id2020, bill gates, xrp (ripple), pandemic, and the new economic ‘reset’

I have mentioned a little about it before, crypto currency and the block chain is touted as a libertarian escape and ‘sticking it to the man/gov’, of course any reader here knows this is a joke.  So…naturally I look at this with a skeptical eye and see if YKW is involved.  Of course they are.

With the first lock downs the gov was planning a ‘internet’/crypto money as a way to give us our bailouts, it was stricken the first time, but it will likely be back for round 2 bail outs.

A major crypto is XRP which is the crypto token from the Ripple company, there is tons to know about it, but essentially it is connected to a bunch of banks.

Then we look at bill gates id2020 which people know this is trying to chip everyone because it apparently is so important to be able to provide your id (it doesnt take too much to read into that and know it is just part of the totalatarian game plan).  But here is where it gets interesting, id2020 has been looking into crypto/block chain since at least 2015, which heavy connections to xrp/xlm.

Ripple XRP: A DEEP DIVE Into Bill Gates, ID2020 & A Cashless Society With A Ripple Connection

Good 20 min vid with some connections.

I think there is going to be some real shit happenign and it will be a ‘reset’ and everyone will need ‘online/cashless cash’ aka some trackable crypto – likely xrp or xlm.

Watching a bygone era crumble around us

I haven’t been to the big city near me in a few months, I had a part time job I took care of today and had some time so drove by an old mall I used to go to when I was younger.  It is no surprise that retail is getting pounded, but I think one of the great untold secrets of our time is how decaying nearly EVERYTHING is.

Years ago I worked a trucking-like job that I drove all across America, and the amount of small towns that are decimated and boarded up is staggering.  These were towns where you had gas stations, restrurants, bowling alleys, mechanics, a bar, maybe a silo, a cafe, oil change…everything a small town would have for some degree of self suffieciecy.  Now torn down, boarded up, and dead.  Dead town after dying town.  Of course the coasts and places of financial power are living high on the hog while the rest of the country is living in increasing squalor.

Corona really helped show the haves and the have nots.  The white collar happy slaves kept their generally useless jobs being able to work from home, most of the blue collar and lower class got rocked.  A completely unstated consequence of this will be a divide grows ever further.  My rough estimate is those who make around 60k+ a year, especially 80-100k will get loosely inducted into the ‘under-upper’ class while the rest of us fall into ruin.

At the mall today it was sad.  I was never one for commercialism, but even 10 years ago it was bustling, you had you slutty teens, your old people, your sleazy salesmen trying to sell you ear piercings, the water fountains flying high.

This time felt like an apocalypse.  Very few people.  Store after store boarded up.  Many didn’t even have names on them anymore, just an empty room to never open up again.  The water fountains were dead, only some pennies still remained, honestly surprised someone hadn’t stolen them yet.  One lone dial-telephone hung by the ‘out of order’ baby changing station by the bathroom.  Even the area around the mall had changed for the worse, tons of mexicans had taken over and various muffler and drug shops had since set up shop all over.

Just in my life it went from a white, nice place/town/mall to a dead area with plants coming up in the parking lot and stores boarding up.  All that is left in this crumbling economy is ‘finance’ which somehow still gets richer while the rest of us keep our heads low to not trigger the recent outrage of the day.

Great Depression 2.0

Well, here we go.  With corona virus ripping through us and the gov (((over-reaction))) jobs are being cut by the millions.  I admit that I thought corona from the beginning was human made, but expected this to be more deadly, I did not see that it would be used to crash society.  This is where we are now though.

The kills of this are very small, us is at what, 500?  More people die from car crashes every day, even more die from heart attacks every day.  Yet we are locking down EVERYTHING?  very odd.

I see the new york guy saying we are going to be locked down for 9 months potentially.  In france you need to show papers to go out anywhere.

Often times on the darker sides of the web people talk about how demonic the elites are, I never fully believed it, but with what is happening it might be real.  Notably it comes down to a major point: are the governmetns of the world (which seem to be oddly in unison) REACTING to the virus, or is this PLANNED from the beginning?

If it is a reaction we might have hope, hope that whole corrupt system comes crashing down.  If it is planned we are in some big trouble.  Remember the plan from the beginning was having (((elites))) at the top and a vast under class serving as slaves.  Notice that only places hiring right now?  Stockers at walmart and amazon, perfect under paid and over worked posistions. How is it that these companies which should have been broken up over monopolies a while ago are still growing?

