Protecting privacy: why you should move past google/gmail

Alternatives to google and gmail are required in this day and age. It came out with only a small notice, but google recently ‘updated’ its terms of service, and basically they are allowed to use, reproduce, profit and manipulate ANYTHING you say. (

That means you send a pic to a friend, google can reproduce that, sell that, give it to the NSA, whatever. Talk about fucked up.

The best alternatives for search engines are probably, they are private. Bing and duckduckgo are also ones to check. But please, get the fuck off of google. As far as mail, you don’t need anything complicated. Go with outlook (formerly Hotmail) or even aol.mail is fine.

Google is a TOTAL shit company. They revolutionized internet searching, and their success went to their head. EVERYTHING they touch in recent history turns to shit. As evidence look at youtube, which when it first came out was a legit site, you could find all sorts of stuff, they got ‘official’ and cracked down, but the comments were good, funny etc, google touched it, trying to convert everyone to this mass forced monopoly of google+. There was a huge fallout because you could no longer comment anonymously but now it would be Frank Smith says ‘your video blows!’. The worst part is comments were switched to some fucked up system of showing the highest ‘google+’ clicks or something stupid, you cant even ‘view comment’ correctly anymore, who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

It would not surprise me if google is in bed with the NSA and purposely feeds data to them in the name of ‘protecting us from terrorism’, I wonder how many red flags I have for criticizing the war on terror, noobama, etc.

To add to their fucked up ness, did you know there is an entire ‘science’ to getting listed on google, and basically noobgle controls who gets on there – mainly by how much you pay. I shit you not. I even tried using their program to advertise a site I am working on, and my pittance is not even taken, compared to the hundreds of thousands companies spend. They wont even take my money because its not enough to get listed or to be bothered with. Someone trying to GIVE them money was worthless, because it is not enough, think about you freeloading their shit, you exist only to further them.

The internet is an awesome decentralized place, where you can get non-controlled info, and they scares the people in power. They want to control and dictate what we do, what we see, and take out those who disrupt the flow.

We are at a very large pivot point, either the internet gets cracked down with kill switches, google/nsa take overs etc or it becomes free. I am really glad hackers tend to be on the freedom side, unsung heroes.

Anyway spread the word about google’s atrocities, and keep the hope of real freedom in our hearts – the dream of unfiltered access to what we want, not what someone else wants, not someone else spiying on us just to make obscene profits.


Shattered Dreams

I do not use social media in the slightest, I have a fake facebook I use like once every two months to look up somebody if it comes up in a conversation – the search functions on that site are laughably bad – but yesterday I sat down for a while looking up people from high school, and also for the first time since I ended it with the BPD girl who broke my heart I looked her up. (Story here, most personal confesion here )

First was so many of the hotties from high school…now look like trash.  Fat, bloated, chunky…so sad.  I was sitting there with my yearbook admiring their lithe body at the time, and the land whale picture staring at me in the screen.

A lot had kids, which is a mixed blessing, because I advocate girls marrying and conceving young, but it was just shocking to see these girls having 2-3 kids already, and no ‘life’ to speak of.

In regards to ‘no life’ this is the males as well as the females.  Across the board it is ‘tech this’ ‘salon that’ basicly fancy ways to say they have shit jobs.  I do not want to sound like I am critizing, I actually have a lot of sadness and pity for what we have become: nothing.  When we all had these grand plans to do this, to be that.  I am reminded of the song ‘shattered dreams’ by offsping. make sure you read the lyrics.

I had been purposefully avoiding looking up the BPD girl, because I was not sure if my emotional state would be re-triggered by seeing her face.  But, I no longer wanted to keep ‘running’ from her.  I looked up her…and for a moment I felt a strong surge of reconginzation. (I knew her for about 3-4 years before I had a short and intense history with this girl, about 9 months in length before we went our complete seperate ways and I NEVER talked, looked her up, messaged her since, that was about 2 and a half years ago)

But…after the breif surge…nothing.  She looked about the same, maybe a bit more worn down, a little more cracked out, not bad for a femcunt lawyer in this day and age.  The reality was, I didn’t feel…anything.  It was just a girl, someone I had met in my life but now meant nothing to me.  Everything she had done to me, all the change she had forced in me (like taking the pill, becoming manosphere aware etc) the source of it, my ‘enemy’ after all this, there she was, and she was just some dumb girl.  Its so ironic, I used to cry and write page after page analyzing what this meant or what she meant by that, and now, she gets mentioned for two paragraphs and that is it.  She doesnt meant anything to me anything.

She is just somebody I used to know.




The Feminine Deception

What many many men do not realize – typically ever – or only after they get rocked in a relationship is that women are manipulators. Sound obvious? Do you actually internalize that? That any interaction you are having with one of them, in her mind she is twisting your words, equivocating her own, all to manipulate you? Do you realize that? If you do not consciously, then you are a victim.

It comes from evolution, just like men are stronger than women – yes feminists, that is a fact- women are more manipulative than men. Notice I did not say ‘diplomatic’ , ‘thoughtful’, ‘nice’, ‘tactful’. Women often are far more cruel than any man. This manipulation comes from our savanna days where a man could force a women to do what he wants, mostly sex. A women can not literally fight back, so in order to secure things like resources and protection she resorts to manipulation. Promises, implications, veiled threats, all in her arsenal.

To a man, the ultimate goal is to have a really hot women he impregnates. A woman’s might be to be that hot women right? Oh no…you have much learning to do. Her’s is to secure resources and protection with as little work as possible. So if that means she can stay fat and get what she wants, she will (see the parallel to American women?). Why get pregnant when it slows her down, and no other male will protect her? So she will avoid pregnancy, unless it suits her. It typically will suit her in some sort of cuckold scenario, where she is having sex with different guys, all of which think the kid is his.

