The Syrian ‘refugee’ crisis latest in bold take over of white countries

I believe that time is getting critical in terms of western civilization (ie white) culture as evidenced by the blatant diffusion of these poor hapless refugees into the last remnants of society.  Anyone who still believes main stream media is nearly a lost cause at this point, how can anyone watch this stream of enemy combatants and truly think this is humanitarian, and that its those ‘poor Syrians’?

Here are the facts you need to know our ‘allies’ Turkey/Israel (the actual axis of evil) BOTH CLOSED THEIR BORDERS TO THE SYRIAN REFUGEES

Hmm, interesting, so the pot gets stirred, and out flows prime combat-aged males towards the west – who we are supposed to welcome with open arms – and two of the closest stops CLOSE THEIR BORDERS – how transparent of them.  Of course Israel would never want such vibrant diversity in their country, but hell lets let that puppet obama get his 200k refugees into our country, what better way to help dilute the gene pool even faster.

The fact this is getting so blatant is curious to me, they could have easily just continued this slow grind and in 2 generations whitey is probably out of here, but there is this almost desperate push to taint us as fast as they can.  I think they are rapidly losing control of the narrative, as people are waking up, they make not know everything or even close to the complexities but all they really need to know is: I am being forced to live with enemies who dont look like me – which is fine enough to start the fire.



I could care less is Trump is secretly a jew, manchurian candidate etc etc he has done a very large service by giving a public face who stands up to MSM with ‘racist’ views and has given a face to the racist views a lot of people actually have.  I dont really care if ignorant racists want to kill all blacks, that is fine with me because they are at least on the right side of what is coming.


From an old series ‘V’

The Importance of Sex pt2

Continuing on with the prior post, from this book – again a biology book (The Importance of Sex) that was really well referenced citing multiple cultures there were a few points that really stuck out:

1: Hard/complex situations favor fewer children but higher investment in those children

  1. Hard times drop the poor’s fertility huge, but the rich are insulated because of their resources and retain fairly high fertility
  2. In hard/complex times a few of the males often get many of the females in societies where monogamy has broken down.


Ok, perhaps you may want to reread those, as they are pretty good, I will touch on all of them now. One thing I want you to consider is that our current society in my mind is ‘hard’ on the middle class only, the rich always have it easy, and the poor are so subsized they do not feel the selective pressure they normally would.

1 No one would deny our culture and situation is getting very complex and hard to get by in this crashing economy, thus we should see a more K-selected strategy of few kids but higher investment. We do, but only partly, how many of our smartest people go childless? This could be a book itself, but it stems a lot from feminism brainwashing women into thinking they can have a career first and family later.

Also, with vast subsidies to the trash, poor people breed like the rabbits they are, cranking vast numbers of kids- all while being rewarded with even more handouts, its pretty disgusting and it is real.

  1. Look to the middle class to see this in action, as stated above the poor don’t really feel the effects of this collapse yet, whereas the middle class who is working all the time does. Very rare for a husband to be able to provide for a family on just one wage.
  2. Pretty much what every PUA/alt right blog has been saying for years, any of the 5% of guys get 90% of woman, to the more realistic 20% get 60% of women or whatever is it they are saying, but very, very true.

The guys who were cleaning up in these hard times? Either the actual rich/high status jobs, or those who fake it. Hey…guess the fake it till you make it actually DOES work, historically proven!

Woman and biology with resources – secret woman like money

Been reading this good book called ‘The Importance of Sex’ which is about evolution and what makes woman actually chose in males – it was written in the 90s before feminism went totally crazy, you can tell because it talks about how woman want money – a harsh truth that is suppressed now.

A lot of women/feminists talk about how ‘gender is a social construct’, which is a pretty obvious untruth, but this book proceeds to document society after society, but current and historical with male/female dynamics and how men acquire resources which then give them access to females.

The book goes into depth how personaility matters nearly zero, the only thing that matters is birth/family (rich families usually have more kids), a male’s status/job and how much resources he has.

It is easy to read because it makes sense, as much as society tells us ‘woman aren’t shallow’ ‘woman dont care about money’ etc.  This is why fake alpha works in the PUA world, because it falsely demonstrates that you have resources, thus woman are attracted to it.

