys were physical specimens that also were geniuses I’d be like ‘ok they are better men then me’ but I see these unbelievably pathetic specimens exemplified by obama, killary etc.

HOW THE FUCK are these guys near the top of the chain?


‘Global power’ out to stop Trump

I am really glad Trump is talking about this.  This is the exact same thing Kennedy said before he got whacked by the deep state.

People like Killary absolutely thrive in secrecy just like her comment about having a ‘private vs public’ opinion.  Time tells does Trump come out and get whack, maybe a engine malfunction or a barbell over the throat is always classic.  ‘Suicide by gun’ hasn’t been used in a while.

His israel connections are very alarming, but the fact he brings this into the open is useful for many sheep who had never heard of it.  I suspect nationalism is taking off.

Things the Left does right

The Left does a lot of things right, and it is in our interest to learn from this, all too quick we dismiss them as shitlibs, faggots, trannys etc.  The so called Alt-right is embracing some of these, but see how the old right was soundly defeated on every one of these points.

I was a hard core leftist through most of my youth, protestor, walkouts, all that.  I suppose it appealed to my innate need for conflict and my ‘nurtured’ leftist beliefs due to the Marxist indoctrination I threw off.

Rhetoric, or style trumps substance

In this day and age, appearance, emotion, all of it are superior to actual product.  It is better to look right to ‘seem’ right, then to be right.  In a argument or debate, actual facts do not matter, it is infinitely better to make up ‘37% of people would rather die than hold a gun’ then have a real one, or esp. get into a argument about your sources.  They style themselves as the ‘tolerant ones’.

Wildly intolerant

This is a key one, and something the alt-right has generally going for it.  Despite the ‘big house’ of the democrat party, or the tolerant liberals etc, just try running your mouth about you don’t think we should have unisex bathrooms or that gays shouldn’t marry.  Have a core set of ideas, and anything contrary is run out.  PERIOD.  That why the altright is going good so far – its a fairly coherent message blaming minorities, jews, etc and whites need a nation of their own.

Let militant arms run wild

This is where both old and new right are SEVERELY lacking.  The key is to have groups under your ‘tent’ that are violent – let them act out, and justify why it was ok and only slightly excessive.  The left has radical environmentalists (I was once one) the gay lobby and black lives matter as their big three.  They act out wildly and then when they get caught its ‘well the blacks DO have is bad *sob*’.  We are way, way behind the curve on this one.  The tea partiers, dont tread on me, KKK etc are routinely demonized and not even subtly encouraged; as of now only key board jockies.

Demonize enemy/ propaganda

The left is wonderful at this, and right is flailing but catching up through memes.  You have one mission: white are bad, males are bad, this society is shit and all your problems are because of it – repeat this everywhere and anywhere.  This triggers the suicidal tendencies of white males to casterate themselves for women, women to go mud sharking, and the general tendency to believe white males are bumbling idiots.

Zero dissidence / group think

Again, an irony they think they are open minded but cleverly they are not.  Anyone who does not tow the line 100% is immediately outted.  ‘Can you believe frank doesn’t like gays?  What a racist!  We need to get him fired!’  Largely, Trumps success has been this tactic not working.  It is funny watching the media plow this strategy into him OVER AND OVER and it doesnt work.  Yeah I am a racist, I don’t like gays etc.  If they dont have actual power over you, the groupthink becomes worthless.  The right needs to engage in more shaming ‘can you believe bill is ok with faggots?  maybe we better not listen to him anymore’

These are off the top of my head, might have more later.

Debate r2

So now we see, are we mere pawns watching a modern roman gladitator match?

Hillary’s/podesta emails gets covered up due to how ‘bad’ trump is.  I guess do we have a self destructing idiot as the only one who can lose to clinton, giving us a fake illusion of choice?

Now we watch.

Whats worse, some guy who wants to grab a girls pussy, or a woman who lies, broke the lie, got people killed, and complete jew stooge?

Is Trump a sacrificial lamb or actually legit?

So by now you have probably heard how ‘horrible’ trump is because he wanted to fuck some girl and grab her by the pussy – in case someone you dont realize EVERY GUY EVER has said things like this or worse.  My purpose is not to defend trump here, because as I stated, trump has some disturbing jew connection – including every one of his kids dating/married to a jew

The MAIN and SINGLE question with Trump is: Is he a legit rogue billionaire going against the horde, or is he just the token resistance that fills the populace with hatred so we can elect Killary and get the war with russia going already?