This is a critical thing to understand evolution-wise. If there are five guys, ABCDE, and she only has sex with A and gets pregnant, BCDE know its not his kid, so that’s resources she is losing out on. In fact they may even be hostile. However, if she is having sex with all of them, she can tell each of them its his privately, and they will all dump resources on her. She wins. Think this is insane? Its not, it happens in the biologic world all the time, esp. dolphins.

So next time a women tells you about how they need more money because of the wage gap, or that women are enslaved by the patriarchy etc, don’t just think about their words, think about the purpose. The purpose is to manipulate you.


More pay gap lies

Despite my generally consistent and blistering criticism of modern women, and my professed desires to have little to do with them, they are NOT the enemy, they are simply brainwashe; brainwashed by things like the susposed ‘pay gap’.

Obama regularlly pulls out this tried and true ‘peoples issue’ about how women susposedly make less than men.  IT IS TOTAL SHIT.  Wall street journal about pay gap

Don’t believe me?  Go read for yourself!  That is what I encourage every reader to do.  Dont listen to me because I am someone special, listen because I allow open dialouge, I tell you to go look for yourself and see if you get something different.

Obama is pathetic, and easily hate-able, but he is just a mere puppet for higher powers.  It is not a democrat or replubican issue, even mitt romney talked about the wage gap.  It has only one purpose: to divide the sexes – to make women HATE men.

Men are the ones the build and destory societies, and when you have half the population that demonizes them, it is a perfect population control.

See, no power cares about a unified, focused populace, no quite the contrary, if they can keep us bickering over fake shit, we can not do anything productive.

Remember women are not the enemy, they are like mind-controlled zombies if this is a movie, you have to be wary of them at all times, but dont forget it is purposeful why they are like that.  Society’s controllers want women to hate men, so they will not be led by them.  Quite frankly they are doing a good job at it.  Men are evil, stupid, bigots, racist, sexist, misogynist etc etc.

We are also the heroes.



Welcome new readers

I have been getting a lot of new readers lately, and a fair amount of commenters.  I respond to every new comment, and seeing commenters actually inspire that what I am saying here matters at all, and that someone wants to hear what I have to say.

Here are some posts if you have questions about my general belief on things, and some reading regarding the MGTOW movement.

Perhaps my most controversial:

That should get you started.  Thanks for reading, and definitely let me know if you care about the stuff I am speaking here.

No Shampoo and no deodorant – best health yet

Yes, you read that title right, I do no use shampoo or deodorant, now before you perhaps react with predictably disgust, listen to what I have to say.  I have not used shampoo in over a year, and my hair is clean, healthy looking, and requires no maintenance.  I do not use conventional deodorant as I have swapped to baking soda, and the very bad smell problem has completely gone away.

Now, you still rinse off, clean your hands, then simply rub your hair, when you first start you may have to do it a few times, but essentially you are only RINSING you hair.  Sounds gross, unclean whatever, but it is how we evolved, our hair secrets natural oils that help keep it moisturized.  In about a month, your hair will be great, it stays the same appearance for much longer without shower than ‘clean’ hair.  Plus its healthy, and feels softer.

Next, I had bad under arm smell, nothing would work, I’d shower, scrub, pile on the old spice, and nothing.  But, I saw someone mention baking soda, and considering I had tried rubbing alcohol and vinegar I thought why not.  Let me say, its pretty insane how good it works.  After a shower or whatever, just sprinkle some on under your arms, and you are GOOD. This is coming from someone with bad odor before.  I can go like 3 days easy without any smell, but you might want to do it more than that.

Anyway, press on loyal readers!  We are on the path to being the best we can be.



How to become physically strong – no bullshit

Want to add 100 pounds to your squat within 2 months!?  No…this isn’t a infomercial, I am going to share with you something so obvious but that I never did despite working out for so long, and the simple change that was huge.

The ‘secret’?  Add weight the next time you work out.

Period.  That is all it is.

It is unbelievable how simple this is, and how blind I was for a long time.  I read some article about 9 months ago about some guy that went from like 70 lbs on a GOOD squat to like 130 in 3 weeks, and I was like ‘no way that happens’.  Because, my mind was caught up on my own patterns of being stuck.  He essentially said he did 70, then the next time add 10, and did it, then next add 10.

I was of course skeptical, 10 pounds?  20 two times later?  No way.

They referenced this book ‘starting strength’ which I read a bit, its skippable if you have any idea on how to actually lift weight, and if you make sure your form is good (eg go down to parallel on squats).

The idea was this, find a weight you can do 5 times, 3 sets that is at your limit, and your form is good.  Do it for major lifts like bench press, squats, deadlift.  Wait 2 days, then do it again.  Add 10 to squat and deads, and 5 to bench.  Repeat for at least a month.  Oh, drink and eat a lot too.

It’s that fucking simple, next time you are there and your muscles are hypertrophying, slap some more weight on that bitch!

Obviously, it cant be sustained forever, and the rate is rapid so injury is possible, but to get 50-100 in 2 months if you are dedicated is completely possible.  I was stuck at about 135 n squats for like years, I never did it because it never went anywhere, then I just started trying.  I got injured a few times, but I started in September, and I am at 235 on squats, full, deep, 5×3 sets.  That’s pretty damn good.  I added 10-15 lbs to my frame, and my legs added about 2 inches to circumference.

It works, try it.  After all, the manospehre/mgtow movement is about personal improvement, and this is an important part.