Well regardless looking to get pretty real here.  Any comments about jobs you think will be good to try to get into in this brave new world?


Sex and porn are spiritual warfare

Long time readers know I have talked at length before on various subjects of porn and nofap, monk mode etc.  What I want to talk about today is a reality I am becoming more aware of that deals with upper dimensionality specifically with sex and porn.  Before we go further, what I mean by dimensions could be your version of demons, heaven, afterlife etc, what I mean to say is something ‘beyond’ us yet very much effects us.

What really got me thinking some more about how bad porn is was watching this video about a porn convention:

skip to about 1:30 and watch the girl and the guy who comes up.  The guy is an obvivous loser, but it is interesting watching the girl and seeing how blown out her mind is among her other body parts, thats what happens when you have sex in elementary school.  Skip to around 6:15 and watch this girl too.  Absolutely coom-brained to the max.

Watching this vid as a microcosm it is clear that rampart sex fucks you up, yet that is somehow ‘debatable’ with modern society.  Reminds me of that utterly vile show ‘bigmouth’ about pedophilia and how its one of (((netflixs))) biggest shows. Here is a quick vid that mentions some (((coincidences)))

skip to 1:00 and watch a few mins.

Back to the topic at hand, there is a growing movement of people summoning a ‘succubus’ to have sex with.  On the face of it I dismissed it when I was younger.  But the more I let my mind accept there could be occult things happening (which btw the elite DEFINITELY believe) I start to realize various things. Without sounding too crazy, things like there could be entities that feed of your energy or thoughts (so imagine ghosts, spirits, demons, trans-dimensional aliens, whatever fits your belief)

A couple of times I have been lost in the fog of sex, afterwards I remember going outside and it was dark and snowy and I felt oddly aware and I felt that there were these dark creatures like worms crawling over my low frequency energy and devouring it.  They disappeared when I realized they were there.  Maybe just some weird thought, but reading some of the succubus guys stories they have similar experiences albeit with ‘hot’ demons.

One thing that is undeniable in my own experience is rampart sex, which actually seems to be only 1/day will start to negatively effect your mind.  I remember a purposely monk mode for a month of no sex, and running, cold showers, lifting, meditating etc.  My productivity was maxed out, I wrote almost a whole book in that time period.  Other times when I am coombrained out its fine to just play videogames all day.  There is definately something deeper going on here beyond just dopamine etc.



One guy to potentially look into (I have only barely dug into his stuff) is a guy named Wes Penre who talks about evil spirits around us that the elite serve, and before you dismiss him as a disinfo agent within a few paragraphs of his book he mentions the JQ so that makes him seem a lot more legit.

Click to access introductoryleveloflearning-theglobaleliteakatheshadowgovernment.pdf

“The power is not with the politicians, but with the Illuminati, whose top
players, as far up in power
as we can confirm, are mostly of a
Sectarian Jewish Elite,
who in modern time use Zionism as a tool to create a Jewish State in Israel with
Jerusalem as their Capitol”

Corona Virus – Engineered Bioweapon


Well my loyal readers I hope you have some stuff stocked.  It might be too late at this point to get masks as they are almost sold out everywhere.  You might still find some p100s online.

Here is a great article listing some studies about corona virus that got almost instantly purged off (((twitter))).

Long story short, it looks like it is a engineered bioweapon that has HIV injected into it.  Early suggestions are essentially an airborne HIV.


This could get real interesting real fast.

Surviving Corona Virus

Are you asking yourself “what type of filter do I need to survive Corona virus?” well, you are in luck you came across this humble blog.  “What kind of mask works for corona virus?”

So, like your typical fake news/lamestream media, they are behind everything worth knowing.  Notice with SARS/EBOLA etc it was endless fear mongering, and when Corona first came out it was big time, now we barely hear anything about it, yet china locks down 50 mil?

At this point of the post, the numbers sit ‘officially’ at 55~ million locked down, 2-3000 confirmed infected and 100 dead.  But here is a official china video, skip to 12:40 where they say the number is 10,000.

So, this could be the real deal.  I saw in two different stores today when I was buying masks that they were sold out, so it is going to be hard to get filters/masks so act quick.