I am being a bit flippant in that question, but the root of it is DEAD SERIOUS.  Trump has espoused nationalistic views which has earned him a lot of right-leaning supporters, but his roots betray this belief – namely made money off shoring.  The media always has a liberal bias, but I have never seen it this insane.

Is this all just to make sure Killary Cunton the worst candidate ever wins by virtue of not being ‘racist/homophobic’ etc etc?  1de566b12cd8560bc0cd7adb980aadb20a6bafaa-618x641


In some backroom was it said to Trump ‘you bomb this campaign and we give you 1 bill and forgive your debts’ or does he truly want to make america great again?

The absolute one-minded media swarm on him ignores real news like all this military vehicles moving to east europe (just for training I am sure..) and potential ww3 over syria.

But OMG he wanted to grab a womans pussy!?  This society is going down so hard.  I don’t want to give up, but it doesnt look good.

Meanwhile from the front

The more I read about how absolutely overran Europe is, the more hopeless it seems over there.  I see videos of muslims streaming everywhere, entire cities overran etc etc.  The worst part is white/europe is currently peaceful and not fighting, just getting outbred very badly.

Here is a pic I found while scrolling a dating site of a swedish girl:


The rest of her profile shows how deprave she is, but really all you need to see is this picture.  Malignant altruism has doomed this country and most of europe.  Hard to think hitler wasn’t right.

Alt-right basics pt 2 – open mindedness

So here is something than any crazy leftist is going to vehemently disagree with, but by and large the alt-right types are open minded in their opinions.  As an aside, I don’t especially like the term ‘alt right’ as it plays a bit too much into hegelian dialectic but its the commonly used term; much like ‘alpha/beta’ instead of gammas, omegas etc.

Open minded is something very few people have.  Interesting from an evolutionary point of view that we are predisposed to stick with our original thoughts and never deviate.  This is why the CIA among others realizes that our brains are really easy to hack and control, thus you mention ‘nazi’ and instantly that is supposed to derail the conversation, or you can’t hate jews etc.  There can be two studies that prove the opposite, and both sides will cling to their study and say how flawed the other is.

How come so few look at the study unbiasedly and think either both suck or some aspects are true? Because we don’t want to be wrong.  If we change opinions we must have been wrong the first time.

I had a friend who we went our separate ways who NEVER, I mean never, admitted anything he did was wrong, he would argue points that were absolutely ridiculous just to not have to admit he was wrong and talked himself into a hole.  He went into law, fitting in this degenerate age.

For me, I was always more concerned with the truth, if I was wrong than that meant I was one step towards what was right. As a kid I was a liberal, owning to that I was surrounded by Republicans that were pure jokes and my iconoclasm rebelled at their idiocy.  Of course liberal idiocy is much more insidious and takes a longer time to be apparent.

A major test for open mindedness is take the following question, if two people come up to you, one is a doctor/physics/chemist whatever and talks to you, and some other guy comes up and doesnt have any sort of ‘certs’ are you likely to completely ignore this guy?  For most of society the answer is yes.  Even if the doctor is smart medically (which I would argue many aren’t) he rarely knows anything outside of this scope, but society doesn’t care.  To me, my rationale is that guy could be smart enough he didn’t need a degree, maybe he was in military, maybe he is a traveler, until he opens his mouth he could have anything valuable to say.

I’ve had arguments with old ‘friends’ that insisted that status=intellect/grasp of reality.  That somehow the better job or more money you had the better person you are, or the more nuanced your thinking.  This is a pretty republican thought train.  Liberals are a bit different, but their god is the ‘study’/science and fundamentally your opinion can in no way be right if it goes against science.  Highly ironic given research into races/sexes etc, but that’s ‘politically incorrect’ science, which doesn’t count.

Often, in this inverted society, the more highly ranked/placed someone is the less likely they are going to tell you anything good.  How could someone so plugged into this illusion know anything about what the ‘real’ world is like?  How would a white liberal doctor, or fat white republican business man know ANYTHING about living among violent blacks?  They can’t.

We have to be open minded enough that the surface of wherever the info is coming from does not taint us to its actual value.