The stunning thing was in some societies if a man came from a poor family and was unmarried, he had only a 3% of having offspring, whereas a rich guy, but never married had something like a 46% chance of having offspring.

Money matter, resources are real, despite SJW/Feminism to the contrary.

Why Trump is the most legit republican candidate

Any long time reader knows I view most politics as vastly rigged as a pseudo left vs right, when the reality is both parties serve the same elite/corporate interests.  You have people like clinton and bush who have so many similarities it is disgusting.

Most of the candidates are senators who are about as corrupt as you can get, what was disgusting was during this debate how many touted out the Israel card of how much they are loyal to israel.  It really is obvious when you are looking for it.

The thing that Trump said that really struck me was when he talked about everyone around him controlled by special interests, he mentioned this and that ‘this scares me’, which is really legit, trump could be completely controlled, I think he may, he may not, but the reality is no establishment guy could ever be real, or go ‘rogue’.  Independent people are the only way to go, and at the very least bringing up the illegals problem has really brought the ‘un-pc’ issue back into the light and I hope it really continues onward of people speaking the truth – namely that non-whites want whites destroyed and as a white man the government is not your friend.

Press on, always!

Man guys, haven’t written in a while, the amount of growth I have gone through in the last couple of months is insane, most men do NOT grow because it hurts, its hard, it requires questioning things they believed their whole life.

Repeated dark nights of the soul leave a man broken, or he digs deep into his being and begins crawling out slowly, and will be better, a superior man.

I want to leave with this quote, and its relevant:

While we concern ourselves with laws, government and social mores, we are intruding upon women’s space and women’s affairs – we are auditioning for their approval as – nominally at least – their masters (though it is clear on closer examination that all men in such positions are actually women’s servants, be they politicians, priests or husbands).

On the other hand, when a man realizes he is alone in the world, and dependent on nothing but his reason, his physical strength and his resolve, his attitude changes. His immediacy to the Absolute could not be clearer. The thing the free man most craves – his own sovereignty – is at its closest to being realized. It is this state that I refer to as “One Man’s Kingdom.”

Slowly better?

Hey guys, been a bit, I wrote that last one at one of the darkest times I have ever felt in my life.  I was in a shitty place but at my job, my life, and reeling over the stupid bitch I am extracting from my life.

I am not ‘better’ in any sense but realizing how to put things into priority.  Been doing a lot of meditation of instead of resisting emotions, just feeling to FEEL what they are like on me.  Most of them are ‘depression’ ‘despair’ ‘nihilism’ etc, but maybe somehow I’ll get out.

As a warning to others, I am shocked at how fast bad decisions can ruin a life, I suppose I never really considered an ‘affair’ something i’d engage in (if I wasnt the married one, is it still an affair?) I didnt know till near the end, but there were red flags I should have seen.  Namely too, I lied to myself that I was the exception, that this was different, I was special, I wouldn’t get caught/develope feelings etc.

But I did, I became addicted to an unavailable woman, who her occasional attention became my sustenance as I went through a big change in my life.  It was not ‘what is my goal’ it was ‘When will she call?’ ‘when will we fuck?’

I still in some level think ‘we loved each other’, I am speaking honestly, and in time I will probably think ‘wow that was really stupid’, but for now I know I have to get out of this, it was not the only problem in my life but a very major one.  Having her occsionaly call/email makes it harder to stay no contact but doing what I can.

Battling Depression

Unfortunately I am in a bad spot in my life.  I am crushed by depression right now, I am realizing how much of my life has been a lie, how much I have lived for others, how much of a void is in my soul.  Is it shocking, disgusting, overwhelming and I feel like crying multiple times a day.  I can barely see my ‘good’ traits and it is nothing except how much of a loser I am, how there is nothing enjoyable in my days.  It is shocking how powerful this is.

I honestly do not know what to do as this has been going on for a while.  It doesnt help the nurse is back in the picture and wants to meet this weekend, which I KNOW i shouldnt but my sad/weak states wants SOMEONE to love me as fucked up as I am.

Im messed up, idk how I will get out of this.