Get a n95 minimum, these can filter .3 microns, SARS was .1 but there was still some resistance as it would block coughs/spit etc.  Ideally try to get a n100 or p100 mask.  These can handle .1 micron, often they are called ‘paint respirators’ or sanding respirators.  This will be pretty good.

Get gloves, Nitrile work fairly well.

Get at least 1 month of food.  Water as well, 1 gallon a day, so try to get 30 gallons saved.

Here is another big thing, WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS ALL THE TIME.  You get infected by mouth,eyes, nose.  Prevent it from getting into these three and you are likely to be safe.  As soon as you get home, wash your clothes, hope into shower and wash your hands.


I can say more if people need more help, this will get your started.  Try to survive so we can rebuild.

No Nut November pros and cons


So I have been permabanned off of (((reddit)) nofap board (a board I had commented on occasional for years):

I got banned within 5 minutes of my post, what was it?  It was in a topic about the porn industry trying to shut down various anti-pron sites, and my comment was simply ‘are we still not supposed to mention that jews control most of porn?’

Boom.  Perma banned.

I also recently got banned off another ‘woke’ site the misc board in an anti-porn thread for saying something along the lines of ‘glad people are waking up to this (((problem))).’

Oy vey!




‘No nut november’ is rolling right along and the only people who seem to be angry over the whole thing and radical leftists and the ever-present porn industry.  The fact the (((porn industry))) so willingly gives something away that is very addictive for free tells you all you really need to know about it. -> Que various ‘porn is good for you!’ type arguments or various ‘heres why porn makes you more prone to cuckolding and why thats a good thing!’

I have posted a few times about porn :

which are some good reads.

So what IS my stance on porn, ‘nofap’, sex, abstinence etc?  The answer is a little nuanced but here it goes:

I think the ‘nofap’ movement itself is misguided, and mostly shitty.  It is part cult and part masochistic.  Their #1 evil is jacking off and their #1 virtue is fucking a girl.  That last part is the problem.  You end up banging a hog, or lusting after women.  The real path is to try for abstinence and to GET OVER WOMEN.

As an aside, I used to be a big MGTOW and left about 1-2 years before the movement largely died, but for how much it was about avoiding women, there sure was a lot of talk ABOUT women, and I bet a lot of guys whacking off to girls they hated so much.  This is like nofap.  They deny themselves sexual release (which is fine) only to have it be released by a very capricious 3rd party known as women.

The major problem is there is very little convincing evidence (and my own experiments confirm this) that whacking off, OR HAVING ‘REAL’ sex is much different.  You get the same dopamine dump, prolactin etc.  Obv having a girl is better because presumably you bond with her, but from your point of view it was a waste either way.

‘Noporn’ is ok with whacking and sex, I think this is a good middle of the road for most guys, assuming you arent going crazy.  It likely isnt ideal, but far better than porn addict.

Abstinence, if you can pull it off, it likely the best bet.  Being an addict, it is incredibly hard to escape, I think sex is just too much of a cocktail to truly escape given the ease we can engage in it in our world.

The main thing that should give anyone pause is how bad the porn industry is freaking out about people not using porn.  There were a serious of xhamster posts (a porn company) joyfully bragging about how many people had ‘fallen’ in the NNN challenge.  Then you constantly see articles saying how porn is good for you, it saves marriage, helps defeat nazis, its racist/antisemite if you dislike porn and so on.  All delusional, but shows how far we have fallen.


Some free speech still left:

I think I have mentioned this maybe once before, but there is a good free speech platform called ‘’ where you can sign up and post anything, its basicly a better version of twitter, and it lets free speech reign.  So as a result you see hyper leftist beliefs destoryed in pretty quick fashion and the truth is pretty freeing.

They also have a browser extension called ‘dissenter’ which lets you post comments on a overlay of websites, essentially seeing if anyone comments on the page.  So things like youtube have thousands of comments of people talking about censorship.

You know when (<<Google>>) and crew start banning and deplatforming you, you are getting dangerously close to the truth.

Cuckservatives strike again about a (((conservatism)))

I dont read the paper much as it often just makes me mad with its mix of blue-pill nonsense and outright propaganda.  But I had one in front of me, and being the reader I was, I started looking at it to get a pulse of mainstream thought.  I find this pathetic article by some either outright or closet faggot guy about what ‘real conservatives’ are and how we need to love blacks, jews, etc and abandon ‘red pill’ truths.  It was based on a story that is either a big fat nothing, or fabricated about how conservatives media outlets are pro-hitler and pro-alt-right (You can’t make this shit up.)

Tell me this isn’t both a punchable face, and a face that reeks of pathethic-ness and traitor tendencies.

The whole article is funny in a sad sort of way.  Here are some good lines though:

“A handful of conservatives, including quietly influential figures in important conservative institutions, were outed last week by leaked emails as participating in a pro-Hitler, nakedly anti-Semitic, and plainly racist email list.”

Notice they always, ALWAYS slip in the ‘anti-semitic’, I once heard a very good counter argument on 4chan that anti-semite implies we have a obligation to be pro-semite, and of course no such obligation exists.

But as a quick aside he links to this ‘big revelation’ by some bitch named hannah gais a ‘freelance journalist’ who from what I can find on her has NEXT TO ZERO articles or experience, and is the only source for these ‘hitlerian’ views.

Image result for Hannah Gais

Yes this is her.  Again, you cant make this shit up.


Anyway, back to the story:

“Elliott opened up to those he deemed ‘red-pilled’ — a term used by white nationalists and so-called ‘men’s rights activists’ to refer to someone who has been awakened to their cause.”

I like how red-pill apparently means pro-hitler and all that these days.

“But my fourth reaction was the unsettling one: Why the hell did racists seek homes in conservative and liberal institutions, and why the hell were young conservatives easily won over to racist views?

Woah, notice how angry/edgy he is with the dropping of ‘hell’ so hardcore…  Maybe to answer his question, they SEE REALITY for what it is?  Wait till you get a load of his next points.

“What’s needed is not mere “outreach” to black, Hispanic, or Jewish voters. Conservatives ought to make elevation of African Americans, immigrants, and religious minorities so central to conservatism that all dedicated racists will be thoroughly repelled. If we can’t make them stop calling themselves the “alt-right,” because they won’t want to be associated with us, we can at least disgust them with such a focus.”

I dont know if he is that stupid, or da joos are losing control of the narrative, but how is being a literal raging liberal ‘central to conservatism’.

I’ll end with his bullshit one final LOLZ piece:

“Conservatives don’t give it enough attention, but one of the greatest evils in the U.S. today is rank racial inequality. The median income of African Americans is below $31,000, which is less than half the median income of white Americans. More blacks are imprisoned in America than are whites, even though there are nearly five white people here for every black person.

There are a thousand points of data like this, all confirming that being an African American means living with the odds stacked against you.

Do you remember playing video games that allowed you to set the difficulty level? Imagine if you could set the difficulty level for your life. The data all suggest that being an immigrant or an African American means setting a much higher difficulty level than being a white guy.”

This is straight out of the most ardent of SJW type of playbooks.  Even old school cuckservatives in general CAN GIVE A FUCK about blacks, minos, women or anything (with the sole exception to da juice) and the alt-right mirrors this completely.  The only difference is many old conservatives are too prim and proper to be outright racist.

I wonder if this little faggot and his data points would say about crime data points about blacks commit 5 times the violence per capita.

Anyway, its just another example of this other major point I made about

Stay safe out there!


I loved the 90s, but how much subtle brain washing was there?

Born in the 80s, I grew up in the 90s and many in the alt-right consider the 80/90s the last of the ‘good years’ where there was still hope, optimism and in general america wasnt fucked yet.

Though I deeply prefer metal as music, I have a spot in my heart for various pop hits from the 90s, (with some degree of talent unlike modern pop).  However, now that I am older, it is very interesting re-watching some of this and wondering how much (((propaganda))) was already in play.

La Bouche had a lot of good dance hits, and honestly I had no idea they were black until fairly recently.  But there is a lot of very strange symbolism in this video as well as early proto-sex themes.

One of the songs everyone seems to know but you never hear anymore.  The beginning is pretty funny about tranquilizing the women for sex, you’d never see that anymore, but the theme of giving into lust is obvious.

Eurythmics have such a 90s sound, and some of their songs are damn good.  But…again I had no idea until much later about how out-right dike-y the singer looks with her short dyed hair.  Again, every one of these songs talk about ‘lovers’ which implies no marraige, and just fun sex.


It is weird looking back on songs like this because I can see with my jaded/critical eye about the early propaganda that was already